What is Throw Ratio? – [Comprehensive and Excellent Steps Guide]

Here we will tell you what is throw ratio in a very simple and interesting way. You will see your favorite image and movie at your home clearly and effectively after knowing this term. Moreover, you might adjust the projector at a suitable distance to get the required result.

Indeed, the throw ratio is always stated in the specifications for a film projector. Furthermore, it plays a key role while deciding which projector should buy. Additionally, it also helps you determine the projector’s distance from the screen and your image size.

Being the outdoor theatre owner, you will also decide how far you should fix a projector from the screen. What are the extra benefits for you of knowing the throw ratio in this writing? Let us dive here to know more.


What is Throw Ratio?

Following are the main steps concerning the throw ratio.

Understanding projector throw terms

Understanding projector throw terms

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The throw is a film terminology that means the distance of a projector from the screen. In other words, it means how far away is the shadow of your film on the screen from the placing projector.

Throw Distance

Throw distance is such a term that is always taken and described in a projector’s specifications. This term is similar to the throw, and it means the distance from the projector lens to the screen.

Throw Ratio

It is the connection between the throw distance and width of the projected image and picture. Furthermore, the throw ratio informs us of what image size we can project from a suitable and a certain distance away. For example, a throw ratio of 1.5 shows that for every 1 foot of image width, the throw distance should be 1.5 feet.

Using Throw Ratio

Using the throw ratio with all variations is very important and necessary while buying and selecting the suitable and right film projector for your new experience. Additionally, it has a key part to get the right position of the projector so that you may receive the suitable size of an image on the screen.

To Find Out How Far You Can Place The Projector From The Screen

Undoubtedly, the normal and average throw ratio of the projector is 2.0. If your projector’s throw ratio is 2.0 and you wish to have the image of 5 feet on the screen. It will be very useful if you carry the projector at nearly the distance of 10 feet from the screen.

Furthermore, if you wish to place your image at a distance of 5feet from the screen, then your picture and image would be only 2.5 feet wide.

On the other hand, if your projector comes with a throw ratio of 1.5, you will need to fix the projector at a distance of 7.5 feet from the image screen. Consequently, you will be able to get a very clear image that would be 5 feet wide.

To find out your projector’s right position to get an excellent image, you can use the following simple equation.

Distance From Screen=Throw Ratio X Image Width

Furthermore, to find out the width of an image, you can apply the given formula

Image Width = Distances From Screen/Throw Ratio

Projector Example

For example, your image will be positioned between 2.4ft and 1.8ft wide if you place the projector at a distance of 4ft away from the screen. If you want to have a projector at a distance of 26ft away from the screen, you will get an image between 20ft and 22ft wide.

Additionally, if you can only have the projector at a distance of 10 ft away from the screen and was in your room, you will receive the 5ft wide image.

Short Throw Projector Example

In the case of a short-throw projector, you will be able to get image width between 2.6ft and 3.5ft by placing the projector at 4ft away from the screen. Moreover, if you fix the projector at 47ft away from the screen, you will receive the image between 31.3ft and 40.8ft wide.

To achieve the image with 5ft width, you are just required to place your projector nearly 6ft from the wall or screen. It makes a big difference in offices or small rooms. It also provides you more chance and flexibility on what place you can fix the projector.

Light Travel And Distance

Undoubtedly, you should know light travel in a space with the fastest speed. Of course, it does not always travel you would like about it. However, the light on the earth comes from different sources. As a result, the speed of light changes from source to source.

Furthermore, the light coming from electronics like battery-power devices as flashlights or projectors can reach far away but not too much far. This rule is also very important and ideal in outdoor cinemas and indoor projectors.

The projector’s lens plays an effective role in throe the projection out a main and definite distance. The projection will shrink if you go too much close. On the other side, if you go far, the projection blows up to be too large on the screen.

Therefore, you should keep a normal distance to get an impressive and clear image on the screen. You can face the following problems being too close or much too far from the projector.

  • Faded
  • Faint
  • Washed out
  • Blurry
  • Distorted
  • Stretched out
  • Unfocused

When we use a projector to play movies at an outdoor cinema or drive-in theater, you wish to fix all set as soon as possible. Similarly, when we talk about the house cinema, we have a short room and very tight physical condition compared to commercial places.

Know More About Throw Ratio

Indeed, the throw ratio is a relation and measurement to throw and distance from the projector. It relates to the distance from the screen relative to the width and the projector lens. If your projector comes with a big throw ratio, you have a tighter focus optical system. It is the best thing for you.

Contrarily, it would help if you did not upset with throw distance. That is just an easy distance from the projector lens to the screen. After knowing completely about the throw ratio, you will get a suitable image to enjoy the movie or any other picture film.

Why Do You Require To Know Throw Ratio?

Throw ratio plays a very important role in calculating how far the device will place in your home, living room, bedroom, theater, or business conference room. Moreover, it has a key part to find out the unique quality of your image relating to the throw.

We find the throw ratio by dividing the screen’s width by the distance between projector and screen.

Evaluate The Manual

To know more details about the throw ratio, you can consult and read the manual. Certainly, you will find a lot of instructions about how we can calculate the perfect throw ratio. Additionally, your projector maker will give you information throw the specs list that contains a number with a colon and another number as 1.5:1 or 2:1.

Explanation of Throw Ratio

If your projector takes a 2.0 throw ratio, it means 2/1 or 2:1 in the throw ratio. Here to indicate your projector lens’s distance from your screen’s feet, that is also considered the throw distance. 1 represents the width of feet.

In addition to that, every 2 feet of throw distance is 1 foot of the screen measurements. On the other hand, if you place your projector 12 feet away, your screen width is 6 feet.

Determining The Throw Ratio

We can use the projector throw ratio calculator and Epson throw distance calculator to find the throw ratio. More simply, get the throw distance figure and the image’s width and divide the distance by the screen’s width.

To know more effectively about the throw ratio, we follow the given example. Normally the common throw ratio of any projector is 2.0. It means for every image foot width. Your projector is definitely at 2 feet far away from the screen. It also means the ratio is D/W or 2/1=2 or 2.0. If you keep a 5 feet image having a throw ratio of 2.0, it means the throw distance is nearly 10 feet.

The Conclusion

To sum up, we have comprehensively thrown light on what is throw ratio and its benefits for excellent projection and clear image? Undoubtedly, the throw ratio is a very simple and useful formula that helps you find out the throw distance or image width. Moreover, after knowing the throw ratio, you will adjust the projector and screen perfectly.

Additionally, sometimes you get a different screen size that depends on what you want to see. In this case, your throw ratio formula is very useful that you can use to consistently change from distance to distance and screen size to screen size.

To know more about what is throw ratio, you can reach us through the comments section.

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