How To Clean A Stylus Rubber Tip? – (2 Best Methods & Guide)

The rubber acts as a magnet for dust, so it is necessary to know how to clean a stylus rubber tip. Stylus pen rubber tip with a lot of dust gives bad looks, and it starts dragging, sticking to the screen, so you will not be able to smoothly use the touchscreen.

Stylus rubber tip often becomes dry. We must have to oil it. Are you interested in cleaning and oiling your rubber tip? Here is a complete briefing on how to clean a stylus rubber tip and its care.


How To Clean A Stylus Rubber Tip?

Cleaning the stylus is easy, but we can’t clean a very dirty stylus because then there are chances of damaging the rubber tip’s intricate structure. So keep it neat and clean. However, here I have discussed a few methods of cleaning the rubber tip of the stylus pen.

1. Dry Clean

The easiest method of cleaning the rubber tip of the stylus pen is to dry clean it. Just take any cotton pad and clean the rubber tip and other parts of the stylus also. Please don’t press the cotton pad strongly; instead, use it gently.

Dry Clean

Dry cleaning should be done after a few days to keep your stylus free from very much dirt. Because when the stylus rubber tip gets so much dirt, it becomes very difficult to clean the rubber tip by dry cleaning.

2. Soap And Water

Soap and water solution can clean the rubber tip of the stylus pen. Any soap like we use for handwashing can be used. Simply damp your hand or cotton pad with water, and now apply soap on your hand or cotton pad.

Soap And Water

Now gently rub your hand on the rubber tip. The cleaning action of soap will help you remove the stains of dust and dirt from the rubber. When the rubber tip is completely clean, now wipe the soap remainings with the pure water.

Let it dry, and then use it because using a damp stylus rubber tip, you will make your touch screen wet.

Buy a New Stylus Pen

After using the remedy of soap and water, you still fail to clean your stylus rubber tip completely. Sometimes rubber tips get so rough because rubber gets dry with time then starts cracking.

So the better option is to change your stylus and buy a new pen that is affordable for you.

If the Stylus Rubber Tip Becomes Rough and Dry

Sometimes the rubber tip becomes dry, and its surface starts offering friction. To solve this problem, gently rub the rubber tip on your head. The oil from your hairs will form a coating on the rubber tip.

The oil-coated rubber tip will move smoothly, frictionlessly on the screen without dragging and sticking.

Similarly, you can also use silicone grease to making a coating on it to reduce its dryness. The coating will not give a dirty look to your stylus because silicon grease is transparent.

Best Stylus Pens

If you are an iPhone user, then an apple pencil is best for you. Similarly, Adonit dash 3 is the best stylus pen. Adonit dash 3 can be used with iPhone ipad and Android phones because of its amazing features.

Digiroot universal stylus, amazon basic 3 pack stylus are also best to be used with android phones.

Adonit Pro 4, universal digital stylus, each active stylus digital pen, meko stylus pen 2nd Gen are some of the best stylus for drawing and sketching.

How Is A Clean Stylus Rubber Tip

People’s basic demand from the stylus is to move smoothly, and there should be no friction. Because worn out stylus produces fractures on the mobile, tablets screen.

When the stylus rubber tip is clean and properly oiled, it runs smoothly on the screen, and there is no dragging and sticking, which irritate the user. There is no risk of scratches on the phone screen.

Cleanliness matters a lot, so when your stylus rubber tip and other body is neat and clean, you use it with confidence because it looks nice and beautiful.

How To Take Care And Keep The Rubber Tip Neat And Clean?

You should take care of the stylus because it has a very sensitive rubber tip that can be damaged easily. Firstly keep it in your pocket or hang it with your mobile or table cover by its holder so it cannot fall when you have used it.

The stylus is so small in size, and it uncounsioluy falls, which can break its rubber tip. As a result, the stylus fails to swipe smoothly on the touch screen because the fractured rubber tip will damage the screen.

Keep it neat and clean. Stylus pens have a cleaning piece that is into their back. Open them from the back, pick that cotton piece to rub it gently all over the stylus. This trick is very helpful in keeping the stylus neat and clean.

If you keep cleaning your stylus after a short period, then the dust will not fix on it, and your stylus will remain neat and clean.

Final Words

Cleaning the stylus is easy. You can dry clean it, and soaps can also be used for cleaning it. Clean it with care, gently rub the cotton pad. In the end, remove the soap fully and dry it before using it.

Sometimes stylus rubber tips get so dirty and it becomes impossible to clean them. Then the last option is to change the stylus. I have discussed here the best stylus for android phones, iPhones, also for sketching and drawing.

Take care of your stylus because its rubber tip can be damaged easily, which then produces friction. Place it carefully after use. Clean its tip after regularly using it with the cleaning piece present in the back of some stylus pen.

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