Best Short Antennas For F150s – [2022 Reviews & Guide]

The big stock antennas that come with your truck aren’t so remarkable as to make a statement. These factory antennas have multiple challenges associated with them.

Firstly, long antennas hinder your access to compact spaces like garages and make it challenging to drive in challenging conditions. Also, the average signal reception doesn’t come up to your expectations when you are driving an expensive Ford Truck.

The good news is that we have a simple and smart solution to all these problems. We can find plenty of aftermarket short antennas for F150 trucks. These antennas offer enhanced signal reception, improved weather resistance, and great aesthetic appeal.

It might be difficult for you to analyze the quality and performance of an aftermarket antenna, but we have done this for you. After testing dozens of short Antennas for F150, we have enlisted the seven best options.


Comparison 7 Best Short Antennas For F150s in 2022

Short Antennas
RONIN FACTORY Ford F150 Short Antenna
Rydonair Stubby Antenna F150 (2009-2021)
AntennaMastsRus Short Antenna
Votex Short EPDM Rubber Antenna
AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet Ammo
VOFONO Short Antenna Compatible
Trunknets Inc. Black Bullet Antenna

1. RONIN FACTORY Ford F150 Short Antenna


RONIN FACTORY Ford F150 Short Antenna

Ronin Factory 50 cal is a Bullet style antenna that will be excellent for your F150. It’s a 50 caliber bullet antenna that offers a nice look to your Ford Pickup truck along with making your favorite radio station crisp and clear. It is a short antenna with Bluetooth and auxiliary audio inputs.

Coming to its performance, this antenna has impressive coverage.  With its pristine reception, the antenna brings more and more channels far from the radius and lets you enjoy a variety of content as you wander town to town.

It works as an intelligent solution and brings everything crisp and clear to you, making it perfect for your Ford F150 truck. Additionally, this antenna comes with an easy-to-install mechanism, and you can do the job yourself.

RONIN FACTORY Ford F150 Short Antenna Overview

The package includes all the required Allen wrenches and hardware; you may need to unscrew the old one and screw in your Ronin Factory antenna.

Also, it comes with an anti-theft thread compound to save it from theft. However, we didn’t find this very useful since the element didn’t work correctly. Finally, we loved its premium construction quality. The Ronin Factory 50 caliber antenna boasts a robust aluminum construction.

Solid aluminum 6061 housing and anodized finish offer impressive resistance against damaging factors, giving you the best value for money.

Ronin factory 50 caliber Short antenna offers full compatibility with Ford F-series trucks, and its impressive reception lets you enjoy a variety of channels with crips and clear audio input. We found this antenna pretty easy to install, and its car wash-safe construction makes it one of the best short antennas for F150s.

  • Impressive coverage
  • Convenient installation
  • Hard-to-beat build-quality
  • Car wash safe
  • Poor anti-theft element


2. Rydonair Stubby Antenna F150 (2009-2021)

Rydonair Stubby Antenna F150 (2009-2021)

Next on our list is Roydonair Stubby Antenna that is compatible with F150, 2009-current trucks. This is one of the most potent short antennas you can buy for your F150. The antenna is known for its impressive reception and is a real winner when it comes to catching signals from far off the radius.

It’s a 7-inch low-profile antenna that looks great on your F150 raptor or other latest models. The company says it gets easily fixed on your existing antenna base and requires minimum installation accessories.

However, many people faced issues threading it on the existing base; therefore, it is critical to resolve the compatibility issues before you make a purchase. The carbon fiber base offers a strong and secure base and saves it from theft and unusual disappearance.

All you need to do is unscrew your stock antenna and screw the new one in place and enjoy a variety of radio channels in the clear and crisp audio output. The installation process took less than 5 minutes, and a crescent wrench did the job well for us.

The antenna works great for both FM or AM bands, and its hard-to-beat signal catching ability makes it even more standout. We loved this antenna since there was no signal loss, and it delivered impressive reception even in the middle of the forest.

The build quality is also impressive. The antenna features a rubber housing with no metal parts exposed, making it highly rugged. The rubber housing fights well against weather and resists fading or chipping.

Rydonair Stubby antenna, with its unbeatable reception, brings more and more channels to you and is the perfect way to kill your time on road trips. The antenna boasts a weather-resistant build quality and unique sleek look making it one of the best short antennas for F150s.

  • Convenient installation
  • Rugged construction
  • Incredible reception
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Compatibility issues with factory-base


3. AntennaMastsRus Short Antenna for Ford F-150 2009-2020

AntennaMastsRus Short Antenna for Ford F-150 2009-2020

AntennaMastRus Short Antenna is one of the best short antennas that improve signal transmission and reception even in rural areas. This Germany-made short antenna is known for its incredible functionality and dependable design.

What impressed us most about this antenna was its durable build quality. It comes with a flexible rubber housing that is highly responsive to changing weather and ensures resistance against extreme temperatures, water, and other damaging factors.

Additionally, it takes pride in its solid stainless steel base that offers a strong connection between truck and antenna. The feature that makes it most standout is its internal copper construction.

Copper being six times more conductive than aluminum and silver takes its reception and signal strength to another level. It works great for both FM and AM bands and delivers a crisp, clear audio input to make your trip even more joyful.

Its 6.75-inch antenna is slightly shorter than regular antennas. The decent profile adds aesthetic value to your F150 while maintaining incredible reception and impressive signal strength. Installation is also super easy and doesn’t require any special equipment.

Although it is advertised to be compatible with F150 2009-2021, it is not compatible with F150 2017 and 2019. This incompatibility issue arises from the fact that the antenna has a female head that is not compatible with the factory base of  F150 (2017, 2019).

If you are looking for an ultra-smart low-profile antenna as a replacement for a big factory antenna, this is the best option you can have. It uses highly conductive copper materials, offering the strongest reception and attracting more and more channels in an impressive and clear quality audio output.

  • Copper wire for the strongest reception
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Weather-resistant rubber housing
  • Low profile smart solution
  • Incompatible with F150 2017 and 2019


4. Votex Short EPDM Rubber Antenna

Votex Short EPDM Rubber Antenna

Votex Short EPDM antennas are engineered in Germany and manufactured in the USA and are found to be the best replacement for those big stock antennas that originally came with your truck. It is 6¾ inch antenna featuring highly conductive copper coils. The copper coil ensures the strongest reception and best possible signal transmission.

This high-performing antenna brings more and more channels to your list and makes your trips more joyful. Although it worked great near the city, we faced a few signal loss issues in rural areas. In addition to impressive performance, it takes pride in its quality build and beautiful aesthetics. It uses EPDM rubber housing that is flexible enough to withstand a wide range of extreme temperatures.

Moreover, a fade-resistant finish maintains its aesthetic appeal and also slows down the chipping process. Finally, a robust stainless steel base ensures that it doesn’t come off even under the highest pressure. The threading fixing mechanism offers a quick and easy installation. It took us less than 5 minutes to unscrew the stock antenna and screw the new one in place.

Votex Short EPDM rubber antennas feature the industry’s best EPDM rubber housing and conductive copper wire, promising premium signal reception and long-term performance. This antenna is compatible with F150 2009-CURRENT and adds aesthetic appeal to your truck.

  • Copper wire for premium reception
  • Car-wash safe construction
  • Easy to install
  • Signal loss in rural areas


5. AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet Ammo Antenna For Ford F150

AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet Ammo Antenna

AntennaX 50 Cal bullet-shaped antenna is one of the powerful receptors for AM/FM radio bands and also adds an excellent visual impression to your Ford F150. This antenna is compatible with F150 1988-Current models and is among the most reliable options. This 50 cal antenna is only 5.5 inches long, and its low profile coupled with bullet shape looks simply amazing. Additionally, it is a plug-and-play model. It comes with direct bolt-on parts that get fixed on your existing antenna mounts.

No Allen wrenches are required, and it takes less than 120 seconds to get it on the truck. What helps this antenna make its way to the list of best Short antennas for F150 is its unbeatable signal reception. It uses T-6061 billet aluminum with impressive signal transmission ability. The billet aluminum construction maintains the signal strength and brings more and more radio stations to your list.

However, it is not as powerful as copper antennas, and you may face sound-static and signal loss issues in rural areas. The construction quality is also great. A premium rubber housing coupled with anodized aluminum finish work well against extreme temperatures and ensure long-term performance. It is also 100% car wash safe, and its low profile keeps it intact, preventing it from breaking away or falling off during car wash.

If you are looking for a smart and low-profile replacement for your ugly stock antenna, consider this 50 cal bullet antenna by AntennaX. A plug-and-play model easily gets fixed on existing mounts and promises the crisper audio output for your favorite radio channels.

  • Plug-and-play model
  • Premium construction quality
  • Compatible with older models
  • Weak signals in rural areas


6. VOFONO Short Antenna Compatible with Ford F150 2009-2021

VOFONO Short Antenna Compatible with Ford F150 2009-2021

VOFONO short antenna is a 7-inch short antenna that acts as a powerful signal receptor for both FM and AM bands. It is a high-performance short antenna that comes in a spiral shape and delivers the best audio quality, along with making your F150 stylish. This antenna offers the best combination of rubber housing with internal copper wire. Copper being six times more conductive than aluminum ensures the signal strength from far off the radius.

We didn’t face issues like static sound or signal drop even in the middle of the forest. Therefore it is the best option for people who love the countryside and off-road trips. Flexible rubber housing is highly responsive to ever-changing temperatures making the antenna rugged and durable. The outer skin is waterproof that protects it from chipping or fading away.

Then comes its tool-free installment. This plug-and-play model takes less than five minutes to get fixed on. It is compatible with the factory mount and does not show any compatibility issues. The only problem we noticed is its poorly made stud, making it less secure compared to its counterparts. The antenna is car wash proof and supports both manual and automatic car wash.

VOFONO short antenna delivers the crystal clear sound output for your favorite radio stations and ensures reliable signal reception even in challenging conditions. With durable construction, robust signal reception, and a short profile, it is one of the best replacements for your stock antenna on the Ford F150.

  • Powerful FM/AM receptor
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Weather-proof construction
  • Poorly made base


7. Trunknets Inc. Black Bullet Antenna For Ford F150

Trunknets Inc. Black Bullet Antenna For Ford F150

Final on our list is Trunknets Black Bullet antenna that is compatible with F150 2009-2019 and Ford Raptor. It is the most affordable option on the list that promises reliable and smooth signal reception for both FM/AM band radio stations. This 4.25-inch bullet-shaped antenna is arguably the shortest on the list and offers complete access to garages and other compact spaces. This American-made antenna combines the rubberized housing with copper internals to make it a powerful signal receptor for radio bands.

The internal copper wire ensures high signal strength and delivers the crisper sound for your favorite music and radio programs. The signal reception is powerful and reliable around the town, but it is too short for rural and countryside areas where signal strength is low. Additionally, the rubber housing is highly resistant to breaking, fading, and chipping. The rubber material is highly responsive to changing temperatures and offers long-lasting performance.

Additionally, it is car wash safe and doesn’t come out easily even under the highest automatic car wash pressure. Finally, it offers a tool-free installation and is compatible with the existing antenna mount on your truck. All you need to do is to carefully unscrew the old stock antenna and get the new one fixed on the base. Its strong carbon fiber base ensures a secure and well-locked connection making it even more reliable.

Trunknest Balck bullet antenna promises reliable signal reception and adds aesthetic appeal to your car. This affordable aftermarket antenna for F150 offers incredible weather resistance and the best possible signal strength within the city.

  • Weather-resistant rubber body
  • Tool-free installation
  • Affordable
  • Weak signals in rural areas


Short Antennas For F150s: Buyer’s Guide

Buying Guide Of Short Antennas For F150s

Analyzing an aftermarket short antenna’s features, pros, cons, and specification is not an easy task. It is essential to understand the standards of build quality and functioning of short antennas when you pair them with your F150 trucks.

Also, you need to consider your requirements and the conditions in which you drive. To help you make a well-informed decision, we have composed this buying guide explaining all the key features of the best short antennas for F150s.

Signal Reception

Signal reception is the most critical feature of any antenna, and the antenna’s performance mainly depends upon the strength of signal reception. The strength of signal reception depends on the type of internal wire it uses: the more conductive material, the more signal reception.

Copper, aluminum, and silver are used in making antenna wires. Copper is the most conductive metal and offers the most reliable signal reception. The signal drop ratio is very low, and they maintain the signal strength even in the rural and far-off areas. Aluminum is also a great option for urban areas, but you may face signal drop issues in rural areas.

Car Wash Safety

Car washing is the biggest threat to your truck antenna. If your antenna is not waterproof or car-wash safe, it may come off or break down due to car wash pressure. Also, water can enter the antenna and damage the internals.

It leads to the antenna malfunctioning, and you will not get uninterrupted signal reception. Therefore you must look for a  car-wash safe and waterproof antenna.

Ease Of Installation

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the ease of installation. The short antenna should be easy to install. You can find plenty of short antennas that quickly get fixed on the existing base.

You should go with the antennas with the least installation requirements. Some of the antennas include Allen and Crescent wrenches; you need to screw and unscrew the antennas.

Build Quality

The build quality of the short antenna is a critical feature since it is directly exposed to the weather. A flexible rubber housing like PDME rubbers do the job well in extreme weather. You must opt for a flexible rubber construction that responds to the changing temperatures and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, a strong base offers a powerful connection between antenna and truck. Stainless steel is the sturdiest option since it is highly resistant to corrosion and also prevents the antenna from falling off.

Anti-Theft Lock

Short antennas are pretty expensive, and you need to make them secure. Therefore you must look for anti-theft elements that lock the antenna in place, making it secure from unusual disappearances.


The price of short antennas ranges from $30-$80. However, $30- $40 is a sweet spot where you can find many quality options with a reasonable price tag. Some of the famous bards like Ronin Factory and Radnyair manufacture high-performance short antennas you can buy for under $50.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ford Make a Shorter Antenna?

Ford trucks usually have big stock antennas that may hinder your access to garages and other places. However, you can find dozens of aftermarket short antennas compatible with Ford Raptor and F150 pickup trucks.

Are Stubby Antennas Any Good?

Stubby antennas are still the best aftermarket replacement for your stock antenna on Ford Raptor or F150. Stubby antennas are famous for their durability and incredible signal reception for FM radio. However, you may face static sound issues while listening to AM radio in rural areas with weak signal strengths.

Are Shorter Antennas Better?

Short antennas are better than longer antennas in many ways. They offer maximum clearance while entering the garages or driving in the heavy wind on the highways.

Also, shorter antennas are more resistant to impact like car wash and usually offer better signal reception for FM radio. However, if you are interested in AM radio band, you should opt for a long antenna.

Why Are Car Antennas Spiral?

The spiral shape of the antenna improves the signal reception and also cuts off the wind noise and vibration. Usually, the noise and vibration produced during the wind-antenna interaction directly come to drivers; therefore, it is vital to keep it minimum. The spiral shape helps the antenna slice through the wind easily and produces less noise and vibration.

Wrapping Up

We are hopeful that our best F150 Short Antenna reviews will help you choose the best option for your F150 truck. All the products on our list offer the best brand name value and are tested for quality and performance. To make your decision even simpler, we have filtered out our three favorites.

  • Rydonair Stubby Antenna F150 (2009-2021) for its convenient installation, rugged construction, incredible signal reception, and best brand name value
  • Votex Short EPDM Rubber Antenna for its weather-resistant EPDM rubber housing, premium signal reception with copper wire, and tool-free installation
  • AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet Ammo Antenna for Ford F150 for its tool-free installation, compatibility with older models, and reliable signal strength over a wide radius

Car wash safety and effortless installation are the two crucial factors that we usually overlook while buying new antennas. If you don’t want to get, your antenna unscrewed every time you go for a car wash, invest in a product that can withstand both manual and automatic car wash pressure.

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