Benq W1070 Vs Ht2050 – A Detailed Comparison Of Projectors

In our debate of BenQ w1070 vs Ht2050, you will know which projector is superior. Moreover, we will define the flaws of each projector so you can easily pick one among them.

Indeed, the benQ w1070 and Ht2050 are the two most selling and reliable projectors. After reading the guide, you will have an idea of how they work and which projector has better performance. So let’s start!


Reviews: Benq W1070 Vs Ht2050

BenQ HT2050 Projector – Best For The Black Shallow Depth

This projector is great for watching sports games because of the great technology to handle the motions. In fact, it will not provide any smearing and blurry display.

You will not have the distraction or rainbow effect with these projectors. It provides the clearest display, and the settings are on the bright mode as well.

Benq HT2150 ST

This projector has a full HD display with 1080 pixels. You will have 3D blu-ray support for video games and much more. It will also provide built-in speakers and 2 HDMI ports. This projector comes with smart eco-technology to save the energy of lamp life.

In addition, it will provide optimized color performance for the day and night time.

Why We Like It

  • This projector comes with a 3D and 2D brightness level and no crosstalk. Additionally, it will support the 3D-specific issues, but you have to buy the 3D glasses separately.
  • It comes with additional speakers, and you don’t have to buy any other speaker unit with it. The projector comes with high-quality sound without any distortion.
  • You will have the projector’s quiet operation, and its presence is not noticeable at all.

Why We Don’t Like It

  • You will not have the cinema mode with this speaker, and it doesn’t meet the 709 target record standards.
  • You will have too slow to switch sources, and it requires a manual connection. But you will not have the mute to on auto feature.
  • The picture quality lacks some of the dynamics of black depth, and it will display a dark grey picture sometimes rather than displaying a completely black picture.
  • Even if you will try to make some calibrations that the influence of native contrast will not be affected.
  • You will not have the variable iris, and it will have the fixed light level adjustment in the darker areas as well.
  • You can adjust the picture in a vertical mode only, and horizontal rotation is possible only with the help of loosening the screws from the base of the projector.

Benq W1070 – Best Contrast

With this projector of the BenQ 1070, you will have the best contrast. In fact, it has various connectivity options. You will have the HDMI ports, component video port, S video port, composite port, and an input port for PC. It has an ANSI brightness of 2,200 lumens with a higher contrast ratio than the above-mentioned benQ lamp.

It has the RGB color wheel, and you will have the ISF ccc certification and quiet operation. You will have the most convenient operation of the projector with the low fan noise, and it will not distort the sound.

Benq W1070

It has a shorter throw of the projector and a quick installation process. In fact, you will have an easy installation process and a diagonal screen size of 60 to 180 inches. This projector has a vertical lens shift, and the throw ratio of the projector is 1.15 to 1.5, almost 6.6 feet.

And the best part? It has eco smart technology and saves the lamp lights of the projector. You will have the standby mode, and it will save energy. It comes with the 7000 hours efficient battery life of the lamp.

Why We Like It

  • This benQ projector comes with eco smart saving technology but with incredible power performance. Not only that, it has a lamp light reduction technology of up to 70 percent. The power-saving mode will not reduce the picture quality.
  • You will have a prolonged life of lamps and durable projector material. It has excellent color tones, and the tones will not be pinkish tint. The skin tones will be accurate with this projector.
  • This projector comes with a 5 percent of vertical shift lens, and you will have a great price range. The picture quality will be excellent, and it will allow adjusting the picture height in the physical replacement easily.

Why We Don’t Like It

  • The forward firing will fail to block the leakage of lamps.
  • It has weak shadows.
  • The tiny remote control option is inadequate.
  • You will have spongy remote buttons without any backlit.

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Best Feature Of  The Benq Projectors: Smart Eco Technology

You will have the smart-eco technology with all the projectors of the benQ projectors. It contains the smarteco technology, and you will have 70 percent lamp power savage. The projectors of the benQ come with lower maintenance costs, but still, you will have ultra-vivid picture quality.

The brightness of a projector is adjustable as well. You will have the choice of using the eco blank mode. It has a three-minute display source and will prevent the wastage of energy with the lamp’s prolonged life.

Design And Portability: BenqHt 2050 Vs W1070

In terms of design and portability, both of the benQ projectors are incredible. You will have a height of 3.93 inches, and it has a width of 12.20 inches with 9.44 inches depth. Both of these projectors are highly portable, and you will not hassle of taking them to any other spot.

The speakers of the projector are portable as well. You don’t need to buy an additional sound system with the projector. Furthermore, the weight of HT 2050 is slightly higher than the other speaker, and it weighs 10.6 pounds, but the W1070 weighs 5.8 pounds. You will not have any burden to carry any of the projectors.


Now, if we compare the speakers of BenQ, you will have similar specs. Both of the projectors come with 10 watt speakers. Not only that, these projectors have vertical lens shifting options, and you will have the choice of importing the distortions.

Best of all, it will provide the rainbow artifacts, and it has excellent keystone correction. The BenQ projector company knows which system of speakers will work best with the projector. The company is providing the option of 3D speakers.

Further, it has the option of cross talk, and the speakers have excellent clarity. In fact, the sound distortions will be less in the w1070 speakers.

Performance Of Benq W1070 Vs. Ht2050

The performance of BenQ w1070 vs Ht2050 is similar, but we will elaborate on it here so you can decide between them easily. With the projector of Ht2050, you will have the HD resolution, and it has a higher contrast ratio as well. Not only that, you will have incredible latency. The performance of benq is great, and it has color wheel technology for making a clear image.

In addition, the Ht2050 comes with a significant zero latency, and you will have the true tones on the projector screen similar to a television. For instance, you will have the fast-paced scenes, and it will provide a smooth display for gaming as well. With the benQ projector, you will have an uncompressed streaming capability of 1080 pixels.

With the benQ 2050 projector, you will have a great display, and it is superior to the 1070W projector. This 1070 W projector will have a 10,000:1 ratio of contrast. Another great feature of this projector is the production of 1 billion colors.

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It has a high price ratio, but you will not have the wow factor technology with this projector. The 1070W projector is more affordable than the Ht2050. You will have the standard size of the projector, and it has ambient light.

The screen comes with 2200 lumens, and the dimensions of the screen are 120 inches. You should at least place the projector 5.77 feet away. However, you will have an incredible view, but the brightness is not better than the 2050 W projector of benQ.

The projectors come with the 1.4a 3D incredible technology, and it will provide 1080 pixels for each eye.

To Sum Up

All in all, the winner among the two most selling projectors of BenQ is the HT2050. This projector is budget-friendly, but you will have a better contrast ratio. Best of all, it will provide long-range coverage from any device. For instance, you will have the 100 feet range and most versatile coverage. It provides a larger screen size and incredible clarity.

This projector will provide the W1070 option, and you will have an incredible projector screen with a quality of 1080 pixels. And the good news? You will have the 1080 pixels HD resolution and 3D full display. Now you don’t need to invest a higher amount to have a projector with great specs.

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