How To Use The Stylus On iPad? – Complete Guide & Steps

Even expensive stylus pens sometimes don’t work on the iPhone; that’s why people want to have complete information on how to use the Stylus on iPad? Its reason is maybe people don’t know how to pair the stylus with an iPad.

First of all, make sure your Stylus is compatible with the iPad. Here, I have discussed how to use the Stylus on the iPad and how we can write and paint by using it. Further, I have described the scribbling.


How To Use The Stylus On iPad

The screens of the iPad are capacitive. Firstly, have a complete review of the capacitive screen, and the Stylus we use can use with a capacitive screen. Then you will be able to understand how to use the Stylus on the iPad completely.

Screen of iPad

The screen of pads is capacitive, which contains many capacitors or sensors are arranged in coordinate order.  Under the capacitive screen is an LCD. However, transparent glass covers the capacitive screen for its protection.

How To Use The Stylus On iPad 2021

A capacitive screen detects the electric field and gives the response. It does not have a pressure sensor but measures the change in electric current from our hand when we touch its screen and operate it.

Stylus For iPad

for iPad, we use the stylus pen made up of conductive material like metals. Such a stylus is known as a capacitive or passive stylus.

First of all, we have to connect the Stylus with the iPad. There is a different process for pairing the 2nd generation stylus to iPhone. However, the process for connecting your 1st-generation stylus to the iPad is different. I have discussed both processes here.

The Pairing of 2ndGeneration Stylus To The iPad

Follow these steps

  • At the side of the iPad, there is a magnetic connector
  • Attach your pencil to the magnetic connector, and it will pair with the iPad.

The Pairing of 1st Generation Stylus To The Ipad

Follow the given steps for pairing.

  • Remove the pencil cover
  • Now plug it in the light connector of the iPad
  • Now apairing option will appear on the screen
  • Touch it.
  • Your iPad and Stylus are paired now, so enjoy.

Problems in Pairing

Sometimes there is a problem with the pairing. One major reason is that you don’t know whether your Stylus is compatible with this iPad or not because all apple pencils do not work with all models of iPads.

Further, make sure that the Bluetooth of your iPad is on. So go to setting, then go to the Bluetooth and turn the Bluetooth on.

If Bluetooth is on and the device is still not connecting, then power off your iPad and restart it. And try again. The last option after that is to seek help from apple support.

Using a Stylus With iPad

After buying a stylus pen that compatible with your iPad, pair it using the steps mentioned above. Now you can use it with our iPad. When we touch the stylus pen to the iPad screen, the screen measures the electric current of the conductive material of the Stylus

Then give the response to our command. For example, when we swipe, then unlock the iPad, touch the icon to open it.

We can make notes in the iPad’s note icon by just writing as we do with a pencil, and then if we want it to be neat and in the proper format, we scribble it.

Editing is also easy with a stylus because we can easily select the required area because the Stylus has a fine and sharp tip with an accurate contact point


One amazing feature that some iPad has is scribbling. Go to the setting of apple pencil and turn the scribbling on. This is helpful for people who don’t have high speed in typing.

You write by holding a stylus pen in their hand with high speed on a notepad, and the scribble program converts the handwritten pieces into the text format and presents the note in neat, clean, and proper form.

Different shapes like circles, squares are drawn with a stylus can be converted into properly shaped circles and square by scribble.

Best Stylus For iPad

The best Stylus for the iPad is the apple pencil as it is best for both writings, drawing as it is natural to use. It works with both first and second-generation iPad pro. Further, it has palm rejection.

Similarly, Adonit Dash 3 is the best Stylus for the iPad, and it is the most affordable Stylus. It is best for drawing and has long battery life. However, Adonit dash 3 lacks palm rejection.

Hahakee iPad stylus has a body made of aluminum; hence it is easy to hold and use as a usual pen. Moreover, the battery life of the hahakee iPad stylus is forty hours, and it is very affordable

You can also make a stylus for your iPad at home. Just take the ballpoint and open it, now remove all the ink from it. Take a cotton bud, cut it, and insert it in the ballpoint.

Now press the cotton bud against the ballpoint’s tip and scotch tip it tightly by wrapping foil around the ballpoint. In the end, damp your stylus tip with water, your Stylus is ready to use.

Final Words

There are just a few things that we have to do and know how to use the Stylus on the iPad. First of all, select the appropriate Stylus for your iPad and then pair it. If you face a problem with pairing, then restart or get help from iPad support. iPhone has a capacitive screen, so a stylus with conductive material is used with it. We have mentioned here some best stylus for the iPad.

We can write notes, draw, type, and do many other things easily on iPad by holding a stylus like a pen in our hand. Then we can convert it to a computerized format by using scribbling.

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