Can I Use A Stylus On My Galaxy S7? – [Complete Guide]

Are you wondering can I use a stylus on my galaxy s7? In our guide, we’ll give you good options to choose from. You can make the android phone into an art tool after using a stylus with it. There are a lot of styluses in the market that have a wide price range.

Moreover, there are different brands of stylus pens. But how to choose the best stylus for your smartphone? You should pick a stylus that has a durable quality and a smooth tip that doesn’t require a lot of pressure. A good quality stylus will never scratch the screen of the stylus.

However, the Samsung galaxy s7 is not cheap, and you should prefer a stylus that doesn’t harm your device. But first, let’s discuss what a stylus is?

Stylus or styli pens are used for signing, swiping, pointing, and drawing on the touchscreens. Below we’ll discuss the types of styluses and what are their differences? Let’s start!


Can I Use A Stylus On My Galaxy S7 Smartphone?

This galaxy s7 device has superior features, and it works better than prior to Samsung s models. You will have a premium quality phone that has a powerful performance. In fact, this device is compatible with several accessories that all smartphones aren’t.

You can use the active and passive stylus on this smartphone. So which one to choose? Let’s figure it out!

Active Stylus Pen

Active Stylus Pen

The active stylus pens have a very thin tip that has electronic components. With an active stylus pen, you will have various kinds of features, including the electronic eraser, built-in memory, and great pressure sensitivity levels. The pressure from the user will define the style of writing or drawing with this pen.

And the best feature of the active styluses is palm rejection. This pen will not let the hand interfere while you are typing, and it has great internal components that you will not find in the passive stylus pens.

Passive Stylus Pen

Passive Stylus Pen

The passive stylus pens will let you write conveniently on the screen. Moreover, the passive stylus is known as the capacitive stylus. This pen is not similar to the active ones. It doesn’t have the electronic components as the active pens have. There is no communication between the pen and the device.

Besides, the passive stylus pens have an electric charge, and they work in a similar way as you use the touchscreen with your finger.

Now you’ll know some differences between the passive and active styli to make the best decision for your Samsung galaxy s7.

Difference Between Active And Passive Stylus

1. Working Differences

The passive pens do not have electronic components in them, and they work like when you use a screen with a finger. Moreover, the device has electronic signals, and you will have fewer features in a passive pen than the active one.

2. Differences In Accuracy

The active pens have different kinds of tips, and they are more accurate than passive ones. You have to change the tip of the active pens when the capacity goes to zero. This case is not similar to the passive pens. Moreover, passive pens have a hollow tip, and they are not made for drawing.

3. Nib Diameter Differences

The diameter of the passive pens is expandable up to 6mm. But the active pens have a diameter of 3mm only.
Below we’ll give two suggestions, and you can choose between the active and passive pen. The Samsung galaxy s7 is compatible with both of these stylus pens.

Active Stylus By Box Wave Accupoint Active Stylus

Active Stylus By Box Wave Accupoint Active Stylus

The box wave accupoint active stylus weighs 1.3 ounces, and this active pen requires batteries to work. Best of all, it has a hassle free pairing, and you don’t need to turn on the Bluetooth of the device for using this stylus.

Further, it has a touch turn on the button, and you will have a quick electronic pulse interaction with the screen for using this stylus. Not only that, it has a natural pressure sensation, and you can adjust your writing position with this pen easily.

The pen comes with the palm rejection feature, and you will not have any interruption while drawing, writing, or pointing with this stylus pen. It comes with the accupoint pressure sensitivity levels, and you will have the ultra-fine tip with the pen.

Additionally, it comes with a tip size of 2mm, which is really smooth, and you can easily draw, tap, or swipe. You’ll not feel much difference while using this pen of the galaxy s7 compared to an S pen.

And the best part? It has almost 12 hours of battery life, and you will have the high-strength aluminum barrel construction of the pen, and it has a micro USB cable, and you will have a standard charging source. Click here to buy it now.

Passive Stylus By Adnoit Dash 3

Passive Stylus By Adnoit Dash 3

Now we have a passive pen from the adnoit. This pen has the compatibility with Android and iOS devices. Moreover, it has the one-button option to turn on and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This pen has an improved tip, and you will have a paper-like feel while dragging the pen on the screen.

It is a highly responsive pen that is great for artists, teachers, businessmen, and students. Besides, the pen has a one-touch turning on the button, and it has an LED blue light that indicated that the pen is on.

Further, you will have simple features, and it doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection for using the pen on any tablet/ smartphone. You will have the clip on the pen that will easily carry it anywhere in your pocket.

Best of all, this passive pen has compatibility with several devices, including MAC, iOS, Android, and other tablets. These smartphones have a built-in battery, and you will have a USB charging point with them. This pen will show the red light while charging and green when the charging is full.

This pen is made in Taiwan and ensures durable quality and long-lasting battery life. With this stylus pen, you will have 14 hours battery. If you don’t use it continuously, then the pen will last much longer than 14 hours.

All in all, the adnoit passive pen comes with a 12 months warranty period, and it ensures that the users have the best user experience. Click here to buy this passive stylus now!


Can I Use The Samsung S Pen On The Other Touchscreen Devices?

The Samsung s pen has special hardware, and they work with the note display only. Further, you will have an accurate precision tip, but it is not compatible with other touch screen devices. The S pens don’t have electrical conductors, so they work on Samsung devices only.

Are The Stylus Compatible With The Other Android Devices?

The stylus pens are compatible with Android devices if you have a capacitive touchscreen. The capacitive touchscreens work like fingers, and they don’t require any batteries. You will have the capacitive pens without the hassle of recharging. The passive stylus pens are cheaper than active ones.

What Is The Key Difference Between Active And Passive Stylus?

The major difference between the types of styluses is the input that allows them to be used on the touchscreens. Besides, active pens have more features, and they are touch-sensitive. The input buttons of the active stylus are different from the passive ones. Moreover, the active stylus is preferred by the artists because they are more accurate.

What Is The Dissimilarity Between Digital And Stylus Pens?

The digital pens are thicker than a stylus pen. All the active pens have the internal electronic components that digital pens do not have. Digital pens are cheaper than stylus pens. You cannot use digital pens on any paper surface. Nonetheless, you will have a stylus with wide compatibility with the touchscreens.

What Is The Average Battery Timing Of The Active And Passive Pens?

The average battery timing of the active stylus pen is 10 hours. Further, you can continuously use active rechargeable pens for 10 hours. The stylus pens that we have mentioned in our guide will conveniently last for more than 10 hours.

Which Are The Best Stylus Pens For Samsung Galaxy?

The best stylus pens for the Samsung Galaxy and other Android phones are the following:

  • For note-taking, you can buy the adnoit dash three stylus pen.
  • The budget buyers can prefer buying the amazon basics 3 pack executive stylus pen.
  • If you need an iconic pen, then choose the Staedtler 180 221 digital noric pen.
  • The digiroot universal stylus pen is a high-quality pen at an affordable price for drawing and sketching.

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