How To Wear Headphones With Long Hair? – 12 Tips

When we wear headphones, our hair cannot breathe due to padded earcups and waves produced in them.  How to wear headphones with long hair, so we do not feel uncomfortable?

There are a few tips and tricks that will help you let us discuss them one by one.


12 Tips To Wear Headphones With Long Hair

How to wear headphones with long hair so neither you feel uncomfortable nor your hair gets damaged.  Following are 12 tips for managing headphones with long hair

1. Increase Their Length

Increase Their Length

If the length of your hair is medium, it is challenging for you to protect them from damage and control them.  Increase the length of your hair more, and long hair is easy to handle.

So you will not face any issue by wearing headphones and as they will be tied properly.

2. Cut Them

Most problems arise due to medium length, so either grows them or cut to the shortest. If you do not love long hair, cut them to the shortest or become bald.

Then there will be no more headphones hair, and you will freely do your work.

3. Trim Your Hair Around The Ear

To avoid the hair issue due to headphones is cut the hair around your ears, but this is not very suitable for girls. However, they will also not look cool by cutting their hair from around the ears

4. Become Bald

Become Bald

To cut the small patch of hair ear, it is better to remove the hair from your head and be bald. No, you will not face any issues like headphones, hair, sweating, dead hair, etc.

5. Straight Them

Straight Them

Curl hair is messy and very hard to control, so if you have a curly texture of hair by straightening, they will be in your control, and you can wear headphones with them.

So take a high-quality straightener, now make small partitions of your hair and pass them through the straightener. The temperature of straighter must not be very high and pass the hair fast. The heat produced by the straightener will straighten them.

6. Change Your Hairstyle

Change Your Hairstyle

Changing your hairstyle is the third most appropriate option if you can neither cut them nor increase their length. When you leave your hair untied, they tangle with headphones; moreover, they become greasy.

Where your headphones is resting, your hair cannot breathe; they die and break down. So it would be best if you tie up your hair. Make a ponytail of your hair or make a bun.

Some girls do not like to tie up their whole hair, so if you are also one of them, make a partition of your hair, take all the hair from the front side, and tie them while the other will remain untied on your back.

If you do not want to tie up your hair, at least prevent your hair from coming on the ears by setting them behind the hair with the help of bobby pins. This is how to wear headphones with long hair.

7. Set Them By Water

The main problem arises due to front hair, so they must be fixed in their place. You can use different methods; the most suitable method is to take a spray bottle and fill water in it.

Now spray the water at your front side and press the hair behind the ears. However, hair will start drying after few minutes, and they will displace from their position.

You will have to respray them after repeated intervals, and it is very irritating; however, this method is very economical. Moreover, your hair will remain protected from different chemical products.

8. Apply Gel

It isn’t very pleasant to spray water on the hair. Moreover, you can do this in your working places, so for the outdoor best option is to apply the gel on the hair. Take a high-quality gel and use it to set your hair away from the ears.

Remember that gel contains harsh chemicals that can damage your hair, so apply less quantity and do not overuse it. Moreover, these gels are very expensive.

9. Move The Headphones

The easiest trick is to move your headphones towards your forehead, then again push them backward. By doing so, your hair will move backside and will not annoy you. But after sometimes sleek hair displace again so you will have to repeat the process.

But it has one benefit that your hair will remain protected from chemicals of gel.

10. Choose The Headphones Wisely

Headphones should be chosen wisely, and there are a few things you should keep in mind before buying them.

1. Lightweight

If your hair is lengthy, the headphone you will buy should not have a weight of more than 0.55lbs. Because heavy headphones put a lot of stress on the hair and produce headphones hair

Moreover, hair cannot breathe properly due to pressure; thus, they start dying, and there will hug hair loss.

2. Padded Structure

Secondly, it should have a highly padded structure, but cushioning must be balanced, and its material should be breathable. A well-padded headband distributes the weight evenly.

3. Adjustable Headband

If headphones remain at the same place for prolonged times, hair damage chances increase, so they must be flexible enough to move. So take headphones that have sliding hinges, and you can tighten and loosen them easily.

11. Cover Your Hair

Make a bun of your hair and tie them; now, take a piece of cloth and wrap it around your hair; now, your hair will remain protected from headphone damage. But you do not want to tie your hair, then how to wear headphones with long hair.

Take a stylish and beautiful bandana now; wear it on the front part of your head and leave the hair to untie from behind.  In this way, you will have hair on your back, but they will be tied from the front side thus will not mess up with headphones; moreover, you will look stylish.

12. Use Earbuds

use Earbuds

You do not want to tie or straighten your hair, and the most favorable solution is to replace them with earbuds. These are very small in size, lightweight and portable. There will be nothing on your head.

As they have a small tip which we place on the edge of the ear canal.  But do not use them for a long time because they cause heat accumulation in the ear canal, due to which different infectious diseases arise.

Moreover, if you wear them for a long time by increasing their volume beyond the safe limit, you can permanently or temporarily lose your hearing sense. Similarly, keep them with care as they are small in size, so they displace easily. That’s all about how to wear headphones with long hair.

How To Prevent Headphone Hair?

When we wear headphones for a long time, the place where the headband is resting, waves are created that look odd and must be removed, which is known as headphone hair. Let us discuss few tips to remove the headphone hair.

1. Spray With Water

The easiest and most economical method is to use water. Take a water spray bottle and damp your hair with it; now take a comb and pass it through your hair; when the hair will dry, most of the curls will be removed.

This is the safest method because we do not use heat or any product which contains chemicals that will damage our hair later.

2. Straighten Them

You have to attend a meeting or a function, but you are already late, straightener your hair. It is the quickest method of removing the headphone’s hair. But do not overheat the straightener as heat damages the hair badly.

3. Use Styling Products

If you do not have a straightener, its alternative is styling products like gels. Apply the gel on the waves and straighten them. Always use high-quality gels having good ingredients.

4. Change Your Hairstyle

You care about your hair very much and do not want to give heat or apply any chemical on them, then the best solution for headphones hair is to change your hairstyle. For example, if you keep your hair untie, then tie them and make a bun.

Different types of braids are in fashion like French braid and Dutch braid you can make the one you like the most. Your hair will be tied in the braid, and waves will not be visible.

To Sum Up

In short, increase the length of your hair, tie them up, change your hairstyle, apply gel or water to keep them away from the ears.  If you have to use them with long hair, choose well-padded, lightweight, and adjustable headphones.

Replacement of earbuds with headphones will also help. Thank you for your visit!

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