How To Clean Projector Lens And Prevent It From Getting Dusty?

Are you finding the right way how to clean the projector lens? In our guide, we’ll teach you in four simple steps. After a while of using the projector lens, it will have smudges. You have to prevent the dust and debris from the projector lens to make it last longer.

No matter how clean you keep the projector lens, it will get dirty after some time and cause a blurry or cloudy image. You will not have the sharpness and brightness like before if the lenses are not clean of your projector. For the best visuals, you have to clean the lenses.

Other than that, you will know more information in our guide for preventing the lenses from getting dusty. Let’s delve!

How To Clean Projector Lens in 4 Simple Steps

Before we move onto the steps for cleaning the projector lens, you have to know which things are required for it.

You will not have any struggle while cleaning the lenses if you have the right equipment. Besides, you have to be gentle while cleaning the projector lens. You have to gather the following gears:

  • Compressed air
  • Cleaning cloth of microfiber material
  • Cleaning paper for lens
  • Solution for cleaning
  • Brush for cleaning
  • Tissue papers

However, the cleanser that you will be buying for the lenses should be specifically made for it. You need to choose the cleaning chemical carefully. It should not have harsh chemicals because the lens will be damaged easily.

The cleaners that have benzene, alcohol, and thinning material are not suitable for cleaning the projector lens. Moreover, you have to be careful while cleaning the lens’s glass, and it is a highly sensitive and wrong way of cleaning it will break it.

Other than that, the lens cleaning cloth should have microfibers in it. The wrong cloth can leave the projector lens with scratches, and you cannot get rid of them later.

Now you know the accessories that are needed for cleaning a projector so let’s start the cleaning method.

1. Preparation Before Cleaning The Lens

Suppose you were using the projector, then you have to turn it off completely and take the power cord out. The projector cables should off too. You will not have to cool down the projector for some time and then start the cleaning process. Leave the projector for 30 minutes, and it will get cool in the meantime.

If you start cleaning the lens while it’s warm, then it has more chances of breaking. You have to ensure that the lens is cool completely.

2. Opening The Projector

Now you have to open the projector or if you want to make the process shorter, then move on to the last step. You have to open the projector to clean the projector lens from the inner side. The opening process will vary from one brand to another.

You can check the manual of the projector company for opening it in the right way. The projector will have a button on the side that you can press to open the box. Try to find that button.

3. Cleaning The Inner Side Of The Projector

This step of cleaning the inner side of the projector is only for those users who have opened the projector. Now you have to clean the lens’s inner side by adding the compressed air to the projector.

Use the compressed air from the nozzle for cleaning those spots which are tough to clean. You have to clean the inner side of the lens until the dust is completely removed from the inner side of the lens. After using the compressed air, you have to wipe the lenses from the cloth. There should not be dampness in the lenses while you are cleaning them.

There should not be any dust particles attached to the lenses of the projector, and you have to add a small amount of cleanser to the cloth. Make sure that you clean the vent of the fans very delicately. Ensure that that tissue paper does not stick on the projector and you have clean the lens properly.

4. Clean The Lenses

Now you have to clean the lenses carefully and ensure that the interior is clean too. You have to remove the cap of the lens and then ensure that the dust is wiped while you were blowing compressed air of the projector’s lenses.

You can add some amount of the cleanser on the brush for cleaning the exterior of the lens. Please do not add a huge amount of cleanser because it will ruin the whole cleaning process. You have to add one or two drops only.

Now you have to wipe the lens in a circular way. Ensure to clean the lenses from the inner and outer edge. Moreover, you have to close the lens cap after cleaning it.

You are done with the cleaning process. There are some other things that will help you to prevent the lens from being dusty. Read on!

Dirty Or Dusty Lens

Do not use the same cleaning process if the lens is dusty or dirty. You have to choose the right process of cleaning, whether the lens is just dusty or dirty. So if the lens is just dirty, you have to blow off the dust from the lens. You have to clean the lens by dusting it with compressed air only.

Other than that, if the lens is dirty, then you have to follow the steps which we have mentioned in our guide. Do not wipe the lens directly when it is dirty, and you have to get rid of the micro-abrasions correctly.

How Many Times Should I Clean The Lens Of Projector?

You must be wondering how many times you have to clean the lens of the projector. This question has the simplest answer. There is no fixed ratio for cleaning the lens. You have to clean it once it is dirt or dusty.

You will automatically know when the lens needs cleaning because the visuals will not be clear; moreover, if you feel that there are some dust particles on the lens of the projector, you have to clean it immediately.

You will not have a drop in the visual quality from the dirty or dusty lens immediately. The visuals will be dull, and there wouldn’t be any accidental damages on the lenses if you keep them clean. However, it is crucial that you clean the lens of the projector after 3 to 4 months.

Below is our guide; we will tell you how to prevent the lens of the projector from being dusty. If you don’t clean the lens at the right time,it will overheat and stop working after some time.

How To Prevent The Lens From Getting Dusty?

The safest way of preventing the lens from getting dusty is keeping the cap on the lens when it’s not in use. You have to take care of the lens after watching the movies on it. Whether you are on vacation, you have to cover the lens properly, so it is not exposed to dust or dirt.

cap on the lens

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Especially if you are out of home for a long time, then the lens should not be uncovered. There is a lot of dust particles on every appliance of the home when you come back home. Please do not leave the lens of the projector exposed to the air when it is not in use.

You have to place the projector in the cabinet, so it doesn’t get exposed to air. Let us tell you that heavy airflow will damage the lens too. If you often carry the projector while going on trips, you have to transport it with care.

You have to take care of the lens and buy an air purifier to keep the lens in good condition. Ensure that there is not any air around the lens while you are cleaning it.

How To Fix A Lens That Is Scratches?

You have to buy a plastic sheet and then add some amount of toothpaste to it. After that, you have to put on some auto product on it and then fix the projector lens’scracted area.

To Sum Up

It is highly crucial to keep the lenses of the projector clean because it will not display the picture with clarity. Even the dirty lens will not last long, and you might have to replace the whole lens after some time. So every time you plan for a cinema party, then do clean the lens before using it.

Ensure that the video is appearing clean, and has the right contrast level. You have to do this process when you have just bought a new projector or lens. Best of all, your lens will last longer if you keep it neat and tidy. Thank you for the read!

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