Do Projectors Have Sound? – Best Projectors With Built-In Speakers

You could be correct; if you doubt, do projectors have sound? Because some of the projectors come with built-in speakers. However, you can attach the additional audio gears with the projectors as well to have better sound quality and visuals.

In our guide, we will teach you how a projector can produce better audio. Also, you are going to know some projectors that have the best built-in speakers. So stick with us till the end!


Do Projectors Have Sound System Built-in?

Yes, some of the projectors have a sound system built-in. But if the projector does not have the sound, you can attach a speaker by the following method.

Do Projectors Have Sound System Built in

1)  Turn Off The Projector And Your Speakers

You have to turn off the projector and speakers if they are on. The shutting down of the equipment is necessary because you will have chances of shocking yourself in the whole setup process. You have to prevent the speaker from heating up while plugging it. Also, shutting down the speaker will not let the speaker make unpleasant noises.

2)  Assemble All Your Gears

You have to assemble all the gears if they are attached to projectors already. For instance, you can have multiple audio channels with the help of a receiver. You can place the projector and receiver on the same level and then attach them to enhance the sound details.

The projector sound will get better, and you can easily have a better movie watching or gaming experience. Once you have gathered all the stuff, you can move to the next step.

3)  Locate The Sound Out Jack On The Projector

Locate The Sound Out Jack On The Projector

You can now find the sound-out jack of your projector. Probably the connection port will be like power, and you will have the direct signal input. The projector will have different ports from one to another model.

The projector will have audio jacks, and you can make the projector accessible easily by attaching other gears. Also, you will have some of the projectors with additional ports. However, those projectors that have to be mounted on the ceiling are quite a hassle to use.

4)  Insert Cable Into The Projector And Receiver

You have to insert the cable into the projector as well as a receiver. If you are going to buy a projector, then choose the ceiling-mounted projector. You can quickly put back the projector once the setup is done completely. The setup of the projector will be quite feasible, and you can take the help of a professional in this step to avoid complications later.

5)  Turn On The Gear On And Test The Audial Signal

You can turn on the gear and test the audio signals. For instance, you will have the projector system working conveniently when the gears are attached to it easily. You also have to check if the cables are secure and running easily across the whole system to produce sound. Further, you have to check if the cable is damaged or not.

The receiver will not produce the sound if it has some damaged wire. Plus, the sound should be in a clear and crisp manner.

But if you don’t hear the sound, then you have to fix this issue yourself. The cables might not be connected at the right port. Therefore, you have to re-attach the wires. Now check if the sound is coming out clearly or not.

Can’t Hear From The Speaker Projector?

Can’t Hear From The Speaker Projector

If you are facing the issue to can’t hear from the speaker, then you have to turn off the speakers for once. Now you have to connect the speaker again and check if the sound is coming out from the speakers or not.

You will have the speaker connection with the cable, and you have to insert it in the right direction. The cable should be plugged in directly. Now you have to double-check the connections of the projector and recheck it. Undoubtedly, the sound will come out now.

Is The Projector Not Producing Good Audio?

If the projector is not producing good audio, then you have to ensure that something is playing. You have to check the settings as well. The settings might be on mute, due to which you are not able to hear the sound from the projector. Further, you have to check the settings of the sound that it is not too low.

Are You Able To Hear The Audio From The External Speakers?

If you cannot hear the audio from the speakers, you have to choose a broader sound system. Plus, the speakers should be dedicated and easy to hook up with another device. For instance, it should be convenient to connect with the laptop, TV, speakers, and other devices that you need.

Suppose you are using an audio receiver, then you can change the channel while plugging it with another device. Now you have to check if the audio system is working completely fine or not. In addition, you have to get the cables that are connected altogether.

Projectors With Sound To Buy In 2021  

1.  BenQ HT1075 Home Theatre Projector

BenQ HT1075 Home Theatre Projector

As you know that BenQ is a famous company of tech gadgets. This projector from the benQ comes with a screen size range of 40 inches from the height of 3.85 feet. Besides, you will have 235 inches range from the height of 22.5 feet.

Moreover, it comes with a 2200 lumens brightness level, and the contrast ratio is 10,000:1. In fact, it comes with an incredible keystone correction. It has a lens shift option as well. The projector will come with a warranty of 1 year, and you will have a warranty on the labor parts as well.

This projector has a lamp life of 3500 hours and the 5000 hours timing of lamp on the economic mode. Not only this, it comes with 2 HDMI wireless connections, and it does not have any additional accessories.

Other Key Features

Apart from that, you will have one button away home entertainment system, and you will have a new-generation wireless projection. It comes with 100 inches of 1080 p. In fact, it comes with full HD fun, and you will not have any complex installation system.

BenQ HT1075 Home Theatre Projector Input

This projector will be removing the hassle of wires due to the wireless connections. Further, you will have an optional accessory with the projector, and you will have 3 D support and the best HD results. This projector has MHL connectivity that will let you enjoy the movies up to the fullest.

Overall, this projector is easy to use, and you will have an optional wireless setup. The projector is completely sold separately, and you will have 100 inch image projector HD quality.

2.  Bloomidea Movie Projector Home Theatre Projector

Bloomidea Movie Projector Home Theatre Projector

This bloomedia projector comes with an amazing built-in speaker, and you will have a great brightness level due to the 6500 lumens. Best of all, you will have the most realistic image projection. Not only this, it comes with 99 percent better brightness as compared to the other projectors in the market.

And the best thing? It comes with an image resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. In addition, it comes with a vivid image display, and you will get the best environment-friendly accessories. Plus, it has the most clear display, and you will get the best home theater projector with a built-in speaker.

You can use this projector to watch movies, take online classes, watch cartoons with the kids, and much more. In fact, it has the best low lighting condition. You will have an innovative projector, and it has built-in stereo speakers. This projector will provide the best image projection size of 130 inches.

In addition, it has the simplest option to adjust the projection distance from 1.5 to 5 meters. Plus, the projector will be providing the best audio experience. This projector will be providing an amazing outdoor movie period, and you can use this projector in the indoor and outdoor environment.

Other Key Features

And that’s not all, this projector has the hi-fi level of the speaker, and you will have the best quality sound effects. This projector has 130 inches of high-definition image projection. You will have the largest image size and great sound. This projector has an option to attach the external speakers and other audio gears with it. This projector will let you connect with the other devices to enhance the audio and visual experience.

Not only this, it comes with the best multi-functioning interface, and you will have HDMI, USB, AV, VGA cable connection. In addition, it comes with a simple connection for attaching the PC, laptop, tablet, TV, and other devices. This projector will provide the slideshow option for browsing pictures and videos easily.

All in all, this projector has the after-sales warranty and certification of FCC. The company is offering a warranty period of one year, and you can contact their customer care service 24/7.

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