Can I Bring My Nintendo Switch On A Plane And How To Play It?

Can I Bring My Nintendo Switch On A PlaneMany gamers ask that can I bring my Nintendo switch on a plane. So it’s good news for them! Yes, you can bring portable gaming devices as well as other electronics on the plane. It is permissible to take along tablets, laptops, headphones, Nintendo switch, and other handy devices while traveling by air.

However, the only limitation is that you need to ensure that your device has the TSA certification. Other than that, you have to carry larger devices than a phone in a separate case for protection. Also, you have to keep the consoles and other gaming devices in the checked bags, so there is no inconvenience while boarding. Read on!

Can I Bring My Nintendo Switch On A Plane Or Not?

There is a misconception that Nintendo switch airplane ban happened after 2020.  But you can easily bring along the Nintendo on a plane but keep some things in mind that we’ll tell you below:

Turn On The Air Plane Mode Of The Nintendo While Traveling On The Plane

First of all, you have to keep the Nintendo on flight mode. Also, the flight mode has another name that is airplane mode. You can easily block incoming calls with this mode. Furthermore, you will not have any kind of Bluetooth connection in flight mode. Also, the GPS connection is disabled in flight mode.

Above all, there shouldn’t be any signals for your cell phone. The flight mode is necessary, so there is no interruption with the wifi signals of the airplane. In fact, you will have the wifi connection of the airline that you are traveling on after reaching cruising altitude.

Besides, you need to ensure that you download all the latest updates before leaving home to fly on a plane.

How Can I Turn On The Airplane Mode Of My Console?

You can easily turn on the airplane mode of the Nintendo console by pressing the home button.

  1. Firstly, click on the home button for a few seconds
  2. Now you have to click on the right side of the home button and click on the flight mode.
  3. Press on the toggle to turn it on.
  4. Now check that the icon of the flight mode appears on the Nintendo switch’s corner.
  5. After the airplane mode is on, you will lose the connection between Bluetooth and wifi.
  6. Also, you will not have the connection with the joy-con controllers to use on the tabletop mode.

However, you can turn on the bluetooth connection of the console, but it is not allowed to do on the plane.

Two Main Modes To Use Nintendo

Do you know there are two main modes to use Nintendo? You will have handheld and tabletop mode. By the name of the Nintendo modes, you can guess how to use it. Besides, you will have the handheld mode similar to the phone play.

Other than that, the tabletop mode is different, and you need a table to keep the Nintendo. As well, you need the joy-con controllers to use the Nintendo switch in the tabletop mode. After placing the Nintendo switch on the table stand of the plane, you can connect the joy controllers to play.

However, you will be able to use the tabletop mode only when the Nintendo has a wifi connection.

Where To Buy The Nintendo Switch And The Joy-Con Controllers?

You can buy the Nintendo controllers on Amazon. Moreover, you will have a blue and red color option to choose a controller. Besides, the controllers will last for more than 8 hours easily so you will be able to pass the time easily while traveling.

However, the battery life may vary from the mode usage of the Nintendo. The battery consumption will differ while using the Nintendo in the handheld, TV, and laptop mode.

Is It Legal To Take The Dock Of Nintendo On The Plane?

Yes, it is legal to take the dock of Nintendo on the plane. Besides, you can use the USB type c cable for charging instead of carrying the whole docking station on the plane. Furthermore, you will be traveling comfortably without carrying the dock of the Nintendo.

Likewise, it will be even easier to go through the checking when you have kept the console and other gaming devices separately in the handbag. Besides, all the electronic devices will go through checking before your board.

Above and beyond, you will get in trouble if the security agents found it later after scanning your luggage. Therefore, you need to keep the electronic devices in a handy manner so you can board quickly.

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How To Charge Nintendo Switch On The Plane?

Yes, you can easily charge the Nintendo switch on the plane with the USB type C cable. Other than that, you will have a USB C outlet with the other electronics too.

Furthermore, you will have a convenient way to carry the Nintendo switch with you without the docking station. Also, you can use the joy-cons after charging them with the USB type c cable.

How To Charge Nintendo Switch On The Plane

Do you know there are two ways to charge the joy con controllers? You can use the charging dock station that came with your Nintendo. Or you can easily attach the joy cons with the type c cable and a battery pack.

Ensure that you arrive at the airport after charging the joy cons and the Nintendo switch.

How To Play Nintendo Easily On The Plane?

By Connecting The Joy-Cons

You can play the Nintendo switch on the plan after sitting comfortably and wait until the plane enters in cruising altitude.

  1. Now you can turn on the Nintendo switch and make it in tabletop mode. Choose an angle that is most suitable for you.
  2. Now you have to connect the joy cons with the Nintendo switch. For instance, you have to click on the circular release button on the topmost side of both controllers and slide on the upper side to connect them with the console.
  3. You can attach the joy cons by sliding them on the lower side and then secure them around your wrists.

Now Sync The Joy-Cons

  • Once you have paired the controllers with the Nintendo Switch, you can press the button three times, so they are ready to use.
  • Now, if you are using a new controller, you have to click on the home button and go to the right side of the joy-con.
  • Choose the options of the controllers and press on the change grip option, and select the order option.
  • Also, you need to hold the button down and let it sync for some time. You will have an option of ready after pairing the Nintendo with the controllers.
  • However, the new joy cons controllers are simple to pair by sliding on the Nintendo without any modifications in the settings.

Do Set Up The Battery Pack

Do Set Up The Battery PackAfter pairing the joy cons you are reading for playing, but you have to consider the battery life according to the flight time. You have to manage the battery life or keep the handy chargers. For instance, there are some ways that you can try to enjoy the Nintendo switch while traveling.

  1. You have to plug in the battery pack with the USB type C and A cable.
  2. Now you have to connect the other end with the stand of the Nintendo switch.
  3. The power bank can be easily kept in the pouch or the back of your airplane seat.
  4. Especially, if you are traveling in the nighttime, you can lower the screen brightness of the Nintendo, so it lasts longer. You need to change the settings from the main menu. Also, you have to press the joy cons home button to reach the adjustable brightness option.
  5. The brightness icon is like a sun, and you can adjust it easily.

The Nintendo switch will last up to 6 hours. Besides, there are some games that utilize more battery than Nintendo. Besides, if you are using the Xenoblade chronicles, the Nintendo will be draining more battery quickly.

For instance, you can play the hotline Miami and N++ so the battery can last for a long time.

To Sum Up

Now you know that you can easily use small gaming and other electronic devices in the airplane. However, it is crucial to turn on the flight mode before using them. Also, you will have the best way to spend time on a flight.

Though the consoles last for a long time, you can carry a USB type C cord for charging them whenever it is needed. You can easily find the Nintendo switch charging options in the market for handy usage while traveling.

Thank you for the read!

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