Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working? [Fixed] – 6 Solutions

Here are the easy solutions to the problem Jabra 65t left earbud not working. Jabra manufactured products have high quality, but earbuds often stop working, and there is no specific solution.

However, the following are the tricks that are used on them, so they start working. Let us discuss them one by one.


How To Fix Jabra 65t Left Earbud Not Working?

How To Fix Jabra 65t Left Earbud Not Working

Many people ask online for Jabra 65t left earbud not working, and people suggest many remedies. Try the solutions that are given below, and your matter will be resolved indeed.

1. Troubleshooting

Follow these steps if Jabra 65t left earbud is not working and check the position of magnets and maybe something is grabbed between which may be resisting the earbuds from working correctly.

  1. Take the case of Jabra 65t earbuds.
  2. Now remove the rubber lid, and there will be two small magnets.
  3. Now misplaces them and if dirt or any adhesive material is stuck in between them, clean it properly.
  4. For cleaning, do not use harsh chemicals.
  5. Take a cotton swab and rub it in between the magnets.
  6. Now put the rubber lid.
  7. Connect the case with the charger.
  8. Turn on the power source.
  9. When their battery is complete, remove them from charge.
  10. Take them out of their case and try to listen to something from the left earbud.

If the issue was due to was magnets, it will be resolved, but if still left earbud is not working, follow the steps given below.

2. Charge Your Earbuds

When the earbud battery is low, you will face this issue of Jabra 65t left earbud not working, and you will not hear anything from it. So charge them, and when their battery is complete, they will function. Follow these steps for charging them.

Charge Your Earbuds

  1. Place both earbuds in the case.
  2. Close the case.
  3. Now connect them with the charger.
  4. Turn on the power source.
  5. By charging them for 20 minutes, you can use them for 1 hour.
  6. However, for charging their battery full, keep them connected with the power supply for 2 hours.
  7. When charged, take them out of the case.
  8. Turn on their pairing mode.
  9. Now reach the Bluetooth setting of mobile.
  10. Pair both devices and check earbuds functioning.

3. Turn off Bluetooth

Due to unknown errors, Bluetooth drivers fail to work; they need to be refresh. So please turn off the Bluetooth and, after a few minutes, restart it.

Here are the steps.

  1. Open the setting of your phone.
  2. Now open the Bluetooth icon.
  3. Here a list of devices that were previously attached to your mobile will appear.
  4. Remove all devices.
  5. Turn off Bluetooth.
  6. Wait for a few minutes
  7. Now turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile.
  8. Take both earbuds in your hand.
  9. Please press the button present on their back for few seconds until the LED flashes blue.
  10. Now your earbuds are in the pairing mode
  11. Open the setting of Bluetooth here, and all available devices will appear.
  12. From the list, find your headphones and click on them.
  13. Both devices will pair with each other.

Play any sound on your mobile and listen to whether the volume is coming from both earbuds or not.

4. Restart Your Earbuds

When we start a device, all functions are refreshed, and if the is any error in them, it is removed. So if your one earbud has stopped working, restart it by following these steps.

  1. Remove the earbuds from your ear.
  2. Press the multifunctional button for 2-3seconds until the LED flashes red. Now your earbuds are turned off.
  3. After few minutes, again press and hold the multifunctional button for 2-3 seconds; now LED light will flash in green color.
  4. Pair them with your mobile and check their volume.

5. Clean Your Earbuds

Clean Your Earbuds

When earbuds are dirty, and dust is gathered in their mesh, they do not work, or sound volume decrease to the lowest level that we cannot hear anything. So clean the earbuds regularly and remove all dust and wax attached to them.

Tips For Cleaning The Earbuds

They must be cleaned with care and do not use any product that contains harsh chemicals because they will damage the earbuds, and chemicals can irritate the ear.

Moreover, these chemicals often cause allergies to people’s skin, which, if not treated on time, give rise to infectious diseases and even affect our hearing sense.

Ear Gel

Remove the ear gel from the earbuds and keep them on the table; now take cotton sab, dip it in the water, and rub it gently all around the ear gel and in its hole.

Now place them on the table and let them air dry.


There are two charging poles at the lower side of the earbuds, and if there will be dust on them, it can cause a hindrance in the charging, so clean them. Take a cotton swab, dip it in the water and move it all around the earbuds, and gently on its charging poles

Charging Case

Charging Case

It has 4 charging pins which must be cleaned. So dip the cotton swab in the clean water and gently rub it around the case and pins. Let them air dry. Now assemble all earbuds parts.

Pair them with sound source devices to increase the volume and check if both earbuds have started or not. In case one earbud is not even after cleaning, then the final solution is to reset them.

6. Reset

When you reset them, all settings will be removed, and they will be in the same position when you bought them for the first time; moreover, all previously paired devices will be removed.

Follow these steps to reset them.

  1. Take the right earbud.
  2. There is a multifunctional button on it.
  3. Press and hold it for almost 10 seconds until its LED start flashing purple.
  4. Now your earbuds are rest.
  5. Connect them again with your mobile and play music to check whether the left earbuds has started working or not.

How To Pair Jabra Elite 65t?

Follow these steps for pairing our headphones with mobile.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile.
  2. Now press the multifunctional button for 3 seconds till the blue light turns on.
  3. Press and hold the volume button for 1 second.
  4. Open the setting of your mobile
  5. Go to the setting of the phone
  6. Here is a list of available devices from them; find your earbuds.
  7. Tap on them.
  8. Both services will be paired, so enjoy the music.

Even if after reset they are not working correctly, there must be a technical fault in them so go to the nearby store and ask the expert to check them moreover you can also take help from Jabra elite online guideline platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are queries in the minds of most people.

How Can I Switch on My Jabra Elite 65t The Left Earbud?

First of all, charge them by placing them in the case; now, take them out of the case and press the multifunctional button for few seconds until LED lightens in the red or green colour.

Why is Our Left Earbud Not Working Correctly?

If earbuds are on mono-mode or phone mode, only a single will work. So, first of all, set them on the dual-mode. If they still do not work, charge them and restart them.

If there is still an issue, reset them, and there are 90% chances your earbuds will start working. However, if both earbuds are working even after reset, it means that earbuds are expired and need expert assistance.

What is The Best Way To Verify The Status of Our Jabra Elite 65t Battery?

To check its battery, tap on the lid, then remove the charging cable. Meanwhile, check the color of the LED if it is green; it means the battery is completely removed from the charger.

But if it is red, it means that the battery is empty or low and will not work correctly, so charge them.

Are The Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds More Comfortable Than other Earbuds?

These are made of high-quality material with other unique features like fantastic sound, durability, and noise cancellation. Yes! their structure is much more comfortable than other earbuds, and you can wear them for many hours.

Final Words

If Jabra 65t left earbud not working, check the positioning of the magnets, clean the charging pins, charge their battery. If it still does not perform, restart and finally reset it.

Follow all the instructions mentioned above. If still, they do not work correctly, ask expert assistance. Thank you for your visit!

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