Best Cheap Gaming Projector To Buy in 2022 – [Reviews & Guide]

Cheap Gaming ProjectorWhen you are going to choose a cheap gaming projector, there are some things to consider. Even if you are buying an affordable one, it should have a good resolution, which should not be lower than 720p. Also, you need to consider where you will be using the projector.

Some of the projectors are made for the indoors, while the others are made for the outdoors. The next important thing is to choose the connection type. You should have the HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort with most of the projectors.

Furthermore, you will not struggle to have the right inputs for gaming with our projectors because they have RCA and multiple input components. Good projectors come with the lower input for providing blissful gaming sessions. However, there are some dissimilarities between the five gaming projectors, so you have to read the specs carefully before making a final choice.

Without any explanation, let’s move on to the reviews of the gaming projectors 2022!


Top Best Cheap Gaming Projector

Benq TH671ST 1080 P4.6 Check Price
Benq HT2150 ST4.4 Check Price
Optoma GT1080 HDR4.2 Check Price
Optoma HD 146x4.0 Check Price
Bomaker Gaming Projector3.8 Check Price

1. Benq TH671ST 1080 P – Best Short Throw Gaming Projector

The benq th671st gaming projector comes with a 100 inches projection, and you will have a similar quality from 5 feet away. Also, it will display the image clearly up to 300 inches. Furthermore, you will have an award-winning projector and warranty period of 3 years with it.

As well, it has labor coverage with the customer server of the US, and it has great specs, which makes it the best projector for gaming and movies.

Benq TH671ST 1080 Projector

Not only that, you will have ultra-fast input with geared gaming and a high refresh rate. This projector will provide an ultra-smooth gaming experience, and you will have motion blur technology too.

Picture Quality

This gaming projector has a picture quality of 1080 pixels, and you will have a color accuracy of 92 percent rec 0.79. Plus, you will have a higher contrast ratio of up to 3000 lumens. Additionally, the projector will provide a cinematic experience for gaming.

Benq TH671ST


It comes with a wide connectivity range with gaming consoles, Mac, PC, USB, HDMI cable, and much more. Therefore, you can easily attach the other device with it for having a larger screen for gaming. It is offering stunning specs, which made benq the best cheap gaming projector.

  • Flexible connectivity
  • Great picture quality
  • High native contrast ratio
  • Immersive technology
  • Middling response time

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2. BenqHT2150 ST – Best Input Lag Ideal Gaming

Next, we have the benq HT2150 ST input lag gaming projector. It comes with an ultra-smooth projection, and you will be enjoying gaming on this projector even more. This projector company is offering a warranty period of 3 years.

Furthermore, it has customer service, which is US-based and award-winning design. Besides, it has a flexible installation, and you will have a 1.2x easy attachment process.

Benq HT2150 ST

This cheap gaming projector has DLP technology, and you will have the IMAX theatre experience. It comes with a long-lasting lamp and a slim design. Plus, it has a crisper image and sharp quality than other projectors.

Picture Quality

This gaming projector has unparalleled picture quality and 2200 ANSI lumens. Plus, you will have a higher contrast ratio with the RGB color wheel drivers and crisp details. Best of all, it has RGB rich colors, and you will have 100 inches screen with a 3 feet immersive gaming experience.


This projector’s connectivity is wide, and you will be easily attaching it to the phone, PC, gaming devices, and more. It has a VGA and other ports for using it without any external device.

  • Award-winning projector
  • Flexible installation
  • DLP technology
  • High contrast ratio
  • Bit pricey

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3. Optoma GT1080 HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector – Best Lighting Fast Response

Next, we have the optoma cheap gaming projector with the short throw lens. In fact, it has an image projection of 120 inches and fits easily in smaller spaces.

More than that, it has razor-sharp images. In addition, you will have razor-sharp images with a projection of 3800 lumens. Besides, it comes with a clear image and long lamp life of 15000 hours.

Optoma GT1080 HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector

On the other side, you will have 4 hours of viewing time if you are going to use it daily for ten years.

Picture Quality

This gaming projector has the cheap gaming projector has the easy image set up and keystone correction with +/- 40 degrees. Plus, it has a flexible image setup with HDR compatibility. In addition, it has HDR-compatible technology with a 4K input, and it has brighter whites. Other than that, it has a 6-segment color wheel, and you will have a fast response time with a refresh rate of 120 hertz.


This cheap gaming projector has flexible connectivity, and you will have the simplest connection with HDMI devices. Besides, it has a dual HDMI connection, fire stick compatibility, chrome cast, and apple TV connectivity.

  • HDMI connection
  • Easy set up for the image
  • Longer lamp life
  • Some users said the lamp woulddie soon.

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4. Optoma HD 146x High Performance – Best Enhanced Gaming Mode 16ms Response Time

This projector has a lights-on viewing with incredible lumens of 3600 brightness. You can leave the lights on for having the most wonderful gaming or movie-watching time. Besides, the device has a faster response time, and you will have dark senses for better visibility.

What’s more? It has a display mode that shows the impending obstacles in dark scenes with better visibility. Not only that, you will have the HDMI CEC technology. You can easily control the connected device with the remote.

Optoma HD 146x High Performance

And the good news? It has dynamic black technology with higher depth. You will have the smoothing lamp output with a higher contrast ratio of 500000:1. And that’s not all, it comes with a long lamp life of 15000 hours, and you can use it easily for more than 10 hours. The projection distance will be 1.3′ to 11.3′.

Picture Quality

It has a picture quality of high definition 1080 pixels. Moreover, you will have the cinema color calibration, and it has perfect image alignment and the latest color technology. Besides, you will have the DMD single-chip design. In fact, you will have a projector with a high-brightness image projection.


It has connectivity with various devices. You can use it with phones, tablets, laptops, and many other devices. No doubt, it is the best projector for gaming and movies.

  • Longer lamp life
  • More image depth
  • Lights on viewing
  • High contrast ratio
  • No Dolby vision

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5. Bomaker Upgraded Gaming Projector – Best Innovative 6D Keystone Correction

This bomaker projector has the real native 1080 pixel and 4k HD video support. Plus, you will have remarkable lumens brightness and a high dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1. In addition, you will have a 4 x brighter image than other projectors.

It is flexible to place in any area, and you will be easily suspend it from the ceiling. As well, it has a conveniently adjustable design. And that’s not all; it has the zoom-in feature of x/y. Plus, you can easily move the projector back and forth.

Bomaker Upgraded Gaming Projector

And the best part? You will have longer lamp life, and the company is providing quick customer support service as well. However, if you cannot have a straight image, you can use the keystone. Also, it is a cheap gaming projector that you can use with a PC, Xbox One, PS4, and other devices.

Picture Quality

It has a 300inches giant screen, and you will have the best home theater and gaming experience. With the projector, you will have the innovative keystone 6D correction, and you will be easily brightening up the picture in one click only. In fact, you will be rotating the projector horizontally and vertically easily.


This projector has wide connectivity, and you can attach it to the laptop, tablets, USB flash drive, and many other devices. Also, you will have the VGA, AV, and many other ports with it. All in all, the best feature of this outdoor projector is the 6 D keystone, and you will have innovative screen projection technology.

  • Innovative screen projection technology
  • Convenient to zoom
  • True home theatre experience
  • 6D keystone
  • No HDR

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Are The Cheap Gaming Projectors Any Good?

The cheap gaming projectors are good, but you have to search for them. Do you know the expensive projectors can go as high as $4000. However, we have chosen some of the budget-friendly projectors that you can rely on. In fact, the projectors in our guide come with sharper image quality and 4k. You will also find our projectors come with low input lag for a superior gaming experience.

Why Is 4K Projector Costly?

A 4K projector is costly because you will have better image resolution. Also, you will have a better viewing quality of 10feet. This projector comes with a 1080 p projector, and it has a higher contrast ratio. Also, you will have the same image quality no matter from what distance you are viewing the projector.

Are The Projectors Safe For Eyes Than TV?

The projectors are safe for your eyes than the television screens. Also, you will have a large image size which will reduce the eye strains. You will not have the blue light emission from the projectors that are emitted by the TV screen.

Do Projectors And Tv Consume Same Electricity?

Yes, the projectors and TVs consume the same voltage of electricity. However, it will be reliable to buy a projector with a larger screen. Also, you have to choose the device’s energy-saving projectors if you will be using them for many hours.

Which Are The Best Cheap Gaming Projectors?

The best cheap gaming projectors are the following:

  • Optoma GT1080 HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector – Best Lighting Fast Response
  • Benq HT2150 ST – Best Input Lag Ideal Gaming
  • Benq TH671ST 1080 P – Best Short Throw Gaming Projector
  • Bomaker Upgraded Gaming Projector – Best Innovative 6D Keystone Correction

Wrapping Up

You have seen the budget-friendly cheap gaming projectors on our list. You will find the projectors with vivid graphics and 4K resolution. As well, we prioritized the sharper image quality of projectors so you can game with an enjoyable experience.

Best of all, you will have the most immersive experience while gaming only if the projector has a giant adjustable screen size. In fact, you will find the 100 inches or more screen size with the gaming projectors.

Also, keep in mind that you have to choose projectors that have timeless image quality. The projectors for gaming come with exceptional built-in low response technology. In fact, you will have unrivaled flexibility, which gives you an option to adjust the settings conveniently without any adapter.

Comment below which projector you are going to purchase from our guide. Thanks for the read!

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