How To Fix The 2110-3127 DNS Error On The Nintendo Switch?

You must be facing the dreadful error of the Nintendo switch that brought you here through searching for its solutions. Right? We’re going to tell you how to fix the 2110-3127 DNS error on the Nintendo switch. This error is frequently occurring among several Nintendo switch users.

Unfortunately, the error will be lowering your entertainment, and you will have a tough time resolving it. But the issue is mainly associated with the DNS. We are going to help you by providing simple solutions in this article.


Easy Methods On How To Fix The 2110-3127 DNS Error On The Nintendo Switch

We will discuss the easy methods for fixing the 2110-3127 error on the Nintendo. Whether you are using the console wirelessly, wired, or with the internet connection, we are going to assist here. If you connect the device with the other network easily, you need to use a certain connection.

Plus, you have to check the issues that if there is any issue in the background that is not letting the Nintendo switch run. Therefore, you have to do the checking of the internet, DNS, and other connections.

Easy Methods On How To Fix The 2110-3127 DNS Error On The Nintendo Switch

Suppose any of the connections are not fulfilled, then the device will be showing an error on the screen.

There are likelihoods that you might not have the right encryption at the moment, and the wireless network is having some issues as well. You need to ensure if you are connecting with the right internet connection or not.

Also, check the message that is occurring on the Nintendo Switch screen. Check the causes of error below; continue reading!

Major Causes Of The Nintendo DNS Error

Though mostly the cause of the Nintendo DNS error is due to the internet connection and troubles in it, let’s check them out!

  • Incorrect DNS Settings

You have to check the incorrect DNS settings to solve the issue of the Nintendo switch. Moreover, you have to connect with the internet connection for using the Nintendo; otherwise, you won’t be able to play.

  • Invalid Security Protocol

You need to check the security protocol of your DNS server. For instance, you need to implement WPA2- PSK for resolving the Nintendo switch error. The invalid security could be mainly the cause of the error.

  • Incorrect Configuration

Lastly, the incorrect configuration can cause the error. You can easily solve the network access by keeping it updated. However, if the configuration is outdated, you will receive a notification error on the screen.

These were some of the major causes of the Nintendo DNS error, and you can find the methods to solve them by reading out the guide till the end.

Solutions For Fixing The DNS Error Of Nintendo Switch

Before we move onto the solutions for fixing the Nintendo switch DNS error, you need to check if the internet connection that you are using has a stable connection. Also, you can check if the status of the internet connection is similar on other devices such as smartphones or tablets.

So now, if you saw that the internet connection is working fine and it has the same speed on the other devices, you can move to the other solutions for solving the Nintendo switch error.

Solutions For Fixing The DNS Error Of Nintendo Switch

Furthermore, you will have the most simple steps that you can follow from our guide to solve the DNS error. Additionally, you will have the best firewall set up to follow and protect the devices from unauthorized connections.

Apart from that, you will have support from the customer support network page. The support will be testing your internet connection. Furthermore, you will have a USB LAN adapter with a dual USB playing stand. Also, you can use the licensed accessories.

Solution No -1: Disconnect All The Devices That You Are Using The Same Network

You have to disconnect all of the devices that you are currently using on the same network. You need to click on the possibilities that occur on certain devices.

For instance, you have to check if the slow internet was causing the issue or not. On the other side, you have to disconnect the devices and then restart the router. Also, check if the problem is resolved after restarting the Nintendo device or not.

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Solution No -2: Power Cycle The Device Of Nintendo Switch

Solution number 2 is quite commonly used by Nintendo switch users, and it is helpful as well. You can use the power cycle for solving the issues online or offline. Furthermore, you will have several instances where you can figure out the configuration easily by the power cycling.

Additionally, you will have the power cycling option to have a secure connection with the device. For instance, you have to click on the cycle of the power connections by the following steps:

  • Firstly, you have to hold on to the button of power, and then you need to wait for some time until the dialog box appears on your screen.
  • Now you have to turn off the application and allow the device to shut down completely. For instance, you can wait for more than 30 seconds until the device turns on again on its own.
  • Once the device turns on back, you have to check if the Nintendo error is still there or not.

Solution No – 3: Change The DNS Server Settings

To change the DNS server settings, you have to assign certain names to the devices that you are using on the same network.

Also, you have to type in the given bar for converting the digital format. Here the digital format is known as the IP address that your computer will read through the DNS server settings.

Change The DNS Server Settings

Also, you have to initiate the communication between the internet connection and the computer. For instance, you will have an option to get the IP address instantly by the DNS system. Also, you will have the manual option for changing the server settings to resolve the issue.

Below are the basic steps that you can follow for changing the DNS server settings on your own:

  • You have to click on the network name of the DNS device and open the settings.

step 2

  • Now choose the option from the automatic to the manual option for checking the DNS settings. Also, you will have a primary option on the screen.

nintendo switch error code 2110

  • For instance, you have to enter in the given area and then click on the DNS secondary option. Now you need to change the value to for saving the changes again. Plus, you can run the connection and check if the issue of the Nintendo Switch is still occurring or not.
  • Other than that, if the issue is still occurring, then you can enter the value in the server fields or

Solution No – 4: Modify The Security Settings

Another most useful way that you can use for solving the Nintendo switch error is by modifying the security settings. For instance, you will be easily manipulating the network settings by the method we are going to tell you here.

Also, some of the users said that you could change the network security protocols easily from the WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK. Plus, you can move back to the WPA2- PSK.

Below are the steps that you can follow easily for selecting the network protocol security settings:

  • You’ve to right click on the icon of the network name and then open the settings.
  • Go to the menu of security, and now you can change the protocol value easily from the WPA2-PSK to WPA-PSK – AES.
  • Further, you have to change the settings by using a new password.
  • Once the modifications are made, you can go back to the main menu of the security and click on the save and exit.

More than that, you can use the WPA – PSK directly if it is already saved before. Also, you have to connect to the wireless network again and enter the password that you want to set for the security key.

Lastly, Check The Network

Above all, you will be able to solve the error with the methods that we have mentioned in our guide. Though, if you still have the Nintendo switch error, then you can use this last method. For instance, you need to check the network connection.

Furthermore, you have to check the IPS because there are several users who said that the error occurred because of the DNS router of your home. Therefore, you have to check what the issue with the network is so that you can resolve the Nintendo switch error.

Also, you can have the support of your ISP or customer care services of the company. The Nintendo will start working once you have followed the troubleshooting steps in your game without any inconvenience.

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