How To Connect Projector To Laptop Without VGA Port? – A Guide

Most of the laptop users get confused while attaching the other devices with the laptop without a VGA port. Well, there are several different ways to connect a laptop. Technology is making everyday tasks even simpler, but only when you know how to use them correctly. For instance, here we will explain how to connect the projector to a laptop without VGA port.

Connect Projector to Laptop Without VGA Port

You will see that the teachers in trouble from attaching the laptops with the other devices without the VGA connection. The latest and some old laptops even do not have the VGA port. So what’s the solution for it? First, you have to check out the steps that we will mention here for a convenient connection between the devices. So let’s delve!


Methods On How To Connect Projector To Laptop Without VGA Port

Before we move on to how to connect the projector to the laptop without a VGA port, you have to know about some terms.

VGA Port

The VGA stands for video graphic array, and this port was found in the old laptops. This port was highly useful and most used before the invention of the HDMI ports. This port is now old and replaced with new inventions. So the gold standard port is now the HDMI port. So what is HDMI? Let’s find out!



The HDMI port comes in several consoles, laptops, and many other devices. It stands for the high-definition media interface. This is a sole that will be transmitting the video and other files without compression on the compliant.

What Problems Occur Due To VGA?

The problems that can occur because of the VGA connection include the following:

  1. This connection does not support high-resolution files. Therefore, you will have a low resolution no matter the resolution of your device’s screen.
  2. There is no way to upgrade the picture quality after a certain limit. You will be suffering to get the right image quality with the VGA port.
  3. The VGA cables are very thin, and they will be breaking easily. The malfunctioning is another common issue of the VGA cables.
  4. Now the devices, especially the laptops, do not have VGA ports. You will have the hassle of connecting the projectors with the HDMI ports. However, at the meeting places, universities, schools, etc., you will find the projectors with the VGA connection, and your laptop will have the HDMI connection.

You can get an HDMI to VGA adapter. Below we are also going to share one of the most amazing converters here. You will have the online buying option from amazon and from the local computer gadgets shop as well.

How To Use The HDMI To VGA Adapter?

First of all, you have to shut down the laptop or any device that you are having with an HDMI port. Now you have to attach a video cable with the adapter from your device. Plus, you will have the other end to attach to the VGA port of the projector. In fact, it will be great if you switch on the projector before turning ON your laptop.

How To Use The HDMI – VGA Converter?

The converters are the simplest ways to avoid the hassle of connection. You will have the best quality converters in stores and online. The converter will be transmitting the signals from HDMI to VGA easily.

Plus, the convertors will provide USD cable to charge the DC jack. Plus, the price of the converter will be between 30 to 100 dollars, and you can choose it as per your budget and requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of The HDMI Cable?

The HDMI cables come with several advantages that we will discuss below:

  1. The cables will be best for attaching the audio and video support.
  2. The screen definition will be quite high.
  3. You will have future compatibility with this cable.
  4. It will be available in most electronic products.

How To Connect A Laptop With A Projector Without VGA Port?

You can connect the laptop with the projector easily, even if you don’t have the VGA port.

  1. Turn of the laptop.
  2. Now you have to connect the HDMI cable to a laptop that will transmit the files in the VGA connection. The projector will be displaying high-quality content because of the HDMI connection.
  3. But if you have the HDMI to VGA converter at home, you don’t have to use the audio cables. The converter will be a much easier option, and you will be easily transmitting the audio files. Your converter will be working as an AUX cable that we use to send the sound to the other device.
  4. Nevertheless, if you are using the standard HDMI to VGA connection, you have to connect input devices, and then it will be producing the audio.
  5. Now you are almost done.
  6. The last step involves turning on the power, and you have to check if the connection is letting the projector work or not.

What Are The Limitations Of The Convertors Of Hdmi To Vga?

Now you know that HDMI to VGA converters will let you transmit the audio and video. However, there are some drawbacks of the converter as well. For instance, you will have the simplest transferring option, but it will not support the high video resolution. The HDMI support will be 3820 by 2160 p, but the VGA support will be 800 x 600 p. So this high resolution will never be supported by the VGA devices.

The best alternative to get the high video resolution is by using the substandard cable. However, a cable that comes with a low-quality cable will have low-resolution support. The quality loss will not be visible while playing the PowerPoint presentations. However, you will see a visible difference in the video quality while playing a movie clip.

What Makes HDMI Superior To VGA?

The most superior reason is the ease of use. You have to use the simplest method for transferring the data between two tech gadgets. Moreover, the latest devices come with more than one HDMI port. Even you will find the gaming devices with 2 HDMI ports.

It is good to use a cable that doesn’t require additional things for connection. You can use the HDMI port for attaching two or three connections to one laptop. The connectors of HDMI will support the HD quality content.

Likewise, you will find the connection with three tips. Several electronic makers will add more than one HDMI connection to the device. The HDMI devices will let you enjoy the video clips in better quality. Best of all, there would never be any pixelated image because of the blu-ray protection.

Moread VGA Connector

Moread VGA Connector

As you saw that we told the best alternative to connect the laptop without VGA is by using the HDMI ports. Therefore, you can go with our top suggestion that is Moread. This HDMI connection comes within a compact design. You will love the connector, and it will be easily attaching to several devices.

For instance, you can use this connector to attach to the projector, TV, monitor, HDTV, and other devices. Best of all, it is very handy, and you can carry it in your bag. You will not hassle with carrying this device. The gadget is lightweight, and you have to purchase the VGA cable separately.

And the good news? It has an advanced built-in IC chip that will let you convert the HDMI signals into VGA analog signals. Further, you will have a bi-directional converter, and it will allow you to transmit the signals from one device to another with excellent resolution. However, the device will not let you convert the VGA signals into HDMI signals.

Other Key Features

We are recommending you get this HDMI connector because it has incredible performance. Also, the male HDMI to female VGA convertor will be maintaining the resolution. It will be supporting the 1080 pixels. Likewise, it has a gold-plated HDMI connector, and it is entirely corrosion-resistant. The signal performance will be improved, and you will have molded strain relief durable cable.

This connector comes with broad compatibility. You can use the adapter to connect with the pc, desktop, laptop, notebook, Chromebook, Xbox One, and much more. However, it is not compatible with the Blu-ray player, low-power HDMI ports, Apple MacbookPro, Apple TV, retina display, and Mac mini.

You will get an exclusive warranty of one year, and their customer service is quick and quite supportive to solve your issues. That’s all for our guide on how to connect the projector to a laptop without a VGA port. Let us know which section of our guide was most helpful for you. Thanks for the read!

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