How To Charge Jbl Headphones Without Charger? – Guide

You have to know how to charge Jbl headphones without a charger in case you forget the charger somewhere. This guide will be teaching some easy options to charge the headphones. Many people complain about why Jbl headphones are not charging, so you will know the best alternative methods here. Let us start!


Methods On How To Charge Jbl Headphones Without Charger?

How To Charge Jbl Headphones Without Charger

It is obvious that you have to charge the wireless Bluetooth headphones for using them. Moreover, the headphones will last for a certain time. Therefore, you need to know what is the option to charge the headphones if you do not have the charger near? Below are the methods that you can use to charge a headphone.

USB On-The-Go

One of the simplest options to charge the headphones is by using a USB cable. The headphone will have a battery that has a connection with the circuit. You can use the power bank, laptop, or tablet to charge it.

Nonetheless, you will have an option to use the OTG cable for charging the headphones. For instance, you will have a headphone with the type C; then you can buy the USB 3.0 connector of male or type c connector for charging it.

Are you a bit confused? Well, you can use the OTG cable for your smartphone, and it will come with type c and a female connector of 3.0. Besides, the connector of type c will be ideal for use with your phone, and you can use the 3.0 female connector with the other cable.

You have to use the cable of 3.0 for charging. Moreover, one end of the cable will be attached to the headphone. Now your headphone should start charging. Nonetheless, you have to ensure that your smartphone is supporting OTG.

Some of the phones do not provide this option, so you have to use the OTG connection as an alternative.

OTG Cable

OTG Cable

Suppose you are having any issue buying another cable, then you can buy an OTG male cable with a 3.0 connector instead of buying the female connector. Now you can choose the OTG connector yourself to charge the JBL headphones without a charger.

Charging JBL Headset With PC Or Laptop

Now you have to use the JBL headphone for charging with the nearby laptop. For instance, you can use any other cable for attaching it with the laptop and one end with the headphone.

This is the best way to charge the headphone if you do not have the JBL headphones charger near you. Almost every house has a computer now, so you can use this method for charging the headphone easily.

Is It Not Good To Charge The Headphones Without Its Original Charger?

It is not good to charge the headphones without their original charger. You have to take a look at the energy overflow. Moreover, you have to check how much voltage the charger is taking. However, there would not be any effect on the headphone no matter what charger you use.

How To Check If The Earbuds Are Completely Charged Or Not?

You can check if the earbuds are completely charged or not by the light. For instance, the green light will show that headphones are charged, and the amber light shows that earbuds are charged up to 1/3rd. You have to check the status light to know how much battery the headphone is charged.

Is It Possible To Charge JBL Headphones Without Using USB Cable?

Is It Possible To Charge JBL Headphones Without Using USB Cable

Yes, it is possible to charge the headphones of JBL without using the USB cable. So you can charge the headphones with the charger that fits in it correctly. The best option is to use the laptop or power bank for charging the headphone.

How Much Time Does JBL Headphones Take To Charge?

Typically, the JBL headphones take one to two hours to charge fully. However, you can charge the headphones as per their required timing.

What Is The Method Of Charging Headphones With The Smartphone’s Charger?

The headphones are easy to charge. For instance, you can use the smartphone charger for charging the headphones if it has compatibility with it. The Bluetooth headphones are tough to charge because they have a specific connection.

How To Check If The JBL Headphones Are Charging Or Not?

You can check if the JBL headphones are charging or not by checking the LED light indicator. Suppose the battery is low, then the light will be blinking white. When the headphone is charged it will not show any color light.

USB 2.5 Mm Male Ancable Headphone Charging Cable

USB 2.5 Mm Male Ancable Headphone Charging Cable

This is a male charging cord of 2.5mm cord for the JBL headphones. You can use it with several headphone models of JBL. Besides, it has compatibility with e30, e40, e45, e50, eb40, and more.

Furthermore, you will have the plug USB port with this cable, and it has an amazing electronic device that you can use with the USB travel charger and car charger.

And that’s not all; it comes with a package of 3ft cable and good quality material. And the best part? You will have a 100 percent guarantee with the cable for 12 months. In addition, the company will be cooperating if there is any fault with the charger. You can buy it now.

JBL Headphone Charging Case Bluetooth In-Ear Headphone

In case if the charger of the JBL headphone is lost, you can buy this case. This headphone charging case is for the in-ear JBL headphones. You will have a magnetic hook with the charger, which makes it highly convenient to store. Besides, it has a twist lock and flexible soft technology.

More than that, these headphones are lightweight, and it is quite comfortable. Plus, you will have a stable headphone case for charging. These headphones charging cases have the IPX7 rating, which makes them waterproof and sturdy enough.

Best of all, you can keep the case in your pocket while swimming and in any other weather condition. On the other side, it comes with the best touch controls, and you can easily attend to the calls and music. Further, you can play and pause the music with this headphone case.

No doubt, it is providing extra convenience to the users. It will let you listen with the JBL headphones continuously for 16 hours. And the best part? The headphone has the playing time of 1 hour if you charge it for 15 minutes only.

This headphone has the rugged and highly stylish material of silicone. Plus, you will have a case that will fit easily in the pocket and lasts long in any weather.

Buy now!

Frequently Asked Question’s

What Is The Best Way To Charge The JBL Headphones Without Using Any Charger?

There are several ways to charge the JBL headphones without using a charger that we have told in this guide. For instance, you can use a laptop, power bank, or any computer to charge it. Moreover, you can get any USB cable to charge the Bluetooth headphone.

How To Charge The JBL Headphones With The Charger Of Phone?

You can charge the JBL headphones with the charger of your phone easily. Plus, you can use any USB cable to charge the headphone. It requires only a standard USB connection for charging.

Does The Red Light Flashes While Charging The Wireless Earbuds?

The charging will be flashing red light if the wireless earbuds are charging. Once the earbuds are charged fully, it will show the solid color red light, and it will not flash.

What Makes The JBL Earbuds To Stop Charging?

The JBL earbuds will stop charging if the socket is broken. Also, the headphone will not charge if the contact is not right. You will not have the right charging of the headphone if the jack is loose. The headphones that do not have the right contact will cause the headphones to not charge fully. So you need to check the battery and socket type of the headphone.

Why Do Wireless Headphones Require Charging?

Wireless headphones require charging because they have a rechargeable battery. Therefore, once the battery is consumed fully, you have to charge it. The earbuds have to go back in their charging case to charge.

Can I Use The Fast Charger For Charging The Earbuds?

You can use the fast charger for charging the earbuds. However, it is not highly recommended to charge the earbuds with a fast charger. You can use the normal charger to charge the headphones. The headphones will be working for their average lifespan with the normal charger.

How To Recharge The Earphones With The Laptop’s Charger?

You can recharge the earphones with the laptop’s charger as long as it has compatibility with the cable. You can charge anything with the charger, but it should not exceed the rating of your power adapter. For example, the headphones that require 5W to work will charge with the adapter.

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