Can I Use A Different Pen For My Tablet? – 3 Types of Stylus

Are you thinking can I use a different pen for my tablet? There are different types of stylus pens, but they all will not have compatibility with your tablet. Some of the android pens come with the compatibility range for android devices, while the others will have compatibility with iOS devise only.

Further, some stylus pens will provide a limited compatibility range. All the styluses are not the same. Due to the tech devices’ variations, you have to choose the stylus for your tablet carefully.


Can I Use A Different Pen For My Tablet Or Not? 

You can use a different pen for my tablet if it has wide compatibility. Our guide will tell you about various kinds of stylus pens.

You will be able to distinguish which stylus is better than the other after comparing their pros and cons with each other. It is imperative to distinguish the variance between stylus pens because they are made for a specific purpose.

If you are a digital artist, then choose a stylus that has a wide range of features.

1. Capacitive Stylus

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The best and most selling type of stylus pen is capacitive. You will have the choice of using the pen on several touchscreens. Most of the users buy the capacitive stylus pens for playing games, and you will have the convenient touch and utmost accuracy while pressing with the capacitive stylus pen.

Best of all, the capacitive stylus will work as a touch of fingers. You will have the simple controlling option with the stylus capacitive pen. The capacitive stylus pen has a convenient pen tip, and you will have a smooth gliding experience with them.


Works With Multiple Devices

The capacitive pens will work with many devices. You will have a convenient way of using the touchscreens in cold weather. Besides, you will have a lightweight pen that you can hold for a long time.

Doesn’t Require Battery

The stylus pen will not require Battery. You will have rechargeable options. Therefore, the pens are convenient to recharge, and you can use them for 10 hours continuously.

Not Expensive

The capacitive pens are not expensive. You will have a cheap yet good quality pen for use on the tablets.


No Pressure Sensitivity Level

You can use more pressure to draw the thick lines. The pressure level will define how thick you can make a stroke with the capacitive pens. However, if you don’t want the pressure sensitivity, then the passive pen is not for you.

You Will Not Find The Palm Rejection

The passive pens do not have the palm rejection feature as the active pens have. You can have the palm rejection feature with the active stylus pen for a more convenient drawing. Usually, the artists will prefer buying a pen with palm rejection.

You can choose any other stylus from our guide to have the palm rejection feature.

Doesn’t Have Extra Features

You will not have the other stylus passive pen, but you might have more features with the stylus active pen. It doesn’t have the erasing feature.

2. Wacom Digitizer

Are you an artist and looking for an active pen to make painting and sketching easier? You can have the most fluent experience with a digitizer pen from Wacom. This pen has special layers in it. You will have several layers inside the pen that will make it work as a smooth pen.

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The Wacom digitizing technology is used in the top-notch brand pens of popular stylus companies. This pen has special sensors that let the pen glide smoothly on the touch screen.

Best of all, the Wacom stylus pens have wide pressure sensitivity levels, and it will vary from one tablet brand company to another. Ensure that you choose the right pressure-sensitive pen for your device.


Pressure Sensitivity

The pressure sensitivity is one of the most stunning features of the Wacom digitizer. Moreover, you will have different pressure levels with Wacom styluses. You can easily draw strokes of any thickness level with them.

The thickness will not depend on the pressure on the screen. Instead, the pressure on the tip will change the sensitivity levels.

Palm Rejection

You will not have an interruption while using the pen on a tablet if the pen has the palm rejection feature. The hand can comfortably rest on the screen, and you can conveniently draw.

Extra Features

Wacom technology in the pens comes with additional incredible features. You will have the surface pen with the eraser if you switch the pen’s side.

The pen comes with the right-click feature, and you can hold the pen for a long time. Holding the pen button for a long time will let it detect the actions you need to do over the screen.

No Battery Needed

You don’t need any battery replacement with the pen of Wacom technology. They have a rechargeable battery that will last for many hours.


Compatibility With Less Devices

The Wacom styluses will not work with all the devices. For instance, the surface pro pen will not be compatible with the standard tablet or smartphone.


You will have the Wacom digitizer in a higher price range than other kinds of styluses in our guide. The Wacom pens will work with the galaxy note and other high-tech devices, which increases their cost overall.

Requires The Support Of Apps

The Wacom digitizer will require the support of the other applications, and you cannot use it without the app. You will have a wide range of features with the Wacom pen if it is connected with the application.

3. Bluetooth Stylus

The last type of pen that you can use on a tablet is the Bluetooth one. You will have the advanced features with this pen. It is offering wide compatibility too. Just check the Bluetooth computability of the tablet before buying a stylus pen.

You have to connect the device with the Bluetooth pen for using it. The Bluetooth pens come with modern stylus technology, and they have new hardware too.

Bluetooth technology will detect the pen through the sensors and transmit the pressure levels. This type of pen isa bit pricey than other devices. You will have the incredible technology that will do your typing, working, drawing even more enjoyable.

The price of the stylus pen with the Bluetooth connection will start from 99 dollars. You will have great pressure levels that will go as high as 2048. This pressure sensitivity level of the Bluetooth stylus will not be found in our guide’s other pens.


Pressure Sensitivity

The pressure sensitivity of the Bluetooth pen is similar to the Wacom pens. It has 2048 pressure sensitivity levels that are unbeatable by the other styluses in our guide.

Palm Rejection

The best feature of the Bluetooth digital pen is the palm rejecting technology. You will not have an interruption in doing the touch while using the Bluetooth pen on any compatible tablet.

Compatible With Wide Range Of Devices

Bluetooth pens will work conveniently with several devices. You will have a connection with the iOS, Windows, MAC, and Android devices.

Shortcut Buttons

The Bluetooth pens have shortcut buttons, and you will have the most convenient functioning with them.


Requires Battery

The Bluetooth styluses come with a rechargeable and replaceable Battery. The battery life will be less of the styluses that require Bluetooth connection to work.

Requires Pairing With The Device

The Bluetooth pen doesn’t work without a paired connection. You have to use the pen after pairing it with the other device. Pairing is just required for one time with your device.

Apps Should Support The Bluetooth Stylus

The device should support the application of the Bluetooth stylus. You will have the proper information and the signals if the application supports the pen.


The Bluetooth stylus pens are quite expensive. They have high-end technology features, which causes them to be expensive. But the digital pens with high quality will have a high price tag, and they will last long.

To Sum Up

The above-given information is necessary for you to know before choosing a stylus for your tablet. You need to check the details of the stylus before buying it. You will have a wide range of features with stylus pens, and it will make your typing/ drawing much more convenient.

We recommend you to choose a stylus pen of Wacom to have the best pressure sensitivity levels. You will have the best features with the Wacom stylus pen. And that’s not all. The device of surface pro will work fluently with the Wacom pen.

Choose Bluetooth pens for the DELL and other laptop devices. Ensure that you are buying the right stylus pen for your device.

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