Hp Pen Vs Hp Tilt Pen Comparison – Which One is Best?

Here in our guide of hp pen vs hp tilt pen, we’ll compare its features, and you will know which pen will be best for you. The Hp pens are most selling for use on the touchscreens, but the tilt and basic hp pen have unbeatable features.

If you are muddled about choosing between these two hp styluses, then read our guide till the end for making the ideal purchase.


Hp Pen Vs Hp Tilt Pen Review – Detailed Comparison

Hp is manufacturing the best styluses, and it has a great reputation than other stylus companies. You will have outstanding features with the HP pens. It is providing futuristic technology. You will have an innovative way of using the touchscreen.

And the good news? The graphic designers can use the hp pen, and it is great for other users too. The students, writers, and business professionals can use the hp styluses conveniently for enhancing efficiency.

You can choose from the digital pens of hp to make your next masterpiece with the finest finishing.

Hp Tilt Pen Review

This Hp tilt pen is the latest product of Hp in the market with top-class quality. You will have the most durable yet reliable stylus for use on various devices. This pen boasts reliable features, and you will have hp tilt pen compatibility with windows 10, android, iOS, and more software.

Best of all, this tilt hp pen is convenient to use, and it has a wide connectivity range. This pen is from the family of Hp styluses, but it has advanced technology prior to styluses.

Hp Tilt pen

You will have the best life drawing, sketching, and writing experience with it. More than that, this pen will provide satisfaction because it has high-quality material with convenient quality controls. The pen will provide a cursor, and it is a flip feature too. And the best part? This pen features N-trig technology, and you can conveniently draw and write with this pen.

The accuracy of this pen is amazing, and you will have 10 hours of battery life. Moreover, this pen is convenient to use, and it has a right-click button too. You can flip the pen, and it will become an eraser. You will have the easy way of erasing the wrong strokes with the tilt pen.

The pen requires AAAA batteries. Best of all, it has customizable buttons, and the dimensions of this pen are 0.4 x 5.9 x 0.4 inches.

Three Modes

Do you know this hp digital pen has three modes? It has an LED light that will show which mode you are using. The blinking light will show if you are in Bluetooth mode or not.

The pen will consume more battery in Bluetooth mode. If the pen is not showing any LED light, it means you are using it in active mode. You can use this mode for erasing and drawing. This pen will utilize less battery in the active mode.

The third mode of this tilt pen is the presentation mode. You can use this mode for presentation, and it will blink with the solid blue light. However, if the battery of the pen is low, you will have the RED light.

  • 3 modes
  • Convenient to use
  • LED light
  • Wide connectivity range
  • Great quality and versatile features
  • Bit pricey

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Hp Pen Review

Now we will tell you the Hp active pen features so you can decide which pen will be suitable for your work. It is the most selling pen of hp because of the innovative features and incredible design. This professional looking Hp pen has high-quality material. You will have the most durable pen, and it is quite versatile.

Hp Pen

Best of all, this pen consists of a wide range of features, and you will have a professional-looking pen. The precision of this pen is great, and it has hp pen pressure sensitivity levels. It is a compact pen, and you can hold it conveniently for a long time. This pen has a lightweight material yet durable aluminum steel material.

This pen has a precision tip, and you will have accuracy no matter how small the object you are clicking with it. It is similar to use as an ink pen. This pen has compatibility with several applications, and you can make the pen even more convenient after connecting it with them.

Two Modes

Moreover, the pen comes with two buttons, and you will have the erasing mode with this pen. The lower button of the pen will make it an eraser, and you can remove the unnecessary strokes that were made mistakenly while drawing.

You will have the select text mode. You can tap on the screen three times and then release the pen where you want to select the text. This pen is very easy to use, and it will provide the best value for its price.

  • great accuracy
  • convenient to use
  • wide compatibility
  • great pressure sensitive levels
  • lightweight
  • No tilt feature
  • It is not ideal for professional sketchers.

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What Screen Is Compatible With An Active Stylus?

The stylus pens have a similar shape to a regular pen, and you will have the specific touch screen compatibility with the pens. Some of the pens have a plastic tip, while others have a rubber tip. And that’s not all, the hp pens are slim in shape, and you will have the precision tips with them.

How Stylus Works On Touchscreens?

So how does the stylus work? The screens of the tablets, laptops, and other devices come with the capacitive type, and it has the electric conductors in it. The stylus of hp also has electronic components, so they have successful contact. The screen will react like an insulator.

However, a few stylus screen input types allow the styluses to work on devices that have a touchscreen.

Conductive Stylus Screen

The conductive stylus screen is compatible with the rubber and plastic stylus. Besides, the styluses will have an electrical field that will contact the touch screen, and you can make strokes.

Resistive Screen Stylus

Some of the styluses have the compatibility of resistive technology. You will not find the conductive properties with the resistive stylus. The pressure level of the screen will vary from conductive to the resistive screen. All the styluses with the resistive technology have the non-conductive material.

Advantages of Using A Stylus

There are several benefits of using a stylus because technology is increasing productivity by providing practical tech features. You can use the stylus for various work types. Moreover, you will have the typing, zooming, clicking, and navigating feature with a stylus.

The styluses are highly accurate, and you will have great features in the hp stylus. You will have a professional feel while using a stylus. The styluses have the ability to convert the hand-written notes in the text.

Now you can tap on the screen without using your fingers. The stylus will provide the most sensible option for enhancing productivity. Below are some incredible advantages of using a stylus. Have a look!

1. Ideal For Handwritten Notes

The stylus pen is great for taking notes. Whether you are a student, professional, or writer, the stylus will help you to add fluidity to your text. You will have a quick way of typing on a tablet with your fingers. The stylus is really compact, and you can easily keep it in your pocket.

Besides, you will have the sleek alternative of typing with a stylus. Best of all, the stylus will help you to make precise lines. You will have the option to adjust the linework. There are various styluses in the market, and you can choose the stylus that fulfills your priorities.

2. Convenient To Use

The hp pen is convenient to use, and you will have several built-in features with the stylus pens. Not only that, the stylus will increase the accuracy of touch, and you can enhance the output while using a stylus. The styluses are just like regular pens but with different technology.

You will not have any difficulty using the stylus because they are really simple to use, and you can conveniently operate them. The active stylus is compatible with various apps, and the artists can have additional features if they want more features for making their masterpiece.

However, the convenience of stylus usage will vary from one to another pen.

3. Weather Resistant

The HP pen is completely weather resistant. Sometimes the capacitive screens do not work if your hands are too cold. But that’s not the case with the tilt and other hp pens. However, you will not have a hard time while using the stylus on the screen to stay in contact.

The stylus pens are great for use in all weathers like rain, shine, snow, etc. As you know, the styluses have conductive materials, and you will have the right functionality. This pen will come with the pointer finger, and you can conveniently use it as the pointer.

Now you can use the touchscreen in winter without taking off the gloves. The styluses have conductive material in them, and you can hold it while wearing anything on the hands, but it will not differ in functionality.

4. Offers Best Precision

You will have the most accurate precision with the hp pens. Further, you can create thin, thick, and most accurate lines with the style. The stylus will be more accurate than fingers to make the right selection.

Not only that, you will have the precision in editing the pictures with the hp styli pens. Besides, the pen will provide the fine picking, and you will have incredible fishing of your drawing, sketching, and editing.

5. No More Smudges On Screen

You will not have smudges on the screen because you will be using the pen. In fact, there wouldn’t be any sanitary issues, and you can share the device with others in teamwork. The stylus will help you to have a clean screen, and you will not have debris transfer from the other people’s fingers on your device.

Below are some other popular styluses. Have a look!

Other Popular Hp Styluses

Below we’ll mention two other types of Hp pens that will help you to simplify your decision.

HpZbook Pen X2

Next, we have the hpzbook x2 stylus. This pen has beautiful features, and you will have the slimmest design. However, the slim design doesn’t mean that the pen will not provide similar features to other styluses. The stylus pen has incredible features, and you will have a blazing performance. Moreover, this pen has tilt technology too.

Best of all, it has 4096 pressure sensitivity levels. This pen will make the drawing experience most convenient.

Hp X360 11 EMR Pen

The last type of hp stylus pen is the Hp x360 11 EMR pen. This pen is great for several tasks. For instance, you can use it for writing, studying, designing, and illustrating. Moreover, this pen is great for using on the HP Chromebooks, and it will provide a smooth pen-like feel will using it on the touch screen.

With this stylus, you will have great features that will assist you in making the best drawings and designs. This pen supports EMR Wacom technology, and it has incredible pressure sensitivity levels. You will not miss any stroke with this hp 11 EMR pen.

To Sum Up

Now that you’ve read the hp pen vs hp tilt pen comparison. It will be viable for you to choose the right stylus for your type of work. Whether you are choosing the basic hp pen or the hp tilt pen, it will provide the best quality and versatile features.

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