Best Pen For Surface Pro 3 To Buy in 2022 – [Reviews & Guide]

Here you can choose the Best Pen for Surface Pro 3 that offers precise performance without making anything complicated. These choices would save your time and effort either you are making notes or sketching a new design. They use the latest sensors, so they recognize the screen without any connection. If you are an artist, they will help you plan new pieces by providing the most convenient rather than work manually. By considering all facts in mind, we made a list for you so you can make a perfect deal for your bucks. Let’s get started!

Top Best Pens For Surface Pro 3 in 2022

ABAZAR Active Pen4.7 Check Price
ANYQOO Pen Surface Pro4.6 Check Price
Vitade Stylus Pen4.5 Check Price
Microsoft Surface Pen4.4 Check Price
Blooding Stylus Pen4.4 Check Price
Bix Surface Pen4.2 Check Price
ANYQOO Pen For Surface4.0 Check Price

1. ABAZAR Active Pen

The ABAZAR Active Pen has incredible features that you need for the best pen for surface pro 3. It is easy to use due to the simple yet innovative design.

There are featured original nib with long service life. It protects the screen from scratches and doesn’t leave any marks. There is no driver or Bluetooth settings that need to start.

ABAZAR Active Pen

You can start it by simply pressing a button. For removing any content, you can press its right-click function. Hence, it is as simple as it could be.

What’s more? This pen brings over 1024 pressure points. It is highly sensitive and precise, so you can write or draw with no hassle. There is no delay and no broken lines since it does an effective job.

With this stylus for surface pro 3, you will get incredibly easy working. It is integrated with palm rejection technology. This function allows you to rest your palm comfortably on the screen.

It will recognize the screen when you touch its nib so you can start working instantly. Until the screen touches on the screen, it will automatically block other signals to avoid any wrong input.

Best of all, this unit is designed for writing as well as drawing casually. There are various accessories that you will get with this unit.

ABAZAR Active Pen

Last but not least, it is widely compatible with lots of models, and the battery life is up to 1800 hours.

  • No latency
  • Easy to use
  • Highly sensitive
  • Palm rejection
  • Widely compatible
  • No button on its end

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2. ANYQOO Pen Surface Pro

Next up, the ANYQOO Pen Surface Pro is offering high-end functionality so you can get the best writing experience on your Mac tablet or laptop.

Unlike other models., it provides the latest technology that doesn’t require any driver and Bluetooth. It offers a wireless connection, which is super easy to operate.

ANYQOO Pen Surface Pro

Not only that, it has 3 tips so you can work for long hours. It allows you are writing for 5000000-inch without requiring additional refilling. It is roughly estimated that it can run over 400 days if used normally.

On standby mode, it is capable of running up to 521 days. The amazing thing is that there is no need to carry a charging cable. Without fear of running out charging, it gives you high peace of mind.

It has a clip design with gorgeous style, so you can easily carry and store it anywhere. Moreover, it brings your vision to life by providing you great peace of mind.

You can use it for many applications to make animated shorts, draw 3D print, 3D CAD design, takes notes, and more. It can be easily used for officers, architects, artists, students, teachers, and kids.

The low price and durable look make it the best pen for surface pro 3. Overall, it is highly sensitive with 1024 pressure sensitivity so that you can sketch or write with the most ease. Also, it offers 18 months of warranty.

  • Excellent design
  • Wireless connection
  • Cheap price
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Buttons are not convenient

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3. Vitade Stylus Pen

The Vitade Stylus Pen would also be a killing deal for the price. It does offer 4096 pressure sensitivity, which helps to precisely tilt shade and sketch. The reason is, it draws naturally with ink flows out like real experience.

More than that, this stylus doesn’t offer any latency and legacy so that you can work for hours. It uses palm rejection technology so you can rest your palms on the screen. It doesn’t interfere with the pen touch. Hence, no worry about any distortion.

Vitade Stylus Pen

There is an eraser and right-click function o you can draw and write. Both of these functions worth a featured button and convenient to use. Moreover, it feels like a real pencil on the screen.

Best of all, there is no need for drivers and Bluetooth connection to pair it with the screen. Also, there is an integrated meta clip, so you can easily attach it to the pocket.

Moreover, it has a streamlined design and lightweight, so your hands won’t get fatigued from holding it for long hours.

When it comes to the battery, it runs up to 1800 hours on a single charge. The 4 AAAA batteries never let it down. In addition to this, it will completely turn ir off if idle for some time.

Overall, it is the best pen for surface 3, which lets you compose lyrics, takes notes, create animated videos, or draw 3D Cad designs. Also, it is featured for many apps so you can efficiently do your job.

  • Auto pairing
  • No latency
  • Erase button
  • Long battery
  • None

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4. Microsoft Surface Pen

The Microsoft Surface Pen lets you create without any limits. This pen is manufactured to deliver a natural writing experience. It provides an easy solution when it comes to drawing.

The ink flows smoothly into the nib so it can write without having latency and lagging issues. There are also tilt support features; hence you can do sketches like a graphite pencil.

Microsoft Surface Pen

What’s more? It delivers exceptional artistic precision performance. It is because of the 4096 pressure points that respond to the screen with the lightest touch.

Not only that, it lets you write and draw like you are writing on a natural paper. It allows you precisely do your sketching and shade when ink flows from the tip to the screen.

With virtually no lag, there is a rubber eraser that removes your mistakes. Also, palm detection technology allows your hand to rest on the screen while you are writing or sketching.

Moreover, it brings your vision to life whether you want to compose a symphony or writing. It lets you easily take your notes, draw 3D CAD, make an animated short, and more.

Besides that, it is also providing compatibility with many apps such as Adobe Suite, Drawboard PDF, Microsoft Office, and others.

  • 4096 pressure points
  • Great compatibility
  • Highly responsive
  • Worth for price
  • Buttons are not easy to press

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5. Blooding Stylus Pen

The Blooding Stylus Pen offers high functionality. It is powered by a battery that works directly without any connection. It is featuring the latest technology which recognizes the screen fastly when its nib touches the screen.

Using its right-click function, it lets you press the top of the button on the pen. This feature allows you to work with many apps so that you can work with no hassle.

Blooding Stylus Pen

Other than that, it has an eraser function by pressing its built-in button on the pen. There is no need to face any lagging issues.

Moreover, it allows 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity so you can write, sketch, shade, and repeat. It ensures precise performance with finer control.

Unlike other models, it responds to the lightest touches and provides better flow out in real-time. Additionally, it comes with palm rejection technology, so your hands do rest on-screen when you are making notes.

Best of all, this pen doesn’t leave any marks, so there is no need to wear any anti-friction gloves on your hands. Hence why it is the best pen for surface pro 3 to make the best bangs for your bucks.

What’s more? It allows an auto-sleep function that can turn it off when it is not used for a long time. Besides that, it comes in 4 AAA battery so always ready to write on the go.

  • Highly functional
  • Speedy performance
  • Instant connectivity
  • Easy to use
  • No button at the edge of the back

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6. Bix Surface Pen

The Bix Surface Pen is also a simple way to write naturally on the surface of Surface Pro 3 without any hassle. There is a button which you need to press when you want to start working.

This surface pen is designed to provide the most convenient experience. It doesn’t need any connection or Bluetooth technology when you start using it. You have to simply press its nib on the screen, and it will be ready to work for you.

Bix Surface Pen

It uses 4096 pressure points as well as a tilt function so you can draw and write with ease. Along with the pressures, it is highly responding to the lightest touches without any lagging.

By tilting the tip to shadow, you can simply make sketches like a graphite pencil. Not only pro 3 compatibilities, but it does also offering great high competitiveness to other models.

More than that, it uses palm rejection technology. Hence when your hands touch the screen, it recognizes that and doesn’t make any lagging or interruption.

Besides that, it offers ultra-fast charging such as it takes only 20 minutes and is ready for 50 hrs. If you charge it for 1 hour, it will provide writing for 100 hours, that’s amazing for the price.

  • Easy to use
  • Palm rejection
  • Fast charging
  • Worth for money
  • Some buyers don’t like its buttons

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7. ANYQOO Pen For Surface

Lastly, we have the ANYQOO Pen for Surface is most convenient to use without requiring any connectivity or wireless connection. Thus, it is easy to operate, and the best pen surface pro 3 available on the market.

It comes with 4 AAAA batteries so you can work perfectly. Unlike other pens in this price range, it supports erasing when you click on its right button.

ANYQOO Pen for Surface

Thanks to its palm rejection technology, which allows your hands to rest on the screen when you are sketching or writing. Without any interruption of hands, you can take notes, and no annoying marks will be left.

Furthermore, it lasts for 400 days if you use it normally and 521 days on standby mode, which is efficient and enough functionality. It makes it travel friendly, and you don’t need to worry about its charging.

Best of all, it has an elegant clip design, so you can clip it on your pocket to securely carry it. Not only that, it is cheaper and durable and ensures high sensitivity with 1024 pressures.

Overall it is accurate and provides great writing and painting experience with 18 months of warranty with no question asked.

  • Excellent design
  • Easy to use
  • Palm relaxation
  • Cheaper
  • None

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The Bottom Line

All in all, you can choose your best pen for surface pro 3 from the above-reviewed models. We assured you these pens are best and added great worth for money. Not only that, we have picked the best-rated models so you can make the best bangs for your bucks. Besides that, if you have any questions, then write them down in the comment section. Thank you for visiting us!

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