Can I Use Any Stylus With A Wacom Tablet? – A Helpful Guide

Can I use any stylus with a Wacom tablet? A common question by tablet users. Well, here, you will know how to choose the right stylus for your tablet. If you just lost your old stylus, we’ll show you some other options that will help you continue your work again.

There are several stylus pens on the market, but you should choose the one that helps you to enhance your performance. Moreover, you will find stylus pens that are compatible with other tablets too.

For the artists, it is very important to have the right pressure sensitivity level. The right replacement of the Wacom pen will enhance your productivity and help you decrease the pressure level while using them on a tablet.


Can I Use Any Stylus With A Wacom Tablet Or Not?

You can use any stylus with a Wacom tablet, but we recommend buying any of these options.

  • Wacom bamboo ink plus
  • Wacom bamboo ink
  • Wacom Bamboo Fineline
  • Wacom bamboo sketch
  • Wacom bamboo slate
  • Wacom bamboo spark
  • Wacom bamboo folio
  • Wacom bamboo slate
  • Wacom Intuos pro
  • Wacom grip pen
  • Wacom art pen

The Wacom tablets are highly functional with the Wacom pens only. Before we discuss the best stylus pen, we’ll describe some features of the Wacom tablet, and it might help the users looking to buy a new tablet with a stylus.

1. Wacom Bamboo Ink 2ndGen Stylus Smart Pen

Wacom Bamboo Ink 2ndGen Stylus Smart Pen

The Wacom bamboo ink 2nd gen is the best choice for writing, drawing, painting, and much more. This pen has an excellent tip, and you will have a smooth ink flow. It is a tool that will help you to make drawings effortlessly.

It comes with an amazing technology that will remove friction while using it on the screen. Best of all, this pen has palm-rejection technology. The hand movement on the screen will not interrupt the user while drawing. The pen will not require any pairing before using it.

Another striking feature of this pen style is that you can effortlessly make notes, and the tablet should have the feature to convert it into writing.

Further, this pen is a great way to create a picture of the stuff that you are visualizing in your mind.

So just grab the bamboo ink pen and start noting down the important things that you often forget to do. In fact, you can add the comments with this pen to the notepad section of your tablet. It is great for making graphs due to the precision tip.

Other Features of Wacom Bamboo Ink

With this pen, you will feel like writing with an original ink pen. Isn’t that mesmerizing to know? You will have better writing and a convenient tip that will flow with the minimum pressure level from the fingers. This pen has 4096 pressure sensitivity levels.

Other Features Of Wacom Bamboo Ink

The pens come in a cylindrical shape, and it has an aluminum body. You will have a long battery life, and you can change the batteries. It doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection for use on the tablets. With the long battery, you will not have any interruption while using this pen on the tablet.

As if that’s not enough, you can easily customize the tip of the pen. With this stylus pen, you will have three extra nibs, and you have to purchase them separately.

Why Choose Wacom Stylus Pen?

  • You will be more creative, and it will help you draw various things in a versatile way. Choosing a stylus that can become a marker, pencil, chalk, and more will keep you engaged while drawing.
  • The Wacom pens will help you to create the image that you are doing on paper. Now you can draw diagrams, maps and much more in less time and easily share it with others.
  • The Wacom pens are the best for enhancing the look of any picture that you are sketching. But if you have the Wacom tablet, then you can personalize your own photos and make them a masterpiece within seconds.
  • Due to COVID’19, online working has become a part of many people. Even the students need the best way to be engaged in learning at home, and it is possible if you buy them a Wacom tablet and a stylus pen.
  • While doing the web conference, you can easily share the data and your sketches. You will choose screen sharing on the tablet that will be feasible for you and others, whatever you are teaching them in drawing or sketching classes.

2. Wacom One Digital Drawing Tablet

Wacom One Digital Drawing Tablet

This Wacom tablet weighs 2070 grams, and it has a screen of 13.3 inches. Moreover, it has a natural surface, and it will remove the friction while the user is drawing. You will have an incredible drawing screen because it has an extended display.

Not only that, it is the best tablet that will help you to teach the students through the web conference call. This tablet has compatibility with all the Wacom stylus pens. You can choose a pen that is convenient for holding, and it should have a smooth tip.

If you often draw diagrams or do painting, then Wacom is the best tablet to buy. It has a bright color display and great accuracy for the artists to edit and create their drawings. Best of all, it has stunning software, and you can conveniently edit on this tablet.

And the best part? The Wacom creative software will provide the 3 three months trial period for the clip studio paint, adobe photoshop painting, and 6 months trial period for the adobe fresco. However, the software will be available for the customers of America only.

This tablet is compatible with several devices. You will have an adapter with the tablet to connect it with the MAC, iOS, and Android devices. Though, you have to purchase the adapter separately with the Wacom tablet.

And that’s not all, you will have the trial period for the edtech software, and it is great for the teachers.

Don’t waste time and buy the apps after buying the Wacom tablet for teaching in a better way. For instance, you can choose the pear deck, limnu, collaborated, and kami application.


Can I Use Any Pen With A Wacom Stylus?

There are different Wacom pens, and it might confuse you to choose one. Just pick any stylus pen that fits in your budget. Choose the active stylus pen for drawing. Other than that, If you need a pen for minimal tasks, then choose capacitive pens.

Can I Use The Wacom Tablet Without Stylus?

Yes, you can use the Wacom pen without a stylus. Choose that option which is more convenient for you. However, it will be convenient if you have the stylus for the tablet for drawing, editing, etc.

Can I Share Screen With The Wacom Tablet?

Yes, you can share the screen on zoom with the Wacom tablet. First, you have to download the zoom on the device and use it regularly as you do on the other devices.

Are The Wacom Ink Pen Compatible With The iOS Devices?

The bamboo Wacom sketch pen has wide compatibility, and you can use it on iOS devices. Most of the iPad users choose Wacom pens as an alternative to the apple pen. Best of all, it has a palm rejection feature, which makes the drawing experience even more enjoyable.

Which Pen Is Compatible With The Ipad?

You can use the Wacom pens with the iPad. Most of the Wacom pens are having wide compatibility, and you can conveniently connect them with android, MAC, and iOS devices. However, the android devices should have software above 4.4.

Is Wacom One Tablet Worth Buying?

Yes, the Wacom one is one of the most selling tablets that is used for drawing and editing. Moreover, it is not the most high-end tablet for artists, but among the Wacom tablets, it stands out.

Indeed, you will have a high-quality touch and reliable features with it. This pen is great for the editors, and you can buy it for sketching.

Wrapping Up

All in all, the stylus pens of Wacom have gained popularity because they have great features in an affordable price range. Though, you will have a similar feel while using the Wacom pens as the Microsoft surface pro stylus pen.

If you are thinking, can I use any stylus with a Wacom, then you are wrong? Pick any of the styli that we have mentioned in our guide for the best sketching and drawing experience. The Wacom pens are available in a wide price range, and the features will vary from one model to another.

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