What is An Active Stylus And How Does It Work? – A Guide

Are you conjecturing what is an active stylus pen used for? The comfort and convenience of using these pens made them popular. You can use the stylus to point the objects, draw, painting, typing, sketch, and much more.

And the good news? You can use the stylus pens on various touchscreens, and it has the tip like a pencil. The tip of the pen includes the electronic components, and you can do an electronic drawing, erasing, and much more with these pens.

The pressure sensitivity will depend on how thick or thin you can make a line. The most grateful feature of an active stylus pen is that they have palm-rejection technology. Let us tell you before that the active stylus pens are more beneficial than the passive ones.


What Is An Active Stylus Pen?

The active stylus pens work on the digitizer screen, and they have special sensors in them. You can conveniently use the stylus pens for doing various tasks. However, the digitizer screen is only compatible with the active stylus pens.

When you glide the stylus pen on the screen, it will work like a mouse cursor. You can use the pen for erasing by flipping its side. Some of the active stylus pens have a button that you can press to make it an eraser.

What Is An Active Stylus Pen?

Most of the stylus pens are designed for tablets and ipads. You can use the active stylus pens with any tablet if the manufacturer doesn’t recommend a certain pen. The widest compatibility of the active stylus pen includes the Microsoft surface pen.

Compatibility of The Active Stylus Pen

You can find a wide price range of active stylus pens. Some of the pens are pricier than others. Do check the compatibility and style of work before buying any pen.

Let us tell you that the Samsung S pen will only work with Samsung devices. If you want a low-priced pen, choose the Lenovo active pen that will work with tablets and laptops.

Most of the active stylus pens have long battery life. They will automatically shut down if you don’t use them for more than 30 minutes. You will have the lithium batteries in the stylus pen, and it will work for 10 hours continuously.

Best of all, the stylus pens are convenient to use. They have one button for starting it. The pens will not require a Bluetooth connection, but some active pens require a Bluetooth connection. The modern stylus pens come with wide compatibility.

For instance, you can use them with the iPad mini, pro, air, and all the iOS devices. For the android phones, the device should have the compatibility of the 4.4 version. The active stylus pen will work on the LG, DELL, Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and other popular devices nowadays.

Though Apple has the best stylus active pen, you can use it on android devices.

You should buy a digital stylus pen, and you can easily tilt it. With the stylus pen, you can easily make straight lines, and the artists can use them for sketching and drawing lines.

And the best part? You can become more creative with the active stylus pen.

Do you know that stylus pens are very convenient to use, and you will have a convenient erasing mechanism with them?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Active Stylus Pens

Below are the advantages and disadvantages that you should know before buying a digital pen for your tablet.


1. More Accurate

The stylus pens are quite accurate, and you will have the quick sensors to touch any item on the screen. However, the accuracy of passive pens is lower than this one.

2. Great Pressure Sensitivity

The sensitivity pressure of the pen will vary from one brand to another. Though, you can increase the thickness by pressing the pen hardly.

For creating the appropriate stroke with the stylus, you have to do some practice. The thickness will be fine for sketching once you start using the pen on the tablet.

3. Palm Rejection

Another great feature of this pen is that it will have palm rejection technology. You will not have unnecessary touch with the palm if the pen comes with the rejection technology.

4. Additional Features

You will have the additional features with the active stylus pen. The pen can turn into an eraser with one click only. Some of the stylus pens have additional buttons that will make it even more convenient to use.


1. Pricier Than Passive Stylus Pens

The active stylus pens are quite expensive than the other kinds of pens. You will have a pen for under 80 dollars, and the apple pencil will cost above 80 dollars.

2. Requires The Support of Application For Customizing The Pen

The support of the application is a must for customizing the pen and its features. You will have the support of the OS and other applications. However, you will have the customizing buttons, but they will not offer a wide range of features without the app support.

3. The Compatibility Might Be Limited

There are some of the active pens that don’t have wide compatibility. You have to check your device before buying a stylus for it to know its compatibility.

Uses of The Stylus Pen

There are several uses of an active stylus pen that you might not be aware of. Continue reading to find out the uses of a dynamic stylus.

1. Go Creative

The active stylus pen will increase your creativity. Moreover, you will have a wide variety of creative applications. The stylus pen will be useful on android and iOS devices. You will have a choice of downloading several apps for doodling with the stylus active pen on your computer, phone, and tablet.

Furthermore, the active stylus pen will provide the dancing and twirling patterns on the screen. From the apps of doodling and painting, you can change the coloring options. We recommend using the active stylus pen because it will give you peace of mind.

The art and doodling with the active pen will be therapeutic if you are facing any depression.

2. Become More Accurate And Increase Typing Speed

You can become more accurate while selecting anything from the stylus pen. . It is very frustrating when you cannot press the right key. You will have a faster typing speed on the tablet while using the stylus pen.

After using an active stylus pen, you will not prefer using the touch screen with your fingers. Due to the increased accuracy, you can conveniently type with the active stylus pen. The speed while playing a game will be better with an active stylus pen.

3. Stay Hygienic

The active stylus pen will be the best way to stay away from germs. Nowadays, everyone should be conscious, and one germ can cause a serious infection. It would aid if you often cleaned the screens of the tablets, phones, and laptops.

It would be best if you don’t use the touchscreen with your fingers. It would help if you used the screen with the stylus active pen to avoid contact with the screen’s germs. The screen will not have any smudges if you use a stylus pen.

And the best thing about using a stylus pen is that the screen will remain clean for a long time.

4. Easy To Take Notes

Now you can take notes with the active stylus pen. You can note down the important points and write with complete accuracy. Furthermore, the stylus pens are ideal for making notes. You will have a convenient way of writing the notes without using the regular pen or notebook.

You can download those apps which turn the stylus writing into handwritten notes. A stylus active pen will help you to write long paragraphs conveniently. Unfortunately, you cannot use the stylus pen as the gel pens are in different colors. You can do doodling with the pens, and the active stylus pens are most easy to use for doing the drawing.

5. Keeps The Hands Warm

Now you can keep your hands warm while using the tablet, phone, and laptop. In most countries, the cold season is going on. You cannot use the touch screen while wearing the gloves, but you can easily hold the stylus pen with gloves.

Best of all, you don’t need to take the gloves to reply to any mail or text. Keep your hands warm and use the active stylus pen for enhancing productivity. The best advantage of having the stylus pen is that they are thin and convenient to hold.

The passive stylus pens will be bulky, and you can conveniently tap on the screen while having the stylus pen. Besides, the stylus pens have the most comfortable grip, and you will have a pretty cool design too.

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