Best Projector For Tablet in 2021 – [Latest Reviews & Buying Guide]

Are you finding a way to enhance your movie-watching experience by getting a projector for a tablet? Now it is possible conveniently!

There are versatile yet handy projectors in the market that you can easily carry anywhere, and they have broad compatibility due to abundant ports. It will be a great option to make the best movie night with your friends and family.

And the good news? You will not have a heavy device for superior image quality projection in any lighting. Fellows, we chose the projectors that are worth it yet affordable. If you are buying a projector for the first time, don’t forget to read our buyer’s guide to make the perfect decision.

Please read our reviews in detail and find out which device will meet your requirements and budget. Below is our selection of the projector for tablet reviews.

Top 5 Picks On The Projector For Tablet


1. Manybox Mini Projector Portable Video Device – Best Long Lamp-life


Manybox Mini Projector

This projector will surely provide the most superior watching experience because of the fantastic picture quality. You will get a contrast ratio of 2000:1 with a resolution of 1080 p. Moreover, you will have a 70 percent better image projection than the other projectors in our guide. You will have a perfect option for home entertainment.

And the good news? You will be using the projector for multiple purposes, but it doesn’t provide superior results for the PPT.

You will have big size screen projection that is 36 to 150 inches. Not only that, it comes with the perfect option for home entertainment at a distance of 3 to 9 feet.

In addition, the projector comes with built-in dual speakers, and it has a fan too. You will have a high sound quality with a longer lamp life.

Furthermore, the life of a lamp is more than 43000 hours due to the advanced cooling technology. Plus, the device is quite portable, so you can easily take it along with you while camping anywhere.

You will be able to connect the projector with any device easily. For instance, you can connect the projector with computers, laptops, tablets, phones, USB drivers, ps4, and many other gaming consoles. The Mobile projector will be perfect for entertainment use rather than for office and school work purposes.

All in all, you will have a reliable projector for a tablet with an extended warranty period of 1 year. Plus, you will have technical support as well from the company.

  • The warranty period of 1 year
  • Life of lamp is more than 43000 hours
  • Contrast ratio of 2000:1
  • Big size screen projection
  • Not for PPT use


2. ZCGIOBN Wireless Bluetooth Projector – Best For Outdoor Use


This projector comes with wireless capability and wide compatibility with devices. Best of all, it provides an upgraded experience for the visuals, and you will have the option of attaching the game’s accessories with it too. For instance, you can attach the headphones, gaming pad, speakers, mouse, keyboard, etc., with the Bluetooth connection of 4.0 technology.

What’s more? It comes with a vividly clear picture quality with the high-resolution of WXGA 1280 by 800. Plus, you will have a large screen projection. There won’t be any rainbow effect.

Also, it has a powerful LED light engine and 500 lumens brightness. Additionally, it comes with a contrast ratio of 6500:1 and 1670 million other colors.

No doubt, you will have the crispest and deep black image quality, and it will provide the best movie watching and gaming experience. And the best part? You will have an easy setup with the front and rear projection.

The mounting system of this projector is very convenient. You will have the support of the digital zoom, and it comes with the horizontal keystone correction as well. In fact, you will have an image flip function, and the projection size is 50 to 200 inches. Not only that, it comes with the 4:3 switchable and throws a distance of 6.5 to 21.8 feet.

What else? This device will provide the clearest picture projection on the white wall sheet. It comes with a built-in powerful 5 W stereo speaker, and the refresh rate is 60 Hertz to make the device run very smoothly.

You will be dazed to know about its compatibility. It is the best projector for a tablet for home and outdoor use with dual HDMI inputs, USB inputs, iPhones, Android phones, speakers, pc, DVD player, gamepads, and much more.

  • Dual HDMI inputs
  • Built-in powerful 5 W stereo speaker
  • Projection size is 50 to 200 inches
  • 500 lumens brightness
  • Lamp life should be increased.


3. ZCGIOBN Projector Wireless Control – Advanced Android System

You will have an instant connection with this projector to attach the laptop, tablet, phone, Pc, and much more. It will provide the instant streaming option on the bigger screen without any hassle of the cables. You will have sharing option for the videos from your device.

This projector comes with wireless connections and the latest technology. It comes with Bluetooth functions, and you will have the convenient option of using the miracast with the smartphone, pc, tablet, etc., without any hassle of wires.

Best of all, it comes with a Bluetooth chip, and you can easily pair other devices with it, including earphones, headphones, mice, speakers, and a keyboard. Moreover, you will have an advanced android system of 7.1 technology with built-in 8 GB ROM and RAM of 1 GB.

And the good news? It will provide the most smooth running and browsing experience. This device comes with the built-in google play store, and you will have a stable wireless connection. Not only that, you will get one audio jack of 3.5mm, HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB ports.

This projector comes with pretty wide connectivity, and you will get a convenient connection to watch movies on a large screen with your family. The screen will provide a brightness of 3000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2500:1.

Besides, the projection size is 40 to 100 inches. The sharp pictures will provide the best color and brightness for movies and games. It has an X/Y zoom function with a 4D keystone function and a superb spectating experience for movie projection.

Another incredible feature of this projector is the built-in hi-fi dual speaker system. You will have a powerful sound quality and one audio jack of 3.5mm.

  • Built-in 8 GB ROM and RAM of 1 GB
  • Built-in hi-fi dual speaker system
  • X/Y zoom function
  • 4D keystone function
  • Best for entertainment purposes only.


4. AAXA Technologies P2 A Android Smart LED Projector – Best HD Support

This is a mini projector with a wireless connection to attach to other devices conveniently. You will have a versatile yet highly portable device. It comes with the ultra-portable style with a projection of 130 lumens and a resolution of 1080 p.

Moreover, it has the most vibrant color technology, and you will have the best projector for a tablet and pc to carry on business travels. And the good news? You can easily stream apps and use smartphone mirroring as well.

The projector will require 3rd party android app downloading feature from the android devices. You will have a wide connectivity option with this projector, and it has several ports to attach to other devices.

AAXA P2-A Smart Pico Projector Precision

For instance, you will have one mini HDMI port, USB port, AUX port, and more. It comes with a battery life of 2.5 hours and LED technology of 30k hours. In fact, it has a premium-grade lithium battery that is easily changeable.

Not only that, you will have long-lasting LED lighting. There won’t be any hassle for the color degradation or lamp replacement. It comes with a large projection up to 100 inches, even in the low light area.

This mini projector is from a US-based company that offers the best customer service on the phone and email. Plus, it has 12 months warranty period. Additionally, it comes with the perfect large screen image projection without a rainbow effect. All in all, it is the best portable projector for movies in any lighting.

  • 3rd party android app downloading feature
  • Long-lasting led lighting
  • Most vibrant color technology
  • Mini HDMI port
  • Not so bright


5. Viewsonic M1 Portable Projector – Best Ultra-Portable Device

Viewsonic M1 Portable Projector

Another reliable projector that we have added to our list is by view-sonic. It is one of the most portable projections with ultra-portable technology. You will have a LED projection that provides a bright image projection in any room.

Moreover, the projector comes with a short-throw of 100 inches from 8 feet and 9 inches. Besides, you will have a short-throw projector for a tablet, but it has a big screen projection. As well, it has dual Harman Kardon speakers that can easily fill a room with its audio.

And that’s not all; it comes with the 2.5 hours power battery with a charger of USB type C cable. Not only that, you will have the most simplified streaming experience.

In addition, you will have the best live stream sporting event at indoor and outdoor places. However, it doesn’t come with a dongle for Netflix.

What else? It comes with the longest warranty on the parts for three years, and it has US-based customer service.

Plus, the connectivity is quite flexible, and you will have support for the media players, MAC’s, Pc, tablets, phones, etc.

In the box, you will get one projector, USB type C cable, Remote controller, one projector case, power adapter, and a quick start guide.

  • USB type C cable for charging
  • Short throw projector with built-in speakers
  • Longest warranty
  • It comes with one projector case.
  • Bit pricey


Benefits of Buying a Projector For Tablet

Before you add any projector to the cart, you need to go through our buying guide. It will teach you what specs are crucial and what makes a projector worth buying from any company. Read on!

1. Picture Quality

The first and foremost thing to look upon is the picture quality that a projector will provide you. There are two things to depict the picture quality of any projector. You have to consider the screen resolution. There should not be any additional lines on the screen during image projection.

Other than that, you have to look at the color ratio. The image quality should be at least HD to provide the best projector watching experience. However, you don’t need to worry about the refresh rate of the projectors.

2. Brightness

Secondly, you have to look at the brightness level. The projector should have great picture quality and the ability to project the content in any lighting. However, the projectors are perfect for presenting the images in darker conditions. However, the projectors that are made for displaying the image in a dark area will struggle even if the light is coming from the windows.

3. Portability

Thirdly, you have to look at the portability. There are several projector companies that are making handy projectors so the consumers can travel anywhere easily. Also, you will have the best option to carry the handy projector with you at camping or any other outdoor adventure.
Therefore, you will have a small device but with the same amount of durability. Also, you will find most of the mini and portable projectors with built-in speakers.

4. Connections

Fourthly, you have to look at the connectivity. The projector will be convenient to use if it has several port for connections. In addition, you will have the HDMI, VGA, USB ports, and several other connections in one small device. How amazing?

5. Price

Lastly, consider the price as per the specs you are getting in that device. It is not crucial to choose a pricey high-end projector because it will be useless. After all, you will get the same features in an affordable one as well.


Can I Use Any Projector For Android?

There are several projectors that you can connect with the android phone. You will have the convenient connecting option because most of the projectors in our guide have a wireless connection. You will have the easiest way to connect the projector with an android tablet or phone and watch the content on the larger screen.

Should I Choose The Portable Projectors?

You have to choose a mini projector by considering its size and weight. The device should be lightweight so you can carry it easily while traveling for a business meeting. Also, the mini projectors are made so you can take them to other places for gaming, work, and much more.

Should I Purchase The Affordable Projectors?

You can purchase a portable projector at an affordable price, but it should have the necessary specs mentioned above in our guide. The projectors in our guide have an affordable price and have the ability to provide the best quality image and lighting. There are several projector companies making affordable projectors.

How To Pick A Projector?

You have to pick a projector by looking at three crucial aspects. For instance, you have to consider the lamp life, portability, and brightness. The main feature of the projector is how it can display the image. We choose several projectors that will display content in any light condition. You will have projectors with great image quality.

To Sum Up

Having a projector with versatile specs will be the perfect option for home entertainment. Moreover, we have projectors that you can use in any light condition. Plus, you will find wide connectivity options, including the wireless feature for attaching the tablets, pc, and other devices in just a minute.

If you want to have the handiest option for your tablet, go with AAXA Technologies P2 A Android Smart LED Projector. It is pretty portable, but the image projection will be significant due to the 1080 p resolution.

Other than that, you can choose the Viewsonic Projector for the best image projection and several ports.

Which projector did you find most worth buying from our list? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting here!

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