Hp Active Stylus Review – Most Convenient Hp Pen To Use

In our hp active stylus pen review, you will know about its features and how to use it. This pen is gaining popularity due to the incredible built-in features. Moreover, you can reinvent the way of writing, drawing, texting with the stylus.

Best of all, you will have a smooth pen-like feel while using the pen, and it has the N-trig technology, which most of the styluses don’t have. We bet this hp pen can enhance your productivity. You will have the upgraded version of the previous hp pens.

And that’s not all; the pen will give you a convenient way of writing with the utmost precision. You will not feel any difference while holding this pen like a regular ink pen. In fact, it has wide compatibility with the apps, and you will have a natural writing experience.


A Complete Hp Active Stylus Review

Hp Active Stylus Review

This sleek and professional-looking stylus will give a pleasant look on your office table. It comes with inspirable features and durable quality material. Further, this pen has a great finishing, and you will have the incredible touch-like feel while using the stylus.

This pen has a compact design, and you can easily clip the stylus. Besides, it has a sturdy construction, and you will have a long-lasting experience. You can use this pen when it arrives because it doesn’t require assembly.

Nonetheless, it comes with a power supply of AA batteries, and you don’t need to recharge the pen often. And the best part? This pen comes with 100 percent satisfaction for its quality. It is made of high-quality material.

Not only that, it is approved because of the great quality construction. This stylus has the most simple features to operate, and you will have one of the top-rated pens. Thus, you will not have any guilt after buying this pen. It is a stylish and most reliable stylus and provides the best value for its price tag


  • Great battery timing with the AA batteries
  • Convenient to use
  • High-quality material
  • The stylish yet professional look design

  • Limited tilt recognition feature
  • Bit pricey

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Why Buy This Hp Active Pen?

You can buy this active Hp stylus pen for drawing, writing, sketching, and doodling. This pen is compatible with various touchscreen devices because it has electronic components. Moreover, this stylus has a pressure sensitivity tip.

You can increase the pressure level for making a thick line while drawing or writing. Best of all, you will have the feature of converting the handwriting into text. This electronic form of conversion is rarely available with the stylus pens. It is good for use on various tablets, smartphones, and other touchscreen devices.

This stylus is compatible with the windows ten software too. You will have the supreme touch feature with this pen, and it will enhance the productivity of the drawer. Several artists prefer this pen because of the amazing pressure sensitivity level.

Besides drawing, writing, typing, doodling, this pen provides other features too. You will have the built-in eraser for making the flaws perfect. The eraser form will be convenient if you press the bottom button. However, you can use the eraser for drawing and sketching only.

Another great feature of the active hp stylus is that it supports the right-click mouse button, and you can conveniently use it as a mouse. Keep on reading to know more about the hp active stylus and how it works.

Tip:  you don’t need to download the app because it will convert the stylus handwriting into text form.

Compatibility of HP Active Pen

The compatibility of the HP active pen is wide. You will have wide compatibility with it. For instance, this pen is convenient to use with windows 10. You can use it with other tablets, too, but it will be best if you check the compatibility of the device before purchasing the Hp stylus pen.

However, you cannot use it with any laptop or tablet. This pen is compatible with almost all of the Hp devices. Besides, this pen is usually bought for use on the Hp envy and specter. You will have the computability with pavilion laptops of hp, and it will be most convenient to use with Microsoft software.

How Does Hp Active Stylus Work?

This hp active stylus pen works with various devices, and you will have the built-in electronic components in it. The pen will is strong for drawing, sketching, doodling, and much more. You will have the most convenient way of using the pen on the notebook, ultrabook, and other touchscreen devices.

And the good news? This pen has input buttons, and you can erase and edit with the stylus pen. Further, the pen comes with a thin yet durable tip and a memory that will store data. You will have the most convenient transmission of data.

This pen is better than all other passive styluses because of the superior features. You will have incredible touch sensitivity, and it has a modern electronic operating system. It is great for using on windows 10, iOS, and Android software.

By now, you must know about the basic functions of the hp active stylus pen. Let’s get deeper!

Functionality of The Active Stylus

Well, the functionality of a Hp active stylus is pretty amazing. You will have the most feasible features with it, and it has two buttons on it. For instance, you will know some of the hidden features here.

Further, we will tell you some tips and tricks for using the HP active stylus and enhance productivity. These tips will not be available in the manual that you will get with the active stylus. Read on!

Convert The Pen In An Eraser

There are often mistakes made while using a stylus for drawing, sketching, and doodling. Now you don’t need to start from the beginning again. The active stylus comes with the eraser mode. There are two buttons on the pen, and one is for making the pen into the eraser.

Best of all, you will be able to use the eraser on the sketching pad, word, and other apps. Just press the styli button and drag the pen on the data that is not needed.

Tip: you can use the eraser by touching the screen with the stylus. You have to release the pen, and data will be erased.

Select Text Option

The most practical feature of an active hp pen is the select text option. You will have the feature of switching the select text option. When you press the styli on the screen, it will show a symbol of typing, and you can easily drag the pen on that text for selecting it.

This feature of the selected text will work in the apps such as word. You will have the choice of using this feature on chrome too. For that, you have to drag the pen on the text and keep it pressed until the pen shows the tapping option. You can tap three times for selecting the paragraph.


The hp pen comes with the touch-enabled feature for Windows devices. This will be the best alternative for the mouse.

You will have a convenient working mechanism for a long time with this pen. You can open a preview and then hover the stylus on that icon. If you want to use the preview feature on Youtube, it will be convenient too.

Factors To Look Before Buying A Stylus

There are 3focal factors to look at before buying a stylus:


The stylus’ price range will vary from one pen to another even if you are buying the stylus from the same company. Hp has various pens in a wide price range. So choose the stylus that is appropriate for your budget. Even some there are some affordable styluses by Hp with great features.


The design of the HP pen will not be the same for all models. You have to pick a pen that fits in your hand and is comfortable to use. You will have neutral color options in almost all of the hp active pens.


Lastly, the durability of the active stylus matters, and you have to buy a high-quality pen. Look for a stylus that has high-quality material. You will have the extra stability with the right active stylus pen.

To Sum Up

You have read the hp active stylus review, you’ll know about its features. This pen is offering great features in a mid-budget price range.

With this Hp active stylus pen, you will have a durable quality yet professional-looking pen. This pen comes with wide compatibility and the most convenient features to use. Now you can purchase it with satisfaction.

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