How To Charge Earbuds? By Cable, Charging Case, Wirelessly

We will undoubtedly assist if you just bought the earbuds and did not know how to charge them. We know it becomes complicated to charge the earbuds. Also, it is tough to indicate if the earbuds are charging in their case or not. Here you will know how to charge earbuds by cable or wirelessly.

Modern technology has made things a little tough for some of us. The tech of Bluetooth earbuds is different from wired ones. Besides, we will teach the method in simple steps and you will know how to troubleshoot if the earbuds are not charging.

So let’s begin without any delay.


Methods: How To Charge Earbuds?

The simplest method to charge earbuds is by using the USB micro cable. You will not have any complicated steps. Read on!

By Using A Micro USB Cable

By Using A Micro USB Cable

You have to use a micro USB cable for charging the earbuds. For instance, you will have a wide variety of USB cables in the electronic store. In addition, there are several electronic gadgets that require compatibility with another device. You have to choose the micro USB cable now, and it will be available in your nearest electronic gadgets shop.

The technique of charging the earbuds will be easy. You have to ensure that the battery is full, and you can easily plug in them with the micro USB cable. For instance, you can plug the USB adapter into the PC, and it will let you connect the other end with the carrying case of the earbuds.

On the other side, you will see that the earbuds will be flashing an LED light to show how much charging is remaining. You can use the earbuds once they are having charging of 5 percent. But it will be best if you keep the earbuds on charging and let them charge up to 100 percent to maintain their battery health. You can leave the earbuds for two hours so they can charge up fully.

Use The Supplied Charging Case For Charging The Earbuds

Most of the earbuds are now coming with their charging case. Thus, you can charge the earbuds with their case as a power bank that we use as an alternative to a charger. Further, you will have the best micro USB method for charging the earbuds.

Now you have to check if the lights of the earbuds are on once you place the earbuds in case. The charging case method is highly portable when you are going somewhere. Plus, you have to ensure that your charging case does not have any moisture or dust inside. The case should be kept with care, so it lasts long.

The headphone case is really exceptional because you can use one earbud at a time. Whilst you can keep the other earbud in the case for charging it. You will have exceptional battery life with earbuds that are from a reliable brand.

Apart from that, you should know how to specifically use the charging case of the headphone. You can also check the guidelines of the headphone manufacturer. There are some headphones that have different and unique functioning from the others.

Therefore, you must look for the earbuds that come with their portable case. You can easily charge the wireless headphones on the go with their charging case. Best of all, the charging case works as a power bank, and you will have additional hours to use the earbuds.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is another meek method for charging earbuds or any headphones. The most portable method to charge the earbuds is by using wireless chargers. The wireless charging option will be allowed to charge the case of earbuds and earbuds themselves. Isn’t it amazing?

No doubt, apple devices are profound in charging with wireless devices. Therefore, you will not have any trouble charging the earbuds of apple with the wireless charging case. Besides, the wireless charging technology will prevent the hassle of cables no matter where you are.

The best way to buy wireless charging devices is by getting a Qi-certified mat of charging. The Qi-certified chargers have great quality, and you will easily charge any device with them. Furthermore, you will have a status light indicator. You will have the best visual notification option for noticing the charging level of the earbuds.

Once the charging is complete, you will have the light indicator as a notification. Besides, sometimes there is no portable connection with the wireless charger.

You have to check if any specific cable is not interrupting in the way. You can leave the mat once the earbuds and its case starts charging. A charging mat is a good gadget that lets you charge multiple devices at a time.

However, most people use the charging mat for charging phones or iWatch.

Why Are Not The Earbuds Charging:

Troubleshooting Method

If the earbuds are not charging, then you need to know what is the issue. Once you figure out the right issue with the device. You can easily check that the earbuds are turned off, and you can check the common issues. Also, ensure that your headphones are 100 percent charged before you use them again.

On the other hand, those users who cannot figure out that why the earbuds are not charging should contact customer care support. You have to ask the customer care about the issue if they can resolve it by telephonic conversation. Or you might have to visit the store of your android or iOS device.

However, the headphones that do not reach up to 100 percent charging must have a technical fault. You can ask customer support to repair the headphones or replace them if they are in warranty period. Whether you choose to recharge the earbuds with their case or any other method, it should reach up to 100 percent. It will be best if you address the issue with customer support.

More than that, you should purchase earbuds that have at least a warranty period of 12 months. The earbuds will have insurance even if they break. In addition to this, you will have some of the earbud companies offering DOA. The term DOA means dead on arrival. In this case, you can replace the earbuds instantly.

The headphones that are dead on arrival will not charge any matter for how long you keep them in the case. Even if you try any other method to charge the headphones, they will not charge at all. The headphones with the DOA will have a complete option to repair. All the top-notch brands of headphones will provide a long warranty.

How Does The Headphones With Wireless Connection Work?

The headphones with wireless connections will be working in a different manner than wired ones. Besides, you will have the headphone that operates through the radio waves. Plus, it will be easily catching the signals to send them forward as a physical connection.

Similarly, the headphone will have radio waves with not so much power as the radio towers. But you will have a great connection with the devices to have a great amount of proximity to hear sound clearly.

How To Check The Left Over Battery Of The Wireless Earbuds?

Mostly, the devices that work with the Bluetooth connection will have a light indicator. You will have the best option to check the leftover battery by the light. However, the color of light will vary from one to another earbuds or headphones.

The Bluetooth earbuds will come with the operating instructions, and you can use them as the guidelines. The guidelines will tell about the light indicator to know the battery life of your device.

If you want to know the average battery lifespan of the headphone, then do check reviews before buying the product. It will be great if you read the specs before freely using the earbuds. You will get the right reviews on Amazon and other social media platforms about smart gadgets.

What Is The Method To Charge The Samsung Galaxy Earbuds?

What Is The Method To Charge The Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

You can charge the Samsung galaxy earbuds effortlessly by this method. For instance, you should not charge the earbuds of Samsung fully. The earbuds will be taking only a few minutes to charge. However, you cannot use the earbuds before 10 minutes of charging. In fact, you have to check the direction while placing the earbuds of Samsung in their case.

On the other side, you will have the headphone easily inserted in their slots. You have to check the charging case of the headphone. The headphones will require 250 mAh to charge the earbuds fully. Once you keep the earbuds in their charging case, you need to connect them with the electric socket.

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