How To Clean Headphones & Earbuds? – The Ultimate Guide

Headphones look untidy and filthy if not cleaned regularly; moreover, they absorb sweat which causes infectious diseases and smells very bad, so learn how to clean headphones and disinfect them.

To clean them, separate all their parts, remove dust from them, and disinfect them to kill germs. Let us discuss the whole procedure in detail.


Tips To Clean Headphones – [Simple Guide]

Tips To Clean Headphones

Read on to know how to clean headphones, so they look neat, new and do not transfer infectious diseases.

Why is it Necessary To Clean Headphones?

We use headphones every day, and they must be cleaned regularly. When we use them in the gym, our body is sweating, and it attaches with its mesh and wires, and when it is not cleaned, the nasty odor comes from your headphones.

Moreover, the wax our ears produce for protection against bacteria and viruses also attaches with the mesh. If it is not cleaned, it gives rise to different infectious diseases.

Moreover, when we use someone else’s headphones without cleaning them, different infectious organisms travel into our ears and cause infection.

If dust, debris, and small particles attached to its tip or mesh are not cleaned, they create a hindrance in the transfer of clear audio, and its level also decreases. So for better sound quality, it is necessary to clean them.

How To Clean Over-Ear Headphones?

They have two main parts earcups and headbands, and here is the cleaning procedure of both parts.

Cleaning the Earcups

Following are the steps.

Step 1: Remove All The Dust

Remove All The Dust

The first part that should be cleaned is earcups because they are exposed to our ear and wax produced by our ears attaches to them moreover there is grease accumulation on them. So they must be cleaned thoroughly.

Material of earcups attracts the dust and will look very clumsy if not cleaned after regular time. Remove the earbuds from the headband. Now take a clean brush and gently rub it all around the earcups. All dust must be removed from them.

If dirt or small particles are struck inside them, take a tweezer and put all the dirt out of it. Use tweezer and brush with care because there are drivers in the earcups; if they are damaged, your headphones will not work correctly.

If the pads can be removed, put them off and clean all the inner parts of the earcup with the help of Q tip, and do not apply much force on them as their interior parts are very delicate.

Step 2: Disinfect Them

Now it’s time to disinfect them so all germs that are gathered on them die. You can use different materials for cleaning it. The most widely used materials are dilute bleach, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide.

Take a small quantity of solution in a small beaker. Now take a clean piece of cloth and apply the liquid on it but do not over damp it. Gently rub the cloth all over the earcups. Let them air dry.

Cleaning The Headband

The headband is rubbed against our hair; moreover, they become wet due to sweat and start peeling. They absorb the dust, and when we touch them without cleaning our hands. Follow these steps for cleaning the headband.

Step 1: Clean The Dust

First of all, take a brush and move it on the headband to remove all the dust gathered on it. Take out all the debris that is stuck inside it.

Step 2: Sanitize

We hold the headphones from their headband, so they have different germs on them which must be killed. So take alcohol or any other disinfectant, damp the cloth with it and rub it on the band.

All the germs will be killed. Please do not use the headband; immediately let it air dry. This is how to clean headphones.

How To Clean Earphones?

Firstly, remove their drivers and clean them. You must follow preventive measures because drivers get damaged easily, and your earbuds will not sound good.

How To Clean Earphones

Clean The Drivers

Step by step guideline on how to clean the drivers is given.

Step 1: Remove dust

We put the earbuds on the edge of the ear canal and the wax produced by the ears attached to them. So must clean them regularly.

Hold the earbuds in your hand, then remove dust with the help of the brush. Remove all the debris and wax stuck inside them by tapping gently on their backside.

Step 2: Sanitize Them

Now take a cotton cloth, dump it in the alcohol or any hand sanitizer, and rub the fabric on the earbuds.

Now wash the cotton cloth with soap water and let it dry. After some time, dip it in the alcohol and rub it on all the wires and speakers. Now place them on the table and let them air dry completely before using.

Do not overuse alcohol as it will travel into the interior parts of the earbuds and can damage them.

How To Clean The Case?

How To Clean The Case

If you keep the clean earbuds in the dirty case, they will become contaminated again; along with earbuds, their case must also be cleaned.  Take a small toothbrush and rub it inside the case as well as outside.

Try your best to remove all the dust, and if the brush is able to reach in any corner, take a Q-tip and remove all the debris and small particles with it.

After cleaning the dirt, sanitize the case. So damp a small piece of cloth in the antibacterial and antiviral solution, then gently rub it inside and outside the case.

Keep your case away from the reach of bacteria and do not produce the environment, which facilitates the growth of bacteria like moisture. So take small packs of silica and put them in the case. Silica gel will absorb all the moisture; thus, there will be no growth of bacteria.

Tips To Keep Headphones Clean

Their life decreases if we do not keep them with care and do not clean them. So must know how to clean headphones and keep these tips always in your mind and act on them.

1. Please Do Not Touch Them With Dirty Hands

When we are working, and if the phone rings, we immediately connect it with the headphone and listen to the call. Similarly, sometimes we do not wash our hands but just lay down in the bed and listen to music by wearing them.

When we touch them with dirty hands, all the dust of our hands attaches to the headphones, and they look nasty. Moreover, we do not like to wear them outside, so they must not be touched with dirty hands.

The second main reason we should not touch them with dirty hands is that different germs are present on our hands which attach with the headphones, and they travel to your ears and cause infectious diseases.

2. Use Leather Oil

Leather oil is easily available; take its one bottle and apply it on all the headphones’ parts like earcups, headbands, padding, wires. Now they will not absorb the dust, best of all by using leather oil their life increases.

3. Do Not Use Them While Sweating

Many headphones are sweatproof, and their performance does not decrease by using them while sweating. But there are many chemicals in the sweat, and it has a very nasty smell.

When we wear them while sweating, all the sweat is attached to them and becomes locked in their structure, due to which they smell as well as look dirty. So it is better to wear headphones after cleaning your sweat.

4. Please Keep Them in Their Case

Do not hang them or keep them at the place where there is very much dust. The best trick to protect them from dust and debris is to take a small case for them. After using, please keep them in that case.  In this way, they will remain protected from dirt as well its wires will not tangle.

5. Clean Them Regularly

It does not matter how much they take care of them; they will still look untidy if not cleaned regularly. The most common reason due to which they look filthy is that our ears produce wax, and it attaches to the earpads.

Moreover, even if we touch white wires with clean hands, they will still look dirty, so clean them regularly. Use the chemicals and follow the steps mentioned above to know how to clean headphones and kill all the germs present on their surface.

Final Words

Hope you understand all the things you need for cleaning headphones, solutions that are safe to disinfect them, and how to apply them on different parts like earcups, headbands, etc.

Must clean them regularly to protect your ears from infectious diseases and for increasing their life.  For further information, you must contact us in the below comments section. Thank you for reading!

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