How To Connect Android Mobile To Projector? – Complete Guide

How To Connect Android Mobile To ProjectorHow to Connect Android Phone to Projector? First of all, you require the right adapter cable or suitable connector, which is the MHL standard or USB-C in Android’s case. For the connection, you will have to see whether your projector is with an app which we use to connect.

Indeed, using the connecting app is one of the most useful choices and a pain-free solution for you. As the Panasonic brand, some projectors have running apps that help you connect the Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth and reflect your Android screen.

On the other hand, non-smart projectors need wireless dongles for connection through the receiver and transceiver. To tell you more about how to connect an android phone to a projector, let us dive here.


How To Connect Android Phone To Projector?

There are three main choices and various ways to connect an android phone to the projector given below.

Option 1 – Chrome Cast

Chrome CastChrome Cast is the most useful and safe choice to connect any android system to a projector better. Whether you want to see movies, films, and pictures or reflect the Android screen to your projector, in both cases, it is helpful.

Best of all, the Chrome cast item makes the connection directly to the HDMI port on a projector. You can transfer your video with the help of your Android through a Wi-Fi network.

Option 2 – Mira Cast

The latest and new Android items, phones, and projectors have Mira cast. If the projector does not have a Mira cast, but your Android phone comes with it, you can buy a video adapter that connects to the HMDI port on the projector. Additionally, Mira Cast helps you reflect on anything on your Android phone.

Option 3 – Hard-Wired Connection

In case of not working a wireless system, the other important and the best choice for you is to get a hardwire connection with a projector. Furthermore, your Android phone will require having the help of a hardwired connection for the system.

Of course, there are two important and the most effective hardwired connections like HDMI and MHL.

  • HDMI

HDMIIn this case, if your system or smart Android phone comes with a Mini-HDMI port that is undoubtedly available in rare cases, you can take a Mini- HMDI cable to attach the device with a projector.

Indeed, some phones as the Samsung Galaxy S8 can help a USB-C to HDMI adapter.

  • MHL

You may also attach an MHL to HDMI adapter to your smartphone if the device occupies MHL. After connecting, attach the HDMI adapter port to your projector.

Certainly, you should make sure to buy an adapter that has the right version of MHL that your device needs.

Wi-Fi Direct

WifiIf you want to connect your Android phone with a projector directly, you can use Wi-Fi Direct. This facility is different from device to device, depending on the version of your Android system.

In this case, you require such a projector that comes with the Wi-Fi Direct facility that helps you stream the screen using this way and technique.

To start this method, you will have to swipe down on display to reach your notification point and then press the gear icon to access your phone settings menu. At last, you will be able to reach your settings with the help of the apps drawer.

On the other hand, if you are with a Samsung device, then tap “Connections.” But, you may require tapping “Network and Internet, if you come with other than Samsung devices.

In the case of the Wi-Fi menu, after making sure of turning on the connection, tap “Wi-Fi Direct.”We have other Android phones, and you may have to tap “Wi-Fi Preferences” or “Advanced” first and then tap a “Wi-Fi Direct to reach that menu.

For the reachable and available Wi-Fi Direct phones and devices, your system will scan automatically. And if the Wi-Fi is situated near your surroundings, then tap the choice for connection. Afterward, try to follow the given instructions.

Makers And Manufacturers Apps

No doubt, most of the projectors manufacturers give the facility of connection by providing Android apps. These apps give you a chance to connect directly to your projector with a device through Wi-Fi.

There are so many quick apps as Projector Quick Connection, Epson I Protection, and Panasonic Wireless Projector for the best connection. However, maybe these apps will not help you in helping your whole screen. But, they will aid you to protect document files or static images.

On the other side, these apps maybe not be more useful to stream media. It might be more effective and helpful for business matters.

Using a Cable

Another choice to connect your Android phone with a projector is the use of a cable. Almost every Android item comes with a USB-C, including a video output port. But many projectors still use HMDI as the standard input port.

On the other hand, a straight and straightforward adapter like Monoprice helps you connect to the normal cable projector. After connecting the phone to the projector, you only need to start reflecting on your device to a projector.

Wireless Screen Mirroring in Collaborative Environments 

If you wish that more than one person could share content from the Android devices to a projector, you will need a wireless screen reflecting system.BenQInstaShow is an excellent example of a purpose-built wireless screen mirroring system.

Of course, the wireless screen mirroring system is more costly as compared to a Chrome cast receiver. However, they are very helpful and effective for nice collaboration. Here we give some main reasons you can have to use to connect your projector.

  • Make it useful and simple for visitors and guests to attach their various Android Phones to your projector.
  • Make you able to modify the presenters immediately on your projector by pushing a button.
  • Show a great number of sources on the projector just at the same moment.


For a standard HDMI port, the cable of USB is systematically an adaptor. No doubt, these cables’ frequent use is to connect an Android phone with significant devices, like an HDTV, PC, or projector. AT LAST, mini USB will change with USB-C as an Android connection option for a USB level.


VGA or Video Graphics Array is another option for connecting an Android Phone to a projector. IBM introduced VGA for its PS/2 line of computers in 1987. Moreover, VGA became the de facto PC video monitor connector in 1990.

Wireless Transceiver

This choice of connecting your Android phone to the projector is like Chrome cast or Mira cast options to give screen mirroring. You have another option of third-party wireless video connector dongles. It helps for wireless connections between the projector and your device.

Place the transceiver on Android phones or other devices as BD/DVD players or anything with an HDMI port. Then, have the receiver on your projector. In this way, your connection to the device is completed.

Smart Projectors

A smart projector is just like a Smartphone, which is very advanced to work and acts as a unique PC. Moreover, it comes with the ability to use and download apps through OS. Additionally, you may use so many and various apps to copy your Android screen on your projector.

You can use, just like the wireless pattern, Bluetooth to emit audio signals to your Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker.

Manufacturer Streaming

Indeed, your projector may have some excellent qualities and abilities. Many companies like Samsung, and so many others, have started giving support, including video streaming support with their televisions and projectors.

So, you should check up nicely the model number on your manufacturer’s website. You will notice there that the item has a wireless device mirroring support or not. If yes, you are lucky.

On the other hand, if your device, like an Android phone, has streaming support, then go to the play store for the required application. There are various ways to be handled by various makers and manufacturers. But a smart projector has a good setup for quick streaming.

When All Other Methods Fail

If the Wi-Fi connection or Android link is out of your reach on the Google play store, go to the website of your projector’s company or manufacturer. Undoubtedly, you will find much help and more detail about suitable and proper Android connections.

Old projectors made before 2007 would certainly need other wireless connection sources like utilizing a particular wireless and Wi-Fi dongle, which acts just like a Mira cast or Chrome cast video adapter.

The Conclusion

To sum up, we have left no stone unturned to tell you how to connect an Android phone to the projector. Additionally, we discussed excellent methods you can use to connect an Android phone or device to your projector.

If you have any problems regarding specific brands and devices, you can leave a reply in the comments section below. Thanks for reading this piece of writing.

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