How Much Does A Movie Theater Screen Cost? – Best Screens To Buy

The cost to install a home cinema projector will start from $1500, and it can go as high as $60,000. But how much does a movie theater screen cost? The screen price will be starting from $25 to $250.

There are several companies of projector screens in the market. We are going to tell you some of the best screens below. Also, you will have additional accessories with the screen to stay on budget. Continue Reading!


How Much Does A Movie Theater Screen Cost For Bright Projection?

The labor cost for installing the screen will depend on per hour from 60 to 80 dollars. Besides, the projector screen that doesn’t come with a bracket will cost around 1500 dollars. Overall, the installation cost will depend on the quality of the screen and its size. However, there are some screens that come with the stands and don’t require installation.

projector screen

On the other hand, you need to know what kind of cables are required to install a screen projector. The cables will take at least 2 hours more in the whole installation time, and it will increase the labor cost.

The movie theatre screen cost is mentioned above, but there are some other expenses that you need to know as well. Have a look at the main features of the home theatre system with its costs to get an idea.

1. Receiver Or Amplifier

You will have a receiver of $200 available in the market to buy on a budget. However, you will have a complete quality high-end amp with the cost of 500 to 2000 dollars.

2. Circuit Board Upgrading And Home Theater Wiring

The electrical work in the home will cost around $65 to $95. Moreover, you will have all the upgrading of wires, lighting, outlets, and speakers. The wiring will be done by an electrician. Some of the electricians will do the upgrading of wires at the fixed price range. The total cost of a high-end projector to fix with its screen and stand will cost 2700 dollars.

3. Media Room Cost

The cost of a media room can be dependent on several factors. For instance, the main cause of the price to be higher or lower will depend on the size of the room. Other factors to have a guise upon including the following:

4. Seating

The seating of a home theatre system will cost around 800 dollars. Moreover, you have to ensure that the padding on the seating doesn’t lose its durability after a few years, so you have to get good seats that will start from 2000 dollars.

5. Acoustic Treatments

The acoustic treatments will be improving the audio quality of a whole room. The acoustic paneling will start at $500, and it can go as high as 10,000 for the whole room. So it depends on how you want to increase the paneling.

6. Carpeting And Other Flooring

The carpeting and flooring will not be a huge cost. Therefore, the installation of the carpets will depend on the size of the room. You will have additional soundproofing with the carpets. The theatre will be above the ground, and you will be able to laminate flooring for 7 to 11 dollars per sq. ft.

7. Recessed Lighting

The recessed lighting includes the price of 100 to 200. There can be several obstacles, including the heating ducts and joists. This kind of lighting will be directed towards a specific area rather than going on the screen.

Best Projector Screens To Buy In 2021

1. Vivo 84 Inch Portable Indoor And Outdoor Screen Projector

Vivo 84 Inch Portable Indoor And Outdoor Screen Projector

The most portable projector screen comes with a stand, and you will be able to adjust it easily as well. For instance, this projector screen is the perfect option for business, home, and school usage. Also, it has the crispest viewing angles from all corners.

Not only that, the screen will have a matte white surface, and you can diffuse the light in any direction. Also, it has crisp viewing angles from 120 degrees. This theatre screen will provide the best and most amazing options to remove the light penetration.

In addition, it comes with four sides, and you will have the perfect black borders. This projector screen will surely enhance the picture contrast. This is one of the top-selling screens for entertainment and work use.

And the best thing? It has the auto-locking mechanism and simplest adjustments for the screen’s height. You can easily press one button to adjust the height as per your need. Further, you will have a twisting handle to lock the screens at their place.

All in all, it is an amazing screen that has compatibility with the LED, DLP, and LCD projectors of any brand in the market. Indeed, it is the best projector screen withstand.

2. Elite Screen Manuals

Elite Screen Manuals

This is a large screen of 100 inches with a ratio of 16:9 diagonally. Further, the projector screen will come in a white case, and it has an overall size of 59 8″ H x 93 8″ W x 2 8″ D. As well, it comes with ultra HD 4k technology and active 3D-ready projection. In fact, you will have a surface of the screen that is easy to clean.

In addition, this elite screen manual is having certification of the GOLD standard and meets the UHD quality projectors. Also, you will have a 2-inch interval and auto-locking mechanism.

And the best thing? It comes with adjustable height settings, and there will be the simplest options for pulling down the screen. In addition, you will have the quickest installation with the two brackets of 6 and 12 inches.

And that’s not all, you will get a warranty of 3 years, and it is the best screen company. You will be having lifetime tech support and it will be just one call away.

3. Elite Screens 84″ Spectrum Series

Elite Screens 84" Spectrum Series

This elite series screen of 84 inches is the best option for those who don’t want the largest screen. It will come with a remote controller and other needed accessories. And the best thing? It will provide HD quality results.

The dimensions of this screen are 57 6″ H x 88 6″. You will have an active 3D-ready front screen, and it has incredible 180 degrees viewing angles. In addition, it comes with a mildew-resistant easy to clean the screen surface.

And the best thing? It has the certification of the green guard and ISF. However, the screen is not compatible with the ultra-short-throw projector. This projector screen comes with an assembled plug, and you will have the most durable features with an amazing casing.

As well, the screen comes with an advanced installation kit. This theatre screen comes with a remote detachable 3-way switch and 12 trigger cables. You don’t need to buy any additional accessories with this projecting screen.

This screen comes with a warranty service of 3 years, and you will have lifetime support. The company will be providing support for customers 24/7, and it has the battery power source of AC battery.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What Kind of Sound System Will Be Perfect For Home Theatre?

You can get the most basic sound system that will have surround sound of 5.1. Also, the configuration will be easier, and you can place the speakers on the right, center, or left. The sound system will also include a subwoofer.

How Does A Home Theatre Can Be Valuable?

A home theatre can be valuable if you are going to set up a room especially for it. Plus, you will have the best equipment to set up the entertainment options at home. Also, you should have a home theatre that can be altered to take it while going to the new house.

What Are The Most Selling Brands Of The Home Theatre System?

The most popular theatre systems include the KLH, Marantz, and Klipsch. Surely, you will have the most amazing equipment to buy and enjoy quality time with others at home comfortably.

How To Build A Low Price Home Theatre?

The projector of low price home theatre will be available to build up by several brands. You can get the components separately. You will have the DVD blue ray and TV player brands with the most affordable options. Also, you will have the additional features available to build a home theatre at an affordable price.

Where Should I Buy A Home Theatre System At An Affordable Price?

The home theatre projector screens will come up with the best prices on sales. You can also check the retail stores when they will be offering sales on electronic products. You will have the lower prices of the old models of the screen projectors when the new ones arrive.

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