How To Connect Airpods To Peloton? – Simple Steps To Follow

Suppose you are finding a method on how to connect airpods to peloton, then we will surely help out here! So stick with us because here you will know about some effective solutions for pairing the airpods. In fact, you will have the best clarity of sound with the airpods to hear your instructor while riding the peloton. Similarly, you can communicate freely yet effortlessly.


How To Connect Airpods To Peloton And Resolve Pairing Issue?

How To Connect Airpods To Peloton And Resolve Pairing Issue

We know that peloton is a non-apple device, and airpods will not connect the bike in the simplest way. Therefore, you have to connect the airpods manually with the peloton bike.

It is not tough to pair the airpods once you know the right way. Also, the airpods will be pairing automatically with the Peloton bike once you do it manually.

How To Connect Any Bluetooth Headphone With Peloton Bike?

How To Connect Any Bluetooth Headphone With Peloton Bike

The airpods and other Bluetooth headphones will be connecting easily with the peloton bike. You have to just know the right method for connecting them.

Method To Connect:

The time required to connect AirPods with the peloton is 2 minutes only.

1. Open Your Case of The AirPods

Open Your Case of The AirPods

You have to take out the airpods from their case, and now you can see the light inside the airpods case.

2. Press On The Button Of The Airpods

Press On The Button Of The Airpods

You have to click on the button of the airpods case so they can enter in the pairing mode. Now press the button of airpods, and you will see a white flashing light which means that the airpods are now feasible to connect. If you have put on any cover on the airpods, then you have to leave the case behind and check the blinking light.

3. Go To The Bluetooth Settings

Go To The Bluetooth Settings

You have to go to the BT settings of the Peloton bike. Now you have to check the menu from the top right corner of the screen.

4. Locate Your Airpods

In this step, you have to find the airpods location. You should check the last connection of the airpods. If the airpods are having a connection with the iPhone or any other device, then you need to disconnect them. Usually, the airpods will have the “airpods” or “airpods pro” as per their generation.

5. Click On Your Airpods Name To Connect Them

Now you have to click on the name of the airpods for connecting them with the bike. Once you are ready to pair the airpods, you can wait a few seconds, and it will start working with the peloton bike. Now you will hear all the sounds with utmost clarity.

How Can I Use All The Features Of The Apple While Syncing It With The Bike?

You cannot use all the features of the apple device while using the airpods with Siri. For instance, you cannot use the siri. However, you will hear all the sounds crisp and clear with airpods. However, the speaker of the Peloton bike’s latest version is quite impressive than the prior one.

Why Are The Airpods Disconnecting Often With The Peloton Bike?

The airpods can be easily disconnected from the peloton bike if the battery is low. Moreover, when the range of the peloton is far from the airpods, then you will face frequent disconnection. Thus, you have to check the successful connection of the airpods before you start the live peloton class.

Is It Possible To Use Siri While The Airpods Are Paired With The Peloton Bike?

No, it is not possible to use siri while the airpods are paired with the peloton bike. The peloton is not an apple device, so you will not have all apple features while riding the spin bike.

Why Is The Volume Button Of The Airpods Not Working With The Peloton Bike?

You have to change the volume of the airpods with the peloton screen that will be on the side. The volume button of the Peloton bike will be on the right side of the screen.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Pairing Airpods To Your Peloton Bike?

  1. The best benefit of the airpods is they are compatible with the peloton bike and highly suitable for use with the airpods.
  2. You can easily enhance the user experience with the peloton bike. You will have a mic with the airpods that will be reducing the external background noises to provide a clear tone. Best of all, you can hear every word of the instructor clearly.
  3. You will have at least 5 hours of battery on a single charge. Therefore, you can easily use the airpods in one session of the Peloton bike with the airpods.
  4. The airpods are completely wireless, and you will not have any interruption while using them. Plus, the airpods will provide the best listening experience.
  5. The airpods come with a mic of good quality, and it will let you communicate with the other participants clearly.
  6. You will have the noise cancellation feature in the airpods, and it will provide you clearest sound while working out.
  7. There would not be any sweat issue with the airpods, and you will have comfortable riding time.
  8. The airpods are small in size and highly comfortable to wear. You will not have any interruption or size issues while using the airpods while working out.

How Can I Solve The Issue Of Peloton Bike Not Pairing With The Airpods?

If your airpods are not pairing with the peloton bike, then you have to find the right solution for it. For instance, the airpods name should appear on the Bluetooth devices of the peloton screen. However, this is not a serious issue as long as the Bluetooth devices are working perfectly.

Below are the steps to resolve the issue if the peloton bike is not pairing with the airpods.

You have to ensure that the airpods and bike screen of the peloton are turned on. You have to check if the airpods are in pairing mode and not attached with any other device. If the airpods are paired with any other devices, you have to disconnect them first. For the reconnection, you also have to check if the airpods are charged or not.

If the airpods are not connecting, then you have to check the airpods status. For instance, the airpods showing white light will indicate that you can pair them. Also, the screen of the peloton will be showing an option to pair them.

Now you have to connect the airpods with the method that we have explained in this post above.


If the airpods are not connecting, you have to restart them by pressing the button on the back of the charging case. Once the airpods are “ON” again, you have to check if they are pairing now or not.

Likewise, you can try to unpair the airpods with the peloton bike and disconnect them with the iPad or iPhone.  Now we will elaborate on the unpairing process of the peloton.

  • First of all, you have to check the settings of the Bluetooth from the iPhone or any other iOS device.
  • Now you can click on the button of the airpod name and press forget it. The airpods will be removed easily from the previously paired device.
  • You can also remove the airpods from the iCloud by tapping twice on the option of forgetting this device.
  • If you have to disconnect the airpods from the Bluetooth, then you have to turn off the bluetooth of the iPad or iPhone simply.

Frequently Asked Question’s

How To Connect Airpods With The Bike Of Peloton Screen And Other Bluetooth Devices?

You can connect the airpods with the bike of peloton screen and other BT devices easily. For instance, you have to connect the peloton screen with the airpods and devices. However, the airpods that are connected with the peloton are not able to connect with the other smart gadgets.

Can The Airpods Cause Any Kind Of Health Issue?

Yes, the airpods can cause hearing loss if you listen to the music at a really high volume. Moreover, the airpods emit some amount of the radiation that mobile phones and other gadgets emit. However, the airpods are not much dangerous or cause any friction to harm the ears. But it is recommended to listen to music at a safe volume.

Is It Not Good To Ride Peloton If You Are Not A Cyclist?

It is not crucial to be a professional cyclist if you want to ride a peloton. You can ride the Peloton bike as long as you meet the weight and height requirements. Moreover, you do not need to have any specific skills to ride the Peloton bike. This bike is ideal for those who want to work out in their comfort zone at home.

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