Cheap Projector For Powerpoint Presentations Reviews in 2021

best portable projector for powerpoint presentations_Due to the advancement in tech gadgets, the cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations is rapidly increasing too. Even a projector’s use is becoming common at schools, universities, offices, homes, and other places.

You can have an enjoyable experience with a projector for watching anything without investing hundreds of bucks. However, you should look at the contrast and picture quality presentation before buying a projector.

Before, the projectors were bulky, but now you can find them as portable devices but fully loaded with incredible features. You don’t need to hassle to get your hands on the right projector because we present you with the best 5 options.

Well, let’s find out which cheap projector can provide you the most interactive session.

Top Best Cheap Projector For Powerpoint Presentations


1. Viewsonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector – Best HDMI Vertical Keystone Projector

This ViewSonic projector comes with a long warranty of 3years and repairing coverage. As well, the company is providing the lamp coverage of 1 year. You will have an image with bright quality, and it doesn’t require changing the distance for better quality.

Viewsonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector

It has a flexible connection because of the VGA, AV, HDMI, and other options. This projector comes with a power cable, remote controller, and other flexible connections to use with PCs, Macs, and smartphones.


This versatile projector has advanced visuals, and you can use it for PowerPoint presentations for school or business.


This projector has 120 inches wide throw with 3800 lumens. As well, you will have the easy setup by plugging it only and using it for the presentations. The lamp life of this projector is 15000 hours, and you will have an eco mode.


This device has wide connectivity with DVD players, PS4, smartphones, etc. You can also use it with MAC devices.

  • Long lamp life
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Big screen projection
  • It is not so bright for watching movies.


2. Native 1080 P Wimius Projector 7200 L – Most Exclusive Color Technology

This native projector comes with the keystone correction and incredible zoom function. As well, you will have a full HD projector, and it comes with the x and y-axis zoom. This projector comes with an adjusted image shape, and you will have an adjustable size mechanism.

Besides, it has a warranty of 3 years and provides the dynamic enhancement feature that will make your playtime smoother. The lamp life of the projector is 150,000 hours, and you will have a cooling system with it too.

Native 1080 P Wimius Projector 7200 L

And the best part? It is twice longer than other LED projectors, and you can conveniently use it indoors and in outdoor environments. As well, you will have better details of the image with this projector. This cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations the UK comes with incredible features.


This versatile projector comes with a 10w speaker and excellent sound quality. You will have the 4 x times brighter image, and it will show the realistic images than other projectors.


This projector has a resolution of 1080 by 1920 p, and the contrast is 8000:1. In fact, it will display bright images because of the 7200 lumens. This projector has the new software adoption for playing 30 Hz videos.


It has a wide connection with the HDMI, USB AV, VGA, and other ports. Likewise, you will have Roku streaming and HDMI cable for connecting it with the PS3,PS4, DVD player, and other devices.

  • Giant screen experience
  • Multi connections
  • Wide connectivity ports
  • No wireless connection


3. DR J. Professional HI Mini Projector – Best Support With TV Stick

Next, we have the DR.J projector that is quite portable, and it will meet the customers’ requirements.

For sure, it will provide the best contrast for the PowerPoint images. In addition, it has a 100 inches throw. And that’s not all; this mini projector will provide a great home theater experience.

DR J. Professional HI Mini Projector

Whether you want to place it indoors or outdoor, Dr. J is the best option to buy. It has an HDMi port connection, and you will surround sound system.


Additionally, it is excellent for darker environments too. You will have a stick with it and a convenient connection with the smartphones. This projector is great for those who want to buy an affordable yet portable option for their office and home.


It comes with a 1080 pixels resolution and comes with the contrast of 2000:1. This projector has a wide lamp life of 4000 hours. And the best part? It has a watching size of 32 by 176 inches. The loaded features make it the best cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations.


It comes with portable multimedia connectivity with a wide range of devices that include, Tv, Chromebook, laptop, tablets, DVD player, USB flash driver, video game connector, and you will have a media player as well. You will get a wireless HDMI dongle with it too.

  • Wide connectivity
  • Portable
  • 1080 p resolution
  • It doesn’t come with clear instructions.

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4. COOAU 5500 Lumens Sync Smartphone Screen – Most Portable Projector

Fourthly, we have the QKK PowerPoint projector with the HD display, and it comes with lifetime support and a warranty period of 3 years. Best of all, you can also ask the company for any kind of repair.

And the good news? It has an advanced cooling system that will not let the projector heat up. As well, it has an LED lamp which will last for a long time. For sure, you will love the features it is offering to make your presentation and performance even better.

COOAU 5500 Lumens Sync Smartphone Screen

In addition, it has 2 fans that will run simultaneously. The lamp ensures that the performance of the projector is maintained. Besides, this PowerPoint projector price is quite affordable than others in the market with similar features.


This projector has the A4300 projector with quick recognition. Further, it has wired as well as a wireless connection. You will get a screen mirroring function with the projector and the smoothest audio and video playback functioning.


This PowerPoint projector for the laptop comes with a high-quality image and a great brightness level. As well, it comes with high light transmission, and you can easily change the shapes of images. In fact, it has 5500 lumens and a resolution of 1080 pixels. Best of all, it has a contrast ratio of 4000:1. Moreover, you will have an immersive experience while watching movies on it.


This versatile projector comes with a USB/ VGA/ HDMI connection. You can easily attach it with the TV stick, and it has smartphone compatibility as well. Besides, it is a wide throw projector, and you will have 25 percent zoom functioning too.

  • HDMI cable
  • Screen mirroring cable
  • Brightness and contrast is great
  • Speakers are not the best.


5. Viewsonic M1 Portable Smart Wifi Projector – Best Dual Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speakers

Lastly, we have a portable projector with an LED bright display, and you can easily place it anywhere in the room. Best of all, it is great for showing the picture with the good image quality and resolution. Not only that, you will have a wide throw ratio.

As well, it has a lens up to 100″ to display the presentations. You will have a built-in dual Harman kardonBluetooth speakers, and it has room-filling audio with premium audio.

Viewsonic M1 Portable Smart wifi Projector

And that’s not all, it has the connection for smart TV, and you can stream youtube videos on it. Plus, it has the easiest setup, and you need to plug the switch for playing the presentations.


This industry-leading projector comes with a long warranty period of 3 years, and you will have US-based incredible customer services. And that’s not all, it will provide a long battery life of 6 hours, and you can conveniently charge it with any type C charger or portable adapter.


This projector comes with a 360-degree setup, and you can conveniently place it at any angle. You can automatically turn the projector and it has the 8.5 feet throw and can conveniently project the larger images in any place.


You will have the most convenient setup, and the PowerPoint projector screen is compatible with the USB charger for charging it. In fact, you will have a micro SD card slot and two USB ports. Best of all, it has smart wifi connectivity, and you can watch Netflix on it as well.

  • Three years warranty
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • Portable and convenient charging
  • Fewer lumens than other projectors

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What Is An Average Cost Of A Projector?

The average cost of a projector for a PowerPoint presentation is 50 to 5000 dollars. Some projectors have a wide range, and it will cost more than a basic range projector. You will find some of the 4k projectors with a wide range as well. Besides, you will find a projector with more features at a higher price range.

How Many Lumens Are Present In A Cheap Projector?

The lumens present in every projector will vary from the others. You can choose up to 3800 lumens in the projectors of our guide. Furthermore, you can change the brightness level of the projector if the lumens are more. Some of the projectors come with lower contrast ratio which means that it has lower lumens. There should be at least 2000 lumens in a projector so it can display a bright image.

What Is The Maximum Throw Ratio Of A Projector?

The maximum throw ratio of a projector can vary due to its size. You can choose a long throw projector for better image quality. Most projectors have a throw of 6 feet, and you will have shorter throw projectors with 4 to 5 feet. Besides, the screen projector image comes with 80 inches minimum throw. You can check the throw of the projector before buying it.

Which Are The Best Cheap Projectors For Powerpoint Presentations?

We have the five best cheap projectors for PowerPoint presentations in our review that have superior features. For instance, you will have a simple setup, wide compatibility, reduced input latency, eco mode, long lamp life, smart TV enabled, and much more to offer.

To Sum Up

Hopefully, now you have chosen which projector is the best option for you. Furthermore, you should check the projector’s specs before making the final decision. If you want to go with our favorite projector, we recommend buying the Viewsonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector.

For instance, it has flexible connectivity, wide compatibility, long lamp life, and a remote controller. Most of the projectors for PowerPoint presentations come with the medium throw. However, you have to choose a projector with the most captivating performance by grabbing the audience’s attention.

A projector with poor resolution will weaken your presentation, and your client might not be attracted to your plan. Therefore, you have to choose a projector with more lumens. Hopefully, our guide is assisting and great for finding the best projector that fulfills your requirements.

Thanks for the read!

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