How To Use Apple Headphones On Xbox One To Talk?

Apple is the world-leading brand in making the best smart gadgets, and their headphones are famous for their clarity in voice delivery and sound acoustics. Therefore, many people ask how to use apple headphones on Xbox one to talk. The innovative headphones of apple complement any device that is compatible with it.

However, there are some connectivity issues with the headphone of apple. So you can read this guide to know the simple three methods. The headphone is not compatible directly with the Xbox one.

How To Use Apple Headphones On Xbox One To Talk

Some of the headphone brands are compatible directly with the Xbox gaming device. We are definitely going to provide the solution that will help you out.  And yes, you can use the apple headphones as a microphone with your Xbox one. Nevertheless, you need to know the right method. Let us delve!


How To Use Apple Headphones On Xbox One To Talk With Teammates?

Below are three methods that will let you connect the headphones on Xbox one to talk with others. Read the whole process!

Method 1: Using Apple Headphones on Xbox One

Let us gaze at the first method for connecting the apple AirPods.

Step 1:

You have to switch on the console of Xbox one.

Step 2:

Now you have to click on the switch on controllers of Xbox by the power button.

Step 3:

The apple headphones can be connected with the audio jack below the analog stick and D-pad. It will have a 3.5 mm jack.

Now you can assume that your apple headphones are connected with the Xbox one. You have to follow the next step if you need to use the apple headphones as a mic only for talking with others.

Step 4:

Click the home button of Xbox from the menu.

Step 5:

Now navigate on the settings by clicking on the right trigger button from your Xbox one controller.

Step 6:

Once the headphones show the connection and start working, you will have the audio setting tab option.

Step 7:

If you see that there is an option of headset mic, you can turn it on. You have to toggle it if the This guide will be teaching how to use apple headphones on Xbox one to talk with other teammates in three easy methods that you can follow without any trouble. mic is not working.

Step 8:

Lastly, you can adjust the volume of the headset, and it will provide you with an option in the middle. Now you can adjust the volume as per your choice. The best audio settings are only available by the apple headphones.

Now you can easily fire up the game of your choice and enjoy chatting with them as well.

Method 2: Using Apple AirPods With Xbox One

Using Apple AirPods With Xbox One

You can use any version of the apple airpods with the Xbox one. This method is applicable with the airpods of the 1st generation to attach with the Xbox one.

Further, you can indeed connect the apple AirPods with the wireless connection directly and easily. We are going to explain this method by breaking it into a simple method.

Nevertheless, you have to connect the apple headphones with the Xbox one by using the iPhone. Ensure that the headphones and iPhone are charged.

Now let’s talk about how you can use the apple headphones for talking with the other teammates on the Xbox one.

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to install the app of Xbox from the apple store.

Step 2:

Now you can see if the application is downloading or not. After that, you can sign in on your account of Microsoft.

Step 3:

Now from the main screen of the Xbox, you can easily connect the headphones by clicking on the top right corner.

Step 4:

In this step, you have to click on the remote playing option from the device button and wait for a few seconds until the devices are fully paired.

Step 5:

Once the connection succeeds, you can click on the Xbox screen, and it will be mirroring with the iPhone’s screen. You can use the Xbox One controller to navigate the interface easily.

Step 6:

Next, you can take the airpods out of their case.

Step 7:

Now, if the airpods connect with the other device, you can hear the sound and communicate with others in the game.

Hereby, your phone plays an important role because it is in the mid to connect two devices. You can easily hear the audio from the airpods pro and airpods.

Step 8:

Now just easily leave the phone on charging, so the battery does not drain fully. You can unpair the airpods once you do not need to use the airpods with the gaming console.

Just enjoy the crisp and clear tones while gaming with airpods.

Method 3: Using Apple AirPods Pro Max with Xbox One

Using Apple AirPods Pro Max with Xbox One

You can try this method if you have to connect the airpods pro max with the device of Xbox one. For instance, you will have two options for this connection. You will have a lightning port and 3.5 mm connector as well. Other than that, you can connect the airpods with the wireless connection method.

Now you can easily decide if you need a wired or wireless connection. For instance, the lightning port of the headphone will be an easy option to connect them with the Xbox one. Apart from that, the wireless connection of the apple airpods pro will be available as well. You have to connect it via Bluetooth with the controller.

These were the three methods that you can easily use to connect the apple headphones with the gaming console of Xbox one. Now we will answer some common queries about the Xbox one and headphones of apple. So continue reading.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Can I Use Apple Headphones As A Mic?

You can use apple headphones as a mic on the PC and other devices. For example, you have to configure some of the settings. You have to launch the control panel and click on the hardware and sound option. After that, you can select the option of recording and find an external mic. Now your mic is enabled, and you can speak to others.

Is It Feasible To Use The iPhone As A Microphone While Taking With Others On The Xbox One?

You can easily have access to the feature of the mic with your phone for communicating with others. Moreover, you can use the phone to record the sound by using it as a mic only.

How To Use The Headphones of Any Brand With The Microphone on The Xbox One?

You have to take the stereo adapter headset, and then you have to place it on the port of expansion. There will be a connector of 3.5mm on the adapter of the headphone. You can use the buttons of the headphone to adjust the sound and volume. Now start the device of Xbox one.

Can I Attach The Airpods With The Xbox One?

Yes, it is easily possible to use the airpods with Xbox one while gaming. You will have the best wireless earbuds to use with the Xbox or any other gaming device. The airpods are highly portable, and you will have a good fitting of the headphones as well.

Do Airpods Work Well With The Xbox One?

Those who are trying to plug the earbuds in the controller will not have a pleasant experience. For instance, you can hear some of the hideous noises. Thus, you have to tap twice on the Xbox controller button and go to the settings gear.

How Do The Headphones of Apple Work Only As A Mic?

Apple airpods have a good mic, and you can use it with any device. For instance, you can use headphones to communicate with the other players if you are gaming or while talking in an online meeting. Though with some of the devices, apple airpods will not work.

Is It Necessary To Use The Headset For Talking With The Teammates On Xbox One?

It is necessary to use the headset for talking to other teammates. You will have a 3.5 mm jack to attach any headphones with it. For instance, you can easily download the application of Xbox and sign in. It is not necessary to use a headset, but you will have clarity of sound.

How To Setup The Airpods To Use A Microphone?

It is simple to set up the airpods to use a mic by the following steps:

  1. You have to tap on your iPhone or any other iOS device and then click on the Settings application.
  2. Now click on the BT Bluetooth menu.
  3. You will have a long list of the devices below, and it will show an icon that will let you pair the airpods.
  4. Click on the mic option.
  5. Press on the option of left airpod and click on the right airpod until the tick appears on the side of your desired setting.

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