Projector Vs Oled Tv – Which Option is Best For Home Theatre?

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail projector vs OLED. You will be able to make a choice between the TV screen and projectors easily after reading it out.

Not only that, you will be stunned to know that why projectors are better than televisions in several ways. Indeed, the OLED TV’s are not cheap, but it has inimitable features that projectors don’t offer.

OLED TV and projector are unique in their own way, let’s get to know about it.


Which Is A Better Option? – Projector Vs Oled

We recommend the OLED screens if you need high quality TV. The OLED Tv screen’s resolution is highly incredible, and you will have the best quality picture.

Best of all, the OLED screen’s contrast is mesmerizing and makes the watching experience even more incredible. The price tag of an OLED TV is far more than a standard TV.

Let us tell you before that the OLED screens come with the durable quality and it will last for many years. On the other hand, the projectors will fade away after a few years.

One of the best thing about an OLED screen is that they have a longer lifespan than regular TV and other home theatre screens.

What Is An OLED TV? 

An OLED TV comes with the unique light-emitting diode in organic form, and it has superior technology than a regular TV.

The surface level of an OLED TV is different than regular TV’s, which makes them superior. You will have the crystal clear display and vivid colors from the OLED TVs.

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OLED TV’s come with organic compounds, and they are not cheap at all. OLED TV screens come with a certain kind of backlight than it is not commonly found in all the screens.

There are many pixels in the OLED Tv’s backlit, and you will have a better contrast image than before. Even you will find the OLED screens attractive than regular TV’s and LCD’s

Below are some of the best OLED Tv’s, have a look!

Which Are The Best OLED TV’s?

If you are thinking that OLED TV’s are similar to QLED TV’s than you’re mistaken. QLED TVs come with the same quality as the simple LED’s, and you will not have a similar resolution as the OLED’s have.



This OLED TV is available in 55 to 77 inches. You will have the variation in the device’s price as well. However, If you need an affordable option then buy the 55 inches OLED screen. Though it is not asinexpensive as a projector.

However, investing in this TV is not a bad option at all. You will find the high-quality specs, and it will last for several years. This screen is available under $500.

Keep in mind that the OLED screens are expensive than regular TVs, so you have to increase your budget.

2. Sony XBR-55 A9G 55 Inches OLED

Sony XBR-55 A9G 55 Inches OLED

Another great OLED is the sony XBR 55 A9G, and it is the most selling TV, and it has a higher price tag than the other brands. Indeed, you will have the incredible screen quality, and the reason behind this TV’s price is the organic backlit.

Sony XBR-55 A9G

However, the price of OLED TV’s will go down soon. For having the most reliable quality image, you have to choose the OLED screens.

Significant Differences Between The OLED TV’s And Projectors

  • A projector only comes with one bulb display, and you will not have an exact resolution as the TV. Besides, the OLED TV’s come with bright image quality, and they have organic film construction for making the screen quality better.
  • The projectors are not made with durable quality material, and they are not eco-friendly. You will only have the durable quality material with an OLED screen.
  • And the good news? The OLED screens come with a unique heating mechanism for creating the best image quality.
  • The OLED screens are made with organic material, which makes them expensive, and the projectors are made from other types of inorganic materials.
  • Projectors require to change the image with filters, but that is not the case with the OLED screens.
  • The projectors have fixed pixels, and they don’t change the image resolution in the darker or lighter scenes. You will have the same amount of image quality, whether the image is dark or light.
  • But the OLED screens come with alterable pixels, and you will have various kinds so light emissions. OLED will never pixelate but the projectors will sometimes.
  • Projectors have a very low power consumption than OLED TV screens. Moreover, the projectors require cooling fans sometimes to cool it down. Even the projectors require a warm-up time of at least 15 seconds.

Is There Any Similarity Between OLED TV’s And Projectors?

The projectors and OLED TV’s can produce a good quality of images. You will have a better resolution in both options. To have better image quality, you can buy OLED TVs or projectors which have a higher price tag.

Which Are The Best Projectors To Buy? 

Epson Home Cinema

This projector is bought by those users who need to watch the movies at home on a bigger screen. Furthermore, you can use this projector for gaming.

And the best part? The projector will come with incredible quality speakers.

Epson Home Cinema

It is an attractive option for those who need a home theatre at home with the large screen size and excellent image quality. You will find the projectors from this company in a wide price range.

Drawbacks of OLED TV

The OLED TV’s can be highly expensive if they get damaged. But permanent light on the TV will not stay after a specific period. You have to repair the screen if it burns out because there won’t be any other option.

Repairing of TV’s requires more than 800 dollars in which you can easily buy a new project or if you are having the TV in warranty than the company will repair it for you. Buying a good company projector will surely provide you with the best product with the high contrast resolutions.

The projectors are beneficial because they will have less cost in maintenance. Best of all, you can easily repair the projector at home if any fault occurs. The projectors will also come with the warranty period, and you will have the customer care services with the top-notch projector companies.

Does TV Or Projector Screen Affect Eyes?

The projector screen doesn’t affect our eyes neither the OLED screen does. You will have the OLED screens with similar features that Windows 10 have. The emission of light from the TV is natural and it doesn’t let a lot of light go out from the screen.

What Makes A Projector Better Than A TV?

Projectors are better than all kinds of TV’s because they are cost useful and have a large screen size. You will have excellent experience of watching movies on the projectors. The large size of a projector is available under $100, but you will find a small screen size of TV for more than $1500.

Is An OLED TV Worth Buying?

Yes, you can go with an OLED screen only if you have enough budget. The contrast of the screen will be better than regular TV’s than an OLED display.

Is An OLED Screen Better Than LCD?

The OLED screen has a thin silhouettes, and you will have the most remarkable display. On the other hand, the LCD only have bright crystals, and they don’t have the same backlit which OLED TV’s offer.

Can I Buy A Projector For Watching TV Every day?

You can purchase a projector for watching TV every day. However, the bulb of the projector will fade away after some time. You have to replace the bulb of the projector after a few months. But if you are addicted to watching TV on the LCD or OLED screens, you will not have the best experience with the projectors.

How Much Electricity Does A Projector Consume?

The projectors consume less electricity than TV’s. For instance, it will take 150 to 700 watts of power. On average the projector will consume 300 watts of power, and you will have the cost of 0.03 dollars in one hour, which is quite low than a TV.

Is It Ok To Leave The Projector On For Whole Night?

You can leave the projector on for the whole night. Unfortunately, the bulbs inside the projector will die soon. You have to turn off the projector when it’s not in use, so it lasts longer.

That’s sums up our guide on projector vs OLED. If you ask for our recommendation between these two devices than the projector is the winner. Thanks for the read!

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