Dlp Projector Vs 3lcd Projector – Which is Better For You?

Are you confused to choose between the DLP vs 3LCD projector? These are the two kinds of projectors, and they consist of different mechanisms for making the projector view image.

The DLP is a digital light processing projector, and it came in the late 1990s. On the other hand, the LCD liquid crystal display came in the 1960s. However, we are going to discuss the differences and features of 3LCD and DLP’s.

Cutting the debate short between these projectors, the DLP’s have the latest technology. All the projectors that consist of the 4K ultra HD display or 1080 pixel are known as the DLP projectors.

With the 3LCD, you will have a cost-efficient product, and it will satisfy the users who need a projector for displaying the presentation. The LCD technology with the projectors is worldwide available for 50 years.

Differences: Dlp Vs 3lcd Projector

Below you will know in detail about the DLP projectors and the 3LCD projectors.

DLP Projector

The DLP projectors come with the impressive technology that consists of the mirrors and certain kinds of chis that control the overall mechanism of creating an image. The DMD chip of the projector will have the 2 million micromirrors in them. You will have the incredible light source, and they have an LED, laser, as well as the lamp.

DLP Projector

Furthermore, the DLP projector’s colour will reflect the colors, and it consists of the RGB system. Indeed, the colors for creating the images consist of a single-chip system.

Resolution of DLP

The DLP projectors are cheap and lightweight. It is mostly found in schools, and they have ambient light-turned technology. You will have the HD technology in the 3LCD projectors. It consists of the color wheel technology, which makes the color mixture bright, and you will have the digital screen image with clear pixels.

DLP projectors are the old form of the projectors, but still, they are selling because of the low price tag.

Spinning Color Wheel

The spinning color wheel in the projectors will pick the right color and provide the monochrome colors. You will also have a clear white and black display with the spinning color wheel. Additionally, the DLP projectors come with the color flashes to adjust the image in the right sequence.

Not only that, the light sources in the LED will make the lamp of the projector even more bright. In fact, the wheel will come with the impressive DLP images, and you will have the right precision of images

Micro Mirrors of  Tiny Pixels

The DLP device projectors come with the bulb inside them for brightening the screen. In fact, the screen will have LED high quality bulbs and laser technology. The micro mirrors will create an image reflection, and you will have a bright color display.

Moreover, they have the spinning color wheels, and they have the RGB tint as well. You will have the quickest color changing scheme with the DLP projectors. Even the projectors will have persistence in the vision. You will have the blue, green, and red color image quality, and it can easily combine the images.

3LCD Projector

The 3LCD projectors have modern technology and crystal clear display. You will have the image generation of the latest version, so that is why it is named the 3LCD. If we talk about the projector quality, it is ideal for business presentations, and you will have an enjoyable experience while watching movies.

What’s more? The 3LCD projectors utilize less power but provide the HD resolution as compared to the DLP’s.

The 3LCD projector is ideal and for those who want to have the best screen display. Firstly, it came in the 1980s, and you will have the advanced technology with these kinds of LCD screens.

Epson 3LCD Landmark Technology

This technology of LCD comes with the Epson landmark technology. It has the license of Epson, and they first arrived in 1988. 3LCD technology is the new name of the Epson VPJ-700. This type of projector is ideal for school and office presentation purposes.

Epson 3LCD

Source: epson.com

The screen comes as the best alternative of the DLP projectors, and they have they are quite affordable. Best of all, the 3LCD projectors have HD resolution technology.

3LCD Tech Comes With License Of 3LCD Consortium:

The 3LCD tech is still under Epson, and it is an affiliated company with responsible marketing skills. And that’s not all, the 3LCD projectors have licensed products, and they have experienced team members to make the high-quality projectors.

How Does 3LCD Work?

The 3LCD works with a prism to create the image. Moreover, the 3LCD’s have the color wheel to make the image’s right and bright quality. The 3 LCD will separate the lamp lights in three different red, green, and blue colours.

When the RGB colors will pass through the panels, you will have the image on the screen with the best resolution. Not only that, you will have the right color image projection, and it will provide the image with the best pixel and contrast.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of LCD And DLP Projectors

Advantages of DLP

There are several advantages of the DLP projectors, let’s have a guise at them.

1. Portability

The DLP projectors are smaller than the LCD projectors, and you can conveniently carry it. For instance, you will have convenience while carrying the DLP projectors. The DLP projectors come with the 3 LCD panels and have the pico technology in them. In fact, the panels of LCD are present on mobile phones too.

2. Higher Contrast

The higher contrast DLP’s come with the deep blacks and you will have the clearest resolution no matter how dark the movie scene is.

3. Reduced Pixilation

The DLP projectors come with the muted pixel structures, and you will have a great view from a distance. You will have the best resolution while giving the presentations from the PowerPoint. For having the screen without any pixels, you should choose the DLP projectors.

4. Reliability

The DLP projectors are highly reliable, and they have fewer parts. If we compare the price of DLP and LCD, they vary a lot. The DLP projectors are cheap and convenient to repair. You will have the sealed optics, and they are great for the dusty environments.

Advantages of 3LCD

LCD projectors have some advantages:

1. Better Quality Of Picture

The LCD projectors have a better quality of images as compared to the simple DLP’s. Due to the image quality of the picture, people prefer to buy these kinds of projectors.

2. Accurate Color Tones

For having the accurate color tones, you can buy the DLP projectors. Most of the DLP projectors come with the color wheel selection. However, the tones of the LCD are great as well. But you will not have the best saturation with the DLP projectors.

3. Sharper Image Quality

The LCD projectors come with the sharper image quality, and you will have almost similar image quality with the DLP’s and LCD’s.

4. Light-Efficient

The LCD’s come with more light, efficient technology. You will have a bright image with the LCD as compared to the regular TV’s.

Disadvantages of DLP Projectors

There a few disadvantages of the DLP projectors.

1. Rainbow Effect

The rainbow effect on the DLP projector is not the best. You will have the momentum in the rainbow stripes. However, the display will be still bright in the rainbow effect of the DLP projectors.

2. Leakage Of Light

The leakage of light often happens in the DLP projectors, and you will sometimes reflect in the mirror. You have to avoid if there are any borders around the screen of a DLP projector.

Disadvantages Of 3LCD Projectors

There are some disadvantages that you must check before buying an LCD projector.

1. Screen Door Effect

There is a screen door effect in LCD projectors most of the time. You will have the pixilation while displaying the presentation. Moreover, you will not have the best resolution of the screen with the LCD projector as compared to the DLP’s.

2. Contrast

The contrast of the LCD is not very good as compared to the DLP’s. In fact, the LCD’s don’t have the ability to produce complete dark images. Significantly, the older models of the LCD’s will not make the image quality highly bright.

3. Bulky

The LCD parts are bulkier, and you will not have a portable option. This device will be larger and heavier than a DLP.

4. Dead Pixels

The pixels of the LCD are sometimes dead, and you will have the clusters in the pixels. To avoid the pixilation and dead colors you can go with the DLP projectors for watching movies at home.

5. Image Degradation

Sometimes the contrast automatically reduces and ruins the whole experience while watching anything on the LCD.

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