How To Keep Earbuds From Tangling And in a Good Condition?

The tangling of the earbuds wire is indeed frustrating. Thus, it is crucial on how to keep earbuds from tangling. If you keep the earbuds in good condition, then you should prevent their cords from tangling.

Other than that, the tension build-up in the wires will make the headphones cause irksome noise. In the end, the copper wires will start exposing if you do not detangle the wires.

Unfortunately, the copper wires will be causing fractures, and it will be lowering the sound quality. Here we will be teaching some ways to protect the headphone cords from breaking and detangling.

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Easy Ways On How To Keep Earbuds From Tangling

There are some easy ways that will let you keep the earbuds from tangling. Check them out!

You Should Store The Headphones In A Carrying Bag Or Its Own Case

Headphone Case

There are chances of the headphone wires to detangle even if you store them in a bag. Besides, the lifespan of the headphone will be less if you do not take the right care of its wires.

The best option is to keep the headphone in a bag with the right shape and fit for its wires. Keeping the headphone in their case will prevent the wires from tangling.

Tie The Cable In An Over-Under Cable Coiling Method

You can tie the cable in a method of over-under to prevent tangling.

  1. You have to hold your headphone’s cable in the left hand and ensure that it is towards you.
  2. Now you can slide down the cable and check the coil first.
  3. Place the hand near to your chest and point the thumb towards you.
  4. Now you can easily grab the cable and check if the second coil is detangling by twisting or not.
  5. You have to alternate the coil of both earbuds and ensure that the loop size is the same.
  6. It will be great if you unfurl the headphone cable and cancel out the wires with each other.

You Can Follow The Double Folding And Knotting Method

  1. You have to take the whole cord of the headphone and fold it in half.
  2. Now you have to fold it once again and stretch it a bit.
  3. You can easily take one end of the cord and pull it over the other one to make another loop.

You Can Use A Rubber Band To Tie The Wires

For this method, you have to get a rubber band to tie the wires.

  1. It will be best if you fold the earbud’s wires.
  2. You will have the rubber band as the best option to secure headphone wires at a place.

Wrap Around The Earbud Wires With An Object Like A Metal Straw Or Pencil

  1. You can take a pen, pencil, hairbrush, or any other slim thing to tie the wires of headphones with it.
  2. By wrapping the earbuds with the wires, you can easily unwrap the wires.
  3. Lastly, you have to make the final loop over the all wire to secure it in for a long time and untangle it in the future easily.

Take A Self-Adhesive Fabric Tape Or Velcro Tape

  1. Use self-adhesive fabric tape or velcro tape to keep the wires detangle.
  2. You can fold the headphone wires.
  3. Now you have to take a small strip of the velcro tape and wrap it over the headphone wires.

Wrap The Cord Of Headphones Over The Cell Phone

  1. You have to wrap the cord of the headphones on your cell phone to prevent tangling.
  2. It will be great if you make the final loop over the top of all the headphone wires to make the detangling easy.

If these solutions did not work, then you can read the other methods that we have added below.

Use A Binding Clip To Wrap The Wires Of Your Headphone

  1. You can take a medium-size binder clip and put it with the headphone jack. You can easily put the binder clip on the wires of the headphone.
  2. Once you reach the end of the headphone, put the clip over the headphone driver.
  3. Plus, you will be feasibly adjusting the binder clip on the headphone.

You Can Make A Headphone Holder By Using Any Old Card Or Thick Paper

  1. You can use any credit card to make a holder. Also, you can use sturdy cardboard to make it a wired holder.
  2. Now you can make two cuts on the top and bottom.
  3. It will be easier if you punch three holes on end. One hole should be on the headphone jack, and the other should be on the speaker.
  4. You have to put two holes on the sides of the speakers and wrap the wires along with the card. At last, you can tuck the headphone jack on the last hole that you made on the speaker.

You Can Use Paracord Headphone To Keep The Wires Tangle Free

This is the last method that we will be explaining and requires a lot of care. For instance, you have to cut the headphone cords and join them later. Thus, there is no chance to make a mistake with this method for untangling the wires.

  1. You have to separate the mic and wires of the headphone. Now you have to get a pair of scissors to cut the cords of the headphone. The cutting of the cord should not be more than one inch from the lower and upper parts.
  2. Now get a paracord and cut it into three sections. Each section of the cable should be cut equally. Now you can pull the loose threads from the paracord.
  3. Once you put the wires in the empty shell cord, you have to shrink the tubes a little bit with the lighter.
  4. Now check if the headphone is sounding correct or not. At last, attach the cords of the headphone with glue.

Steps To Make The Cord of Headphone Straight If They Are Curled

Check these two methods that will help you to straighten up the cord.

Method 1: Fix The Twisted Cords of Your Headphone

If the headphone’s cord is twisting, you have to follow these steps:

  1. You can split the headphone wires in the opposite manner, and the gravity will be unwinding the cord.
  2. You have to use the finger and thumb at the same time to prevent the momentum between the headphone cord to straighten it.

Method 2: How To Straight The Cords Of The Headphone If It Is Tangling

  1. You have to spread the headphones on a flat surface and ensure to unplug the headphone from the phone or any device.
  2. Now you can find the headphone jack and check if the cord is near the loop or not. The earphone users can easily locate the loop and detangle it with the cords of both earbuds.
  3. It will be best if you slowly detangle the process of detangling the knots with the thumb and fingers. You can use a pen or any other pointy thing to detangle the knots.
  4. At last, you have to repeat the whole process and check if there is any knot left.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What Are The Headphone Wires Tangling?

If the headphone wires are tangling, it means they are quite long. You will frequently be detangling the headphone wire if it is long. The headphone wires will detangle if the agitation is occurring due to its length. Besides, the statistical pattern of the wires will be defining the cures that headphones wires can create.

How To Make The Earbuds Last For A Long Time?

You can make the earbuds last for a long time if you take the following measures:

  1. Keep the headphones clean.
  2. Keep the cable in the right manner.
  3. Store the headphone in their case.
  4. Do not keep the headphones in moisture.
  5. Protect the weaker areas of the headphone.
  6. Keep the volume of the headphone at a moderate level.
  7. You should match the headphone ohms with the other source of audio.

After How Many Days Is It Crucial To Clean The Earbuds?

You should clean the earbuds after each use to make them last for the longest time. Besides, it will be best if you clean the headphones once a week.

To Sum Up

Above we gave the best tips that you can follow to prevent the tangling of the headphones. In addition, you have to check that the cables of the headphone are straight. If any part of the headphone twists, then you will have a distortion in the sound.

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