Can Headphones Change The Shape of Your Head? – Myth or Fact?

Many people feel that a headphone is causing a dent in the skull and question: can headphones change the shape of your head? Well, it is not true. You can never have any impairment to the shape of your skull by wearing headphones.

Obviously, the skull bone is most potent and cannot change unless you go through a severe accidental injury.

However, the headphones can cause a slight headache if you wear them for a longer duration. But the pain in the head will go on its own after some time.

Well, those who are nervous about using the headphones because of the myth that they can change the shape of your skull, read our guide till the end.

We will take your few minutes only. Let us start!


Can Headphones Change The Shape Of Your Head Permanently?

It is a myth that headphones can change the shape of your head permanently. If you feel that the shape of your skull is changing, you need to visit a doctor. There will be only a slight impression on the head if the headphone’s rims are too tight. Also, the head shape and hair dent will go on their own normally in a short time.

Let us give you an easy example here: when you buy glasses, they are a bit tight and cause an impression near the eyebrows, but it goes after a short time eventually. So the headphones which have the wrong fitting will be causing a slight dent on your head. It would help if you tried to loosen up the headband or buy any other comfortable and loose-fit headphones.

Can Headphones Change The Shape Of Your Head Permanently

It will be best if you check the fitting of the headphone before buying them. In addition, you can try to adjust the fitting of the headphone. Especially, those headphones which are not too tight from the sides will cause a dent in the hair.

Even your head scalp can feel a bit sore if the headphones are tight. Long-term pressure on the head can lead to a headache. Therefore, it is best to take off the headphone after every 30 minutes or less.

You should try out other kinds of headphones if you are not feeling comfortable wearing your current headphones. For instance, you can replace the headphones with any of your friends for a few days. You can visit the market to buy headphones that are much comfortable to wear for a long time.

When To See A Doctor?

Below we will be explaining some severe conditions and when you should visit a doctor.

1. Congenital Skull

This disease is by birth. When a person is born, the skull has a hole inside it. You will have a hole on the top of your head. The Bone of the head stays open so it can grow. However, the joints sometimes close early than the normal duration.

Therefore, the brain is pushed against the skull, and it gives a dented look. This is the disease has another name as well, which is craniosynostosis.

There are some babies all over the world who have this disease in the birthing process. Also, it can occur when the baby’s position is not right in the womb of the mother.

2. Gorham’s Disease

Another skull disease is the Gorham. This bone disease is similar to phantom bone disease. Moreover, this issue is not common, and it occurs in the skeleton of the head. The doctors can diagnose it. This issue occurs when you have bone loss. Further, the condition of Gorham’s disease will occur due to spongy tissue.

3. Paget’s Disease of Bone

If you feel a dent in your skull or an irregular shape, there could be a high chance of Paget’s disease. Further, you will have this condition due to the replacement of the old bone tissues with the new ones. The disruption in the shape of the skull can occur due to the tissues. More than that, you can have over-growth on the skull bone due to excessive mass build-up.

4. Cancer

There are some cases in which doctors discovered that can cancer could change the shape of your skull. Moreover, the skull will have an irregular shape due to depression or irregularity caused by bone destruction in the treatment of cancer.

Changes in the shape of the skull can be due to the multiple myeloma disease in cancer.

5. Trauma

There are many athletes who get head injuries while playing. Thus, the people who have severe injuries while playing can have changes in the shape of their heads. In fact, those who have an injury to the head can go through a depressed fracture. Besides, emergency medical treatment is necessary for those who are going through a depressed fracture.

Those who feel a dent on the skull might have a fracture if it is inwards your brain. The dent usually appears when someone goes through any car accident or a hard blow towards the skull.

Do Headphones Flatten The Hair?

Yes, the headphones can easily flatten the hair. Therefore, you can take the following measures to prevent flattened hair.

  1. You can wear a headphone at the backside of the head to avoid pressure on the top.
  2. The best option is to wear a cap to prevent completely flattened hair.
  3. It will be good to adjust the headband and pull it away from the hairline to prevent the dent.
  4. If you have long hair, then you should tie them in a pony.

Best Option On How To Fix The Dent On Your Head By The Headphone

There are two best ways to fix the dent on your head with the headphone that is the following:

How To Prevent The Dent?

You can easily prevent the dent by wearing the headphones for a long duration by taking them off at short intervals. You have to check if the headphones are having the proper fitting. The comfort level of the headphone matters a lot. Moreover, you can use a beanie to avoid a dent in your hair.

How To Minimize The Risk Of Having A Dent?

The best option to minimize the risk of having a dent on your head is by the following options:

  1. You can wear any kind of hat under the headphones.
  2. You should loosen up the band of your headphone.
  3. Wear the headphone on the backside of your head.
  4. You can make the hair wet with a bottle of spray to prevent the dent.
  5. You should make the headphone fitting lose.
  6. Do not use the styling products at all places because it will make the hair stiff, and headphones will cause a dent easily.

Frequently Asked Question’s

How To Fix The Dent of Headphone On Your Head Easily?

There are four simple ways to fix the dent on the head that include the following:

  1. You can wear a loose hat to prevent the dent on your head caused by headphones.
  2. You can keep the headphones around your neck when they are not in use.
  3. The best option is to thread your hair on the top to make it rest.
  4. You can wet the hair, so there is no dent on the hair, or you can remove the dent in this way.

Will The Headphones Damage The Brain?

No, the headphones will not damage the brain directly. You can use the headphone that has padding on the headband, so there are fewer chances of the dent on your hair or head. Besides that, the headphones can cause hearing loss if you keep the volume really high. There are chances that the damage on the ear can lead to nerve damage somehow.

Is It Not Good To Leave The Dent On Your Head Caused By Headphones?

There is no issue if you leave a dent on your head, which is caused by the headphone. For instance, you will have a temporary dent on your head. Most of the time, headphones can only cause a dent on the hair on the top, and the skull is not affected at all.

And the good news? You will not have any permanent damage to your skull by the headphones. It is better to take off the headphone if you are using them for an extended period.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are minimal chances that headphones can cause a dent in the skull. But you will have a dent on the hair only. In addition, there is no serious issue if you have a dent in the hair. If you feel pain in the skull, then you should visit a doctor for a skull checkup. Ensure that your headphones headband is not much tight.

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