Top 16 Best Movies To Watch On A Projector At Home 2022

Are you planning to watch a movie on a larger screen at the weekend? We have a list of the best movies to watch on a projector at home with friends and family. Watching the film on the bigger screen will provide the cinematic experience if you have the perfect 4k projector that depicts clear images.

Moreover, at the end of our guide, you will find some good projector options to buy. So stick with us till the end. Now let’s have a guise at the best movies of all time you can watch on a larger screen.

Best Movies To Watch On A Projector


List Of The Best Movies To Watch On A Projector

1. Harry Potter

You will be familiar that harry potter has several series. You can pick any of the series to watch on a projector with your friend as well as family. Moreover, this movie includes various fictional details that you can catch while watching on a projector.

2. The Exorcist

The exorcist is a horror movie that includes a young girl who has some powers and becomes a demon. You will have a horrifying feel while watching this movie on the larger screen. Other than that, this movie will be the best option if you want to scare your adult friends.

Moreover, you will see how the girl gets in the worst form of demon. You will have strange speech and many forms of hallucinations by that demon girl. No doubt, the acting of the demon girl is superb in this movie. We highly recommend watching it on a projector.

3. Apocalypse Now

Third, on the list of the best movies for watching on a projector is apocalypse now. This movie includes fiction, and you will see the war times of 1970. Moreover, you will see the military officers’ efforts and all the insane actions.

Watching this iconic movie on a larger screen will be beneficial. In fact, you will have a great time seeing the visuals clearly on the larger screen.

4. Avatar

Next up, we have the avatar movie that is quite famous. So if you haven’t seen it yet, download it now to watch it with your friends and family. The editing of this movie is very astonishing. No doubt, you will have a threatening experience with this movie, and it includes the inhabitants who fight from the forces that emerge from the earth.

Also, this movie includes fiction and much beauty. You will have amazing visuals, and it will be pleasant to watch on the larger screen. No doubt, it is the best movie to see on a projector.

5. Interstellar

Interstellar is a fantastic movie that includes science as well as fiction. You will have an incredible concept in this movie. You will have an idea that what will happen when life is no more on this planet. So the scientists work to make out a way to move the people of earth on any other civilization.

Watching this movie on a large screen will be interesting, including a lot of detailed images. You will have a joyful experience with family and friends while watching it on a projector.

6. Spirited Away

This scary movie is more than 20 years old. It includes animations, and kids will love to watch this movie. For instance, it has the main character of a young girl whose parents turn into a form of a pig. To have her parents back, the girl has to work at a resort. No doubt, it is a unique and interesting movie for all age groups so you can watch it with the whole family.


The WALL-E movie is not complex, so you don’t need to watch it with much concentration. However, this movie is great for watching with the whole family. It includes a robot, and you will have the sweetest watching time. Also, this movie includes several lessons for the kids. So you will have good quality time while watching this impactful movie on the large screen with the whole family.

8. We’re The Millers

We are the millers is an interesting road trip movie that includes mature characters. However, it is not for kids so that you can watch it with your adult fellows. This movie includes Jennifer Aniston as well as Jason Sudeikis as a lead role. Not only that, you will have a lot of crime comedy in this movie.

Also, the characters of this movie are goofy, but they make mistakes that cause mishaps. Therefore, you will surely, have the best experience while watching this movie on a projector outdoors.

9. Little Miss Sunshine

An Oscar-winning director makes the miss little sunshine movie. Jonathan Dayton is the director who has made the finest road trip move. This movie includes many emotions, including happiness, sadness, uplifting, and more. You can watch this movie with your fellows in any environment.

10. Dumb And Dumber

Next up, we have a comedy movie that you can watch with your fellows on the big screen to have more fun. In fact, this movie includes entertainment, and you will love to watch it with your friends. This movie includes jeff Daniel as well as Jim Carrey. In addition, this movie includes toilet humor that will make you laugh out loud.

11. The Blair Witch Project

This movie is quite a horror, and it came in 1999. You will see that a lot of psychological traits become obvious. It is ideal for watching while camping or in any other outdoor setting. Furthermore, you will have scary scenes, and it is not for the kids. For watching this movie, you need to be courageous.

12. Jaws

By the name of this movie, it scares a lot of people. However, this movie is not for those people who have a phobia of water and species in water. Besides, the jaws movie is quite famous, and it includes a shark who murders several people who visit that ocean.

In fact, this movie will be terrifying if you are watching it on the larger screen. So we don’t recommend this movie to watch with the young kids. Especially when you watch the movie on the larger screen, it will be frightening, and you will feel that the shark is coming closer to you.

Furthermore, you will have a great watching time with this action movie in any environment.

13. Monsters

By the title of the movie, you might be thinking that it would be scary. But this movie is quite interesting and includes two characters who live in Mexico City. Also, this movie is not made on a very high budget, but it gained fame just after the release.

Other than that, it includes some of the monsters on the road trip and some aliens as well. However, there is a lot of invasion and naturalistic influence in this movie. Not only that, you will have an amazing movie-watching time in any outdoor area. There is nothing really scary in this movie, so that you can watch it with the kids as well.

14. American Graffiti

Next up, we have a horror movie that is having amazing characters. It came in 1973, and since then, it became quite popular. The characters of this movie include George Lucas and starry pretty. As well, you will see the characters in the movie as high school students.

Surely, you will have an amazing time watching this movie while camping or in any other outdoor setting. However, you should have a projector that includes good image resolution and a black pint. Also, you can grab some snacks with this movie to fine-tune the experience with your loved ones. This movie is ideal for adults.

15. Christine

Lastly, we recommend you to watch the Christine movie. This is based on a novel, and it came in 1983. The direction is done superbly by john carpenter.

Moreover, you will love this interesting movie because it is horror. In fact, it has a lot of American graffiti elements. Also, it involves a lot of suspense. However, it is not very horrific, so that you can watch it with your family.

Which Projector Is Best To Buy For Home Theatre?

Also, if you are willing to buy a new projector for having the most blissful time, then we have some recommendations.

There are several companies offering the best projectors that can provide an immersive cinematic experience. But here, we will share the three amazing options of projectors that are surely worth buying. So read on!

1. Optoma SH360 Home Theatre Projector

Optoma SH360 Home Theatre Projector

The optoma company has several amazing projectors, and you will have the most colorful image with this one. You will have a vibrant 480 pixels image with a 22:000:1 contrast ratio. In fact, it comes with the rec 709 gamut that guarantees incredible image quality for having the best cinematic experience.

As well, you will have 3600 lumens of brightness, and it is suitable for use in indoor lighting too. You will have the best image quality due to the versatile specs. And the best thing? You will have HDMI connectivity with this projector.

In addition to this, you will have a longer lamp life of 15000 hours. So if you use this projector for 4 hours, it will last for more than ten years. Not only that, it has integrated a sound of 10w for providing the most cinematic sound experience.

Lastly, it comes with the most flexible installation. You will also have vertical keystone adjustment. It will provide a 1.1x zoom flexible placement too.

2. BenQ TK 850 True 4k Projector

BenQ TK 850 True 4k Projector

Next up, we recommend buying a 4K projector by benQ. This projector comes with the true 4k Ultra HD resolution. It comes with high-quality images with the crispest details. In addition, you will have a projector with the optimized HDR pro dynamic iris, which enhances the picture quality.

Indeed, you will get the most realistic image quality and detailed images. And the good news? You will have calibrated colors with this projector due to the latest technology. In fact, it comes with a true color response. Similar to the above suggestion, this projector also comes with the rec 709 gamuts.

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Additionally, you will have immersive gaming, movie watching, and sports modes experience. Plus, it comes with audio+2 for making the sounds crystal clear. And that’s not all; you will have a projector with the 1.3x zoom feature and quick installation.

Lastly, you will have 10 element crystal clear lens, which enhances the sharpness of the images. It comes with the best-in-class picture quality as well as clarity.

3. Sony Home Theatre Projector VPL-HW 45 ES

Sony Home Theatre Projector VPL-HW 45 ES

The third and last suggestion is from the sony brand. This projector comes with superb resolution. You will have subtle details as well as the best textures. Also, it will produce HD results. Not only that, you will get a high contrast ratio and deeper blacks.

Moreover, it comes with 1800 lumens, and you will have no motion blur. This projector will provide the fastest response, and you will have precise details of the images. Also, you will have a 1.6 x zoom feature, and it will work fine in all room sizes.

Additionally, it comes with the best coverage for displaying images and videos. You will have a projector that has RF industry standards. It has a lamp life of 6000 hours and requires fewer lamp swaps.

Lastly, you will have a remote controller, batteries, AC power cord, using instructions, lens cap, and a manual with it.

To Sum Up

Having the best home theatre projector is surely bliss. You can watch your favorite shows any time with the most immersive experience and crystal clear sound. Moreover, you will have the best time with your family and friends on the weekends.

All in all, you need a projector for having the most stunning, vivid, and engaging experience. So pick out a movie now with the best projector for watching it at home in this pandemic. Thanks for the read!

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