How To Connect Projector To A Receiver? – Complete Guide

You are looking for how to connect projector to a receiver, and what connection type is most preferred out of HDMI, connector, composite? There are many ways of connecting the A/V receiver.

Let us discuss the most formal way of connecting both devices and connecting projector with Bluetooth speakers, soundbar, and stereo speakers

How To Connect Projector To A Receiver


What Are The Steps For Connecting A Projector To A Receiver?

In the most typical method, we connect all the audio and video inputs to the receiver and connect speakers to the A/V speakers. Then we out the video via HDMI to the projector. So, in short, you can say that speakers are not connected directly to the projector.

Follow these steps for connecting your projector with an A/V receiver

Step 1

Step 1

Look at outputs on your A/V receiver and note them. Now check inputs on your projector. You will know what type of connections are provided by these devices like HDMI, Composite, etc.

It would be best to use an HDMI connection as it has high quality and lower than its components connection. On the other hand, composite is not preferred as it presents images in the standard definition and does not attract the audience.

Step 2

Step 2

Now choose a cable that is suitable for the connection you want to be made. For example, if you’re using an HDMI connection, insert one end in the HDMI output port of the receiver and the other end in the input HDMI port of the projector.

Step 3

Step 3

Please turn on the projector, and it will take some time to start, so insert any test movie in your disk player on your receiver. Meanwhile, your projector will be warmed up, so switch to the channel you are using in your receiver.

Step 4

Now play the test movie on the A/V receiver and check it’s working. If you feel no issue, it means that you have set up everything right

This is how to connect projector to a receiver. You should keep in mind a few things that insert the cable into the projector and receivers ports carefully because ports are very intricated and get damaged when we apply extra force on them.

How To Connect The Cable Box To The Projector?

If you have learned how to connect projector to a receiver, you must learn how to tie a cable box with its help so you can stream different channels and programs online.

  1. Most projectors have HDMI ports which make it very easy to connect the cable box to the computer. Insert one end of the cable into the cable box
  2. Insert the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the projector.
  3. However, if your cable box lacks an HDMI port, most of the vintage cable box does not have an HDMI port then buy an adapter.
  4. Connect your cable box with the adapter with any compatible cable.
  5. Then connect your projector with an adapter with the HDMI cable.

How To Connect Projector Bluetooth Speakers?

There is no hindrance in pairing projector with Bluetooth headphones; it is a process of just a few steps that you have to follow.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth speakers.
  2. Now turn on their paring mode
  3. Go to the setting menu of the projector and open the Bluetooth setting.
  4. Here turn on the Bluetooth.
  5. The projector will ask permission for pairing.
  6. Allow it, and within 2-3 seconds, both devices will be paired with each other.

When we pair Bluetooth speakers, the volume is 100%; you will feel that volume is not high because wireless speakers have less volume than wired speakers, so you will have to compromise on it.

How To Connect The Projector To Stereo Speakers?

These speakers work with separate left and right channel RCA connection; thus, you will have to invest in3.5mm to 2 × RCA stereo audio splitters

Here are the steps for connecting stereo speakers to the projector

  1. Place the speakers at your desired location.
  2. Turn on them.
  3. There will be an audio output option on your projector; find it and insert one end of the cable into it
  4. Connect the other end to the speakers.
  5. Adjust the volume level.

Keep in mind all stereo speakers connect separately to the projector so attach the adapter with the audio cable. Sometimes we do not hear anything although all devices are working and our connection is stable and correct.

This happens in most powered speakers as they have a volume control on them, and we have reduced their volume to zero or near to zero. So must check the volume level of your speakers.

How To Connect The Projector To The Soundbar?

The connection between soundbar and projector resembles the relationship between projector and stereo speakers, but you have more connection options in the former one.

Instead of a stereo RCA connector and stereo audio jack, you will also have TOSLINk in a soundbar.

Follow these steps for connecting both devices

  1. Set the soundbar at your desired location.
  2. Connect it to the power source.
  3. Take an audio cable and connect it to the audio output jack of the projector.
  4. Insert the other end in your soundbar.
  5. Turn on the soundbar.
  6. Adjust the volume level

You will enjoy sound quality more if you are using an optical connection. Similarly, if built-in speakers of your projector have low quality, then mute them once you have connected your projector with a soundbar.

Final Words

It is a four steps process, and the detail of each step is discussed. First, choose the connection type and then use a cable for connecting both devices. Moreover, a step-by-step guide for connecting the projector with a soundbar, stereo speakers, and Bluetooth headphones is also given.

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