How To Make Handmade Projector With a Mirror? – Quick Steps

Here you will get the answer to how to make a homemade projector with a mirror in a very simple and easy way. No doubt, seeing and enjoying films and movies at your home is wonderful fun and experience, especially with your friends.

Sometimes you cannot see your favorite films on TV. In such a case, a homemade projector with a mirror is a very good and cheap choice for you. Additionally, you will not face any problems while preparing a projector. But we will make this task very easy for you.

For this purpose, you will have to collect some items, and you will be able to make a full and perfect projector within no time. To know further about how to make a homemade projector with a mirror, keep on reading this piece of writing.


Steps On How To Make a Homemade Projector With a Mirror

Here we will discuss in detail the process for the projector.

Articles You Require For The Homemade Protector

These are very crucial and key things which you need to prepare a homemade projector. Remember that you will not make a perfect projector without any one of these items except seeing a bad image and wrong positioning on the screen. So, you must have the following items.

  • Scissors
  • A mirror
  • Silicone/Glue
  • A magnifying lens
  • A Smartphone
  • Thick cardboard box
  • A phone holder
  • Four drinking straws

Perhaps you may not succeed in collecting all these items at your home. You do not need to worry in such a case, but you can ask for anything you need from your friends. In this way, your collection will become very easy.

Steps To Keep in Mind While Making a Homemade Projector With a Mirror

After collecting all the things articles and materials for the projector, you will have to follow the given steps completely.

Make a Hole in The Cardboard Box

Using the scissors, you will have to make a hole in the cardboard box. The important thing to be kept in mind is that the board’s hole should have the same diameter as a magnifying lens.

Make a Hole in The Cardboard Box

For this task, you should look at the lens’s diameter in the box and cut the hole accordingly. While making the hole in the cardboard, the edges must be smooth so that you can fit the glass inside the hole nicely.

On the other hand, if you could not succeed effectively in making the magnifying lens fit inside the hole, use some silicone or glue. Moreover, there should not be any spot on the magnifying lens. Otherwise, you will fail to get a clear image passing through the glass.

Make The Interior of The Box Dark

In this step, try to make the inside of the cardboard dark completely. The more you will find dark the box, the more you will achieve a clear image. Making the cardboard box dark is optional, but it is very useful and helpful for making perfect projectors.

To make the box dark, we suggest painting the whole interior of the box with black paint. You can also find construction paper or any black paper to cover the box’s edges, bottom, and sides. Darkness will aid you in stopping the little reflection from creating an image problem.

Paste The Mirror To Bottom

At this stage, you will need to stick the mirror to the bottom of the box. For this purpose, you can use silicone or glue. No doubt, using glue or silicone is the most unique and effective method to paste the piece into the box without issues.

You should keep the point in mind that the dark paper or paint must be dried up. In this situation, you will succeed in pasting the mirror into the box more effectively.

Construct The Phone Holder

In this step, you will need a phone holder. This phone holder will help you place your Smartphone so that you can see the reflection in the mirror and the magnifying lens. Another benefit of this action is that you will be succeeding easily to play, pause, or modify the file without disturbing the whole projector.

Construct The Phone Holder

We suggest you make a standard phone holder so that the image can travel down through the box nicely. Otherwise, you can also make the holder with a small piece of cardboard and straws. To do this task begins by pasting the straps to the lower part of the box.

When the straws are in the right place, you can make cardboard in the middle where the Smartphone display fits nicely. Paste it to the upper point of the straws. You can use silicone for an excellent result. Plus, make an effort for cardboard safety and sticks so that the phone can be fixed.

Adjust The Image position

When you test your homemade projector with a mirror before fixing the Smartphone on the top of the straws, you will notice the image in an inverted position. It is due to the feature of the lens. But when it goes on to the screen, the lens converts the image once again in the right position.

After projecting the image on the wall, please do your best to adjust it so that you may get it in perfect shape. For right adjustment, always note to move the phone softly to stop the phone holder or straws from losing the normal balance. Keep on moving the phone until; you get the perfect place to work.

Cover The Whole Project in Cardboard

Now nearly you have learned how to make a homemade projector with a mirror. At this stage, you are ready to see any movie with your newly made system. Indeed, you will notice the image going out of the projector. It will be more perfect if you cover the top of your phone with extra cardboard.

Covering with your Smartphone’s additional cardboard will ensure you that the phone light passes straight to the mirror and magnifying glass. Do this task by covering the straws excellently so that the phone holder remains undamaged. The whole process will stop the light from scattering.

More than that, try to make sure that your phone is grabbing able when needed. For this purpose, you will have to leave some space on the top of the cover side. After fixing the system perfectly, you will enjoy the projector to a great extent.

Now Begin To Enjoy Your Movie

After making up the whole system, you will have to find a suitable and perfect place for the projector. Now you are ready to enjoy with your relatives and friends any movie and videos. You can use the headphone to the Smartphone or speakers to enjoy more perfectly.

Now you should ready for full enjoyment because you have a homemade projector with a mirror to make your holiday more and more enjoyable.

Making Your Projector Without a Mirror

If you have some problem with finding a mirror, you can make a projector nicely. In this case, you will have to place your Smartphone in front of the lens. To keep your Smartphone safe and sound in its position, I suggest fixing it with Velcro. In this way, you will get the phone out very easily.

You may face some problems without a mirror. Your Smartphone projector would not be able to correct the image’s inversion.

Frequently Asked Question’s

How Can We Make Our Projector Screen Bigger?

Indeed, most of the projectors come with a zoom ring to make the image big and large. On the other side, if you have a homemade projector, your item will certainly be without a zoom ring. In such a case, you can effectively make the screen bigger by placing the projector more away and further.

Which Lens Do We Require in a Homemade Projector?

We need a convex lens to make a homemade projector with a mirror. No doubt, these lenses are available in the great shape I center than on their edges. It is very easy to get this lens. You can use a magnifying glass for this purpose. Best of all, you can place the glass in your projector by removing the holder.

Who Invented The Projector?

Edward Muybridge invented the first projector in 1879, which was used with acting and moving images. Edison also made his movie projector in 1894; the Lumiere brothers later invented a very effective and successful projector.

The Conclusion

To sum up, we have discussed how to make a homemade projector with a mirror in detail. Moreover, you will face no main problem with making this projector if you follow the given steps with great care.

Additionally, it will take only half an hour to complete the work. However, the homemade projector’s image may not be as good as a digital projector, but it is a costly item. So, with a limited budget, you can enjoy the movie and films on a homemade projector nicely.

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