How To Connect Audio To Projector? – [Effective Guide]

Nobody wants to watch movies with low or distorted sound. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to connect audio to projector. Without the best sound effects, you will enjoy any show, movie, gaming on the projector, HD TV, etc. We are cutting off the long story because we want you to know this method as soon as possible. In our guide, you will know how to connect with the speakers/ amps with a projector properly.

You will have projectors that include wireless or wired connections to attach to the other devices. Do you know that the latest projectors of the 21st century have built-in speakers? It will be even more convenient because you do not have to carry any other device while camping or visiting any other site. In fact, you can get wireless speakers for a projector if it has wi-fi or Bluetooth connection.


In And Outs – How To Connect Audio To Projector?

Well, guys, there are a plethora of methods that you can use to connect the audio with the projector. Besides, the projector connections will vary from one brand to another and even from the prior models. Have a look below to get a general idea about the connections.

Projector Output

Connecting Projector To Stereo Speakers: 

This is fairly straightforward. Some speakers are linked to each other, while other speakers have individual left and right audio connectors that require you to split the audio jack or coaxial cable between them. Most work with one audio port.

Just Plug It in: 

The simplest option is to get a projector with 3.5 mm, component audio, TOSLINK cable, or another simple connection for attaching the speakers. For instance, you will find the 3.5 mm jack in the most modern projectors.

Compulsory Speaker Connection: 

The mandatory speaker connections include the connections that you can get from the market. For instance, you can get an amazon fire TV stick, HDTV cable box, or AUX cable to attach the audio and video projecting devices. The stereo speakers will be a good option if you want to have the best sound quality.

Connecting Projector To Sound Bar Amplifier: 

Have you heard about the soundbar amplifier? Well, this soundbar amplifier will be providing the sound as per your HD TV speakers. You will have the enhanced sound and bass, and it will let you hear all the tones.

Amp VS Speaker: 

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Which is better? Amplifier or speaker? Well, you will not have the mute speaker option with an amplifier. On the other side, you will have an enhanced sound effect with an amp as compared to the regular speakers.

Same Rules Apply: 

The soundbar will work the same way from the left to the right speaker. You will have few plugs. For instance, you have to attach the available ports with the cable connector, and it will let you attach the audio connection easily. You can connect the projector with the 3.5 mm phone jack or the HDMI connector.

Connecting Projector To AV Receiver:  

The AVR is an electronic component that will be perfect for attaching the sound devices with the projector. Moreover, you will have multiple sources to amplify the sound with the loudspeaker while displaying any pc monitor, projector, or HD TV.

Turn Off, Connect, And Turn On: 

You have to turn off both devices, and then you have to plug the audio cables. Plus, the audio out of the projector will be convenient enough to insert the cables in the AUX-in port and one on the rear side of the AVR. Now you can switch on the device.

Press The Source Button: 

The source button will be available on the AVR. You have to press the button until it displays the word AUX. Also, it will let you hear the alert sound and make the connection secure.

Connecting Projector To Bluetooth Speaker: 

You can connect the projector with a bluetooth speaker in a similar way as you attach other devices with it. For instance, you can attach the tablet, smartphone, pc, and smart devices. Plus, the connection of Bluetooth in the projector will have a specific range. You can check if the projector is offering wi-fi connectivity as well.

Turn on Bluetooth on Both: 

To attach the projector and audio device with Bluetooth, you have to turn on both devices connections. Now you have to check the settings and see if the Bluetooth is on. Check if the speaker will detect the projector, and you have to check the desired option to attach speakers.

Power Cycling To Troubleshoot: 

Sometimes you will face failure to connect the audio devices with the projector. Therefore, you have to troubleshoot. For instance, you have to turn off and on the speaker and reset it. In this way, you can quickly induce the detection and check if the devices are connected or not.

Splitter, Switch, And Matrix Switch: 

The splitter connection will be splitting one source of media with the other. In this way, audio and video devices will be connected easily. This splitter will allow you to attach several media devices, and you can easily click the projector with the HDTV. The matrix switch comes with the most fantastic home entertainment attaching connections.

Wired VS Wireless Audio Connections:

The wireless connection will be simple to use. You have to pair both devices with each other, and it will let you attach the projector to enhance the sound quality. On the other hand, the projector with a wired connection will come with a 3.5mm jack, and you can use the cord to attach the speaker with it. Some smart projectors will offer wired and wireless connections simultaneously.

Wired VS Wireless Audio Connections

Bypass or Splitter:

If you have a projector of old times, you can use the bypass or splitter to connect the audio device with the VGA port or cable. Also, you will have the best media source connection. In fact, you have to use the split HDMI signal to use the splitter for attaching the audio devices.

Projector Audio Connection Types

There are some possible connection types that your projector will have; let’s have a gaze at them!

3.5 mm: 

The 3.5 mm connection came in 1884, and it has the jack connection you will find in several audio devices. Also, the speakers, headphones, laptops, and many other devices have this kind of connection.

Moreover, you have to check that this port is available in your projector to attach the external devices or not. However, 90 percent of the projectors in the market will provide you 3.5mm projector because it is beneficial in attaching many types of devices.

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Composite or Component Audio:

The composite audio and video component is one of the most important connections to the other devices. For instance, you can attach one plug on the left speaker and the other on the right. You will have the symbol or L and R. The sound production will be better, and you will have the better sound compared to one output from the mono sound.

Optical or TOSLINK: 

Another important connection is the optical or Toslink. You will find the TOSLINK cable with the most high-quality audio streaming options. Plus, it will provide you with the most fantastic HDMI and AV cable 2 in 1 connection. You will get the most amazing sound from the devices like CD players, gaming consoles, PCs, and much more.


The latest projectors will have wireless audio connections. You will have the simplest boon smartphone with the projector. Moreover, you can connect the laptops, Pc’s and other smartphone devices with the projector.

Also, the amplifiers will be easily attached with the Bluetooth connection. The speaker will not be much loud of the projector only. Therefore, you can attach an additional speaker to enhance the sound bass and other audio features.

The Verdict

When you have to attach the external audio devices with the projector to enhance the sound quality, there are some things to keep in mind. You need to ensure that you are hooking up the projector with the available ports.

There will be different ports in the projectors as per their company and construction. You have to check which connections are suitable with your projector. Also, it is important to check the right method of connection with the available ports.

Check out the projectors connection whether it can attach the other device with a wired or wireless connection. Plus, you have to allow the external ports with the projectors, and you have to check that the projector is smart enough to be paired with the external device or not. The latest projectors come with wi-fi connections, and you will be downloading the applications easily.

Hopefully, the methods we told you are helpful on how to connect audio to the projector.

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