Nintendo Switch Overheating – How To Stop It From Heating?

Is your Nintendo switch overheating? You have to notice how many hours you have been playing on it. Most of the time, the Nintendo overheats when you have been using it for more than 2 hours. Similarly, there are chances that Nintendo has a faulty cooling fan.

In fact, the hot Nintendo switch will not work if it heats up. Therefore, you need to solve this problem by reading our guide till the end.

You have to follow the steps, and Nintendo will normally be functioning.


Why Is The Nintendo Switch Overheating And What Will Happen?

Nintendo Switch Overheating

If your Nintendo Switch is overheating and starts to make noise, you have to follow these solutions. You will have a loud fan noise after 30 to 50 minutes of working. The fan inside the Nintendo switch will break. Moreover, you have to know the exact reason before fixing the console.

Reasons: Nintendo Switch Overheating

The Nintendo can overheat due to the following issues:

  • The fan of Nintendo can be faulty internally.
  • You must not have placed the docking station in a well-ventilated area.
  • The junk in the Nintendo will be making it overheat.
  • Some internal problems could occur in the Nintendo.

How To Prevent My Nintendo Switch From Overheating?

It is quite common that your Nintendo can warm up if you have been using it for many hours. Moreover, the Nintendo will overheat if you are using it in the dock mode. In fact, the dock originally comes with fans and slots internally. You have to choose the cooling fan to attach with it externally.

Furthermore, you have to check why the console is heating up while staying at the normal temperature. Let’s find out the solutions given for the Nintendo console.

Solution 1. Use Any Other Well-Ventilated Dock

Use Any Other Well-Ventilated Dock

The Nintendo should be placed in a well-ventilated area, so it does not heat up. You have to choose the right air circulation place, and the Nintendo should be working quite effectively. The manufacturer of Nintendo recommends using it a normal room temperature. There will not be any lagging if the dock works properly.

Especially when you are using the Nintendo switching in the docked mode, then it will start getting hot. You have to check if both faces of the dock are open to having the right airflow. The best idea is to have a dock that has a good attached design. Moreover, you can use the USB type C port for charging the Nintendo’s dock.

Solution 2. Take Break Between Gaming Sessions

It will be best if you take breaks while playing on the Nintendo console. You will have the Nintendo for regular gaming with the heat-up issue occasionally. You will have the best health for the console if it is kept at a good temperature and usage is not continuous for many hours.

There are chances that the only reason for Nintendo to overheat is due to the continuous usage. Therefore, you have to use the Nintendo with some regular breaks and give the Nintendo some time to work at the regular speed and easy functioning.

Overheat can damage all the components inside the Nintendo, and you will have trouble holding it. Also, the heat can cause skin burns, so if you are too addicted to playing games on the Nintendo, you have to purchase an additional cooling fan.

Solution 3. Detach From Power When Not In Use.

Detach From Power When Not In Use

You have to plug out the charger from the Nintendo once the battery is 100 percent. The Nintendo will take almost 3 hours to charge. You will have the simplest options to prevent overheating. However, the Nintendo will not overheat because it is not attached to any other device.

We recommend you use the Nintendo docking charger with the LED indicator. The indicator will tell when you can remove the charger from the device. Plus, the console should be mounted on the device, and it should be kept on charging only when its battery is low. The green sign will show that the dock is 100 percent charged.

Solution 4. How To Install The Nintendo Device In A Well-Ventilated Place?

All the electronics have components that can heat up at some point. Therefore, you have to use the regular air supply to maintain the temperature inside the Nintendo dock. You have to check the temperature while using it in docking mode.

Furthermore, you can place a fan in the direction of the dock while using it. In addition, there should not be any kind of heat dissipation, and the console should be kept in the range of 5 to 35 degrees C. If your dock is still heating up, you should try out the last solution.

Solution 5. Using A USB Cooling Fan

Using A USB Cooling Fan

The USB cooling fan of the Nintendo can be added to the Nintendo’s USB port. Now you have to use the top switch occasionally if it is heating over or not. You will have the option to use it regardless of the internal fan functioning.


What Is Possible To Connect With The USB Port On Your Nintendo Switch Dock?

Yes, it is possible to connect other devices with the USB port on your Nintendo Switch dock. You will have the simplest options to attach the joy-con controllers. The Nintendo Switch will let you attach the controllers, and you have to attach the USB charging cable to charge the Nintendo as well. Moreover, you can use the LAN adapter with the USB port on the Nintendo dock.

How To Prevent The Nintendo Console Form Over-Heating?

You have to prevent the Nintendo console from over-heating by these three steps:

  1. You have to set up the dock in the cool area. Most of the time, the Nintendo dock overheats when it is not in a ventilated space. You will have hot air in the machine, due to which it starts overheating.
  2. Choose a different kind of docking station.
  3. Now you can take a break.

Will The Heat Damage The Nintendo Dock Internally?

You should not expose the Nintendo console or any other gaming gear at the highest or lowest temperature. The Nintendo can even stop working if you keep it at a high-temperature area. Also, the crystals on the screen of the Nintendo will stop working. You will have a slow response rate, and the temperature of LCD will start deteriorating.

How Much Time Will Nintendo Dock Take To Overheat?

There is no fixed time for the Nintendo dock to overheat. You have to choose a cooling fan that will keep the Nintendo at the average temperature. Also, the device will start getting really hot if you use it for more than two hours continuously. Therefore, you have to play the games with some pauses.

Is It Possible To Overcharge The Nintendo Switch?

No, it is not possible to overcharge the Nintendo. You will have the Nintendo console quite portable, and it will automatically stop charging the docking station once the battery is 100 percent. Also, the power supply will be running out of the system.

Why Is The Nintendo Switch Having A Cooling Fan?

If the Nintendo switch does not cool down with its own cooling fan, you can add another one. The Nintendo will stop working if you did not let it cool down properly. Therefore, the cooling fan is quite unique, and you will find it highly practical and useful. Now you can plug in the Nintendo docking station and wait until the LED indicator turns ON.

What Makes Nintendo Switch So Loud?

Suppose you hear the Nintendo switch loudly due to the grinding noise then you have to replace it. Also, the replacement of the Nintendo switch will not cost a lot. You need to use minimal thermal paste and then remove the heat sink from the fan.

Will The Hot Wire Set Up On The Bottom Or Top Of The Nintendo Switch?

The hot wires in the Nintendo are the black ones. You will have the functioning of the Nintendo with the hot black wires. You have to connect the hot wires on the bottom terminal and then use the other wire on the top of the terminal.

To Sum Up

All in all, it is not a big issue to Nintendo to overheat because it will definitely heat up at some point. But you can prevent this issue by the solutions that we told you above in our guide. Further, you should place the Nintendo dock in an airy place, so it does not suck up the heat from the atmosphere.

Moreover, the best option is to replace the fan of the Nintendo, and you have to use the Nintendo switch with some breaks. If you have any other Nintendo queries, you can contact us through the comment section below. We will answer in a short time. Thanks for visiting here!

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