How To Use a Projector Outside During The Day? – 4 Tips

Your projector can never overcome the bright light of the sun until you know different tricks and tips on how to use a projector outside during the day. On what things we should focus on while setting it outdoor.

Let us discuss 4 trips for enjoying projector outside the home during the day and the best outdoor projectors


Tips For Using a Projector Outside During The Day

Follow these steps.

1. Select Right Time of Day

Select Right Time of Day

Selection of time is the most crucial factor if you want to set your projector outside the room and want to enjoy a movie under the sky. However, never select a time when the sun is at its peak.

Because at this time the screen of the projector will feel dull and you will not enjoy it. So always choose a time when sunshine is not very much. For example, select the time of sunset because, at this time, the light is moderate.

Similarly, you can also set projector early in the morning. You will have more time to enjoy and the weather at this time is very aesthetic. Best of all, your projector screen will be easily watchable at that time.

2. Select Right Location

The second most significant step to be taken after selecting the right time is choosing a location. If you set your projector to the place where sunlight reaches very early, you will suffer very much because sunlight is the enemy of the projector screen.

So it would be best to choose the place far from the building with shade, then less light will fall directly on the projector screen, and its images will be visible.

3.  Select Right Projector Screen

Select Right Projector Screen

People do not consider the projector screen when they are about to set the projector outdoor as they use a wall or simple piece of cloth. So if you also want to use a wall as a screen, then choose a white wall.

Because the image will be clear and crisp only when light reflection is high, and we all know white color has high reflecting properties. Moreover, remove all kinds of bumps from the wall by using sandpaper and then repaint the wall.

Because the wall consists of tiny bumps due to which bad quality images are projected, the best option is to repaint the wall with the projector screen paint, but it’s a bit expensive.

If you do not want to make such efforts, then buy a projector screen of high quality which is not foldable and has a firm structure, so it does fold when wind blow or weather conditions become even more adverse.

4. Choose The Right Projector

Chose The Right Projector

Performance of projector depends on two factors brightness and resolution so let us discuss them one by one.


The light output or the projector’s brightness is measured in lumens and is available in a wide range of brightness. For example, the projector we usually use at home has a brightness of 1500 lumen, which is too low for using outdoor.

Similarly, the projector used in homes and colleges has a brightness of 2500 lumens; we cannot also set them outdoor. So always use a projector having a brightness minimum of 3000 lumens.

But if you have to use it at the time of the day when there is exceptionally bright sunlight, and there is no shade, then 5000 lumens brightness will be enough.


The quality of the image projected on the wall directly relates to the projector’s resolution. If its resolution will high, the image will also clear and crisp. So your project must have a resolution of 750p or standard HD.

But if you want the image to be perfect, you can go for a projector with resolution full HD, 4K, 2K if you have enough budget because high-resolution projectors have a very high price. This is how to use a projector outside during the day.

Best Projectors For Using Outdoor

These 3 projectors are for best outdoor if you know how to use a projector outside during the day.

1. Epson EH-TW7100

Epson EH-TW7100

It should be your priority for setting outdoor as its brightness is 3000 lumens, and the contrast ratio is also excellent. All the colors of the images are well managed, and the transitions are very smooth.

Its best specification is that it is straightforward to use. If a person who has never see a projector before in his life will have to operate it will set it without any hindrance.

2. LG CineBeam HU80KSW

LG CineBeam HU80KSW

It is very portable and easy to set and has 4k resolution; thus, a clear image is projected and further improved by 2500 lumens of brightness. You do not have to connect speakers with it as its stereo speaker has a thunderous noise.

You will never face any issues in connecting it with different devices as it has 2 built-in HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. It is a bit expensive than other projectors but worth investing in, and you will never regret buying it.

3. Anker Nebula Solar Portable

Anker Nebula Solar Portable

All the specs that a projector to be used outdoor must have are present in it, for example, high 1080p resolution, long battery life of 3 hours. Moreover, its image quality is extraordinary.

Not only brightness but the volume of their speakers is also very high. So buy it set it on your lawn, and play any movie on it and watch with your family and friends and enjoy your free time to the fullest.

Final Words

In a nutshell, choose the right time, position, reflective screen, and projector with high resolution and brightness for enjoying videos on a large screen outdoor. So you can beat the bright sunlight from masking your projector screen light.

Here we have also reviewed the 3 best and most affordable outdoor projectors. Thank you for your visit!

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