Bargains Depot Stylus Review – [Best Capacitive Stylus Pen]

Here in our bargains depot stylus review, you will know why this capacitive is popular. This pen is offering the best features in an affordable price range. Now you don’t need to invest in high-end pens for the best hollow tip.

The capacitive stylus is great for those who don’t like to use the touchscreen of a tablet or phone from the finger. You will have an extensive compatibility range with the bargains stylus pen. This pen comes in several color options.

So let’s dive into the review of bargains stylus for tablets.


Bargains Depot Stylus Review 2021

Bargains Depot Stylus Review 2021


First of all, we’ll talk about the compatibility of the bargains stylus depot pen. This pen is great for using on the touchscreen, which has a capacitive screen. For instance, you can use the bargains pen on android, iOS, MAC, kindle, tablets, and other touchscreen devices.

Most iOS users complain that the other company’s capacitive pens are not compatible with their devices. But that’s not the case here. You will have 100 percent compatibility of this stylus with the apple, iPad, iPod, and other iOS/MAC devices.

Android users can use it on several devices too. You cannot use it on smartphones below 6s, and it will work on the Samsung galaxy s7 edge. Further, bargains are compatible with the HTC, LG, Huawei, and other smartphone company’s touchscreens.

Does It Require Battery?

You know that the passive stylus pens do not require a battery, and it will work for several years. However, you can change the tip of the pen if it is not smooth after a few months. And the good news? You will have the various tips with a bargains stylus pen.

Thus, you don’t need to worry about recharging the pen after using it. This pen will give you a feel like you are holding a regular pen or pencil. In fact, it is not very thick or thin. You will have the perfect grip with the pen. This universal stylus pen is great for typing, drawing, pointing, and for regular touch screen use.

And the best part? It would help if you use a stylus instead of using the fingers because it will keep the screen and hands hygienic. This rubber-tipped stylus has a durable yet flexible material. If we talk about the design of this pen, it is pretty thin but convenient to hold. You will have the clip design, and it is convenient to keep in the pocket.


Moreover, you can clip the pen to any diary, pocket, or at any other place to find it immediately when needed. This bargains depot high sensitive stylus pen is ideally made for carrying at the meeting, office, school, and other places. It is user-friendly and most easy to hold.


This bargains depot high sensitivity stylus pen has a length of 140mm, the diameter of the pen is 9.5mm, and has the rubber tip on the sides. These rubber tip dimensions are 0.18 * 0.24 inches.


It has steel material with a mixture of aluminum. The pen will last long because it doesn’t have cheap material construction. And the best thing is that you will have the reel pen feel with this stylus.


This pen has a small rubber material tip, and you can conveniently select the small icons. It comes with smaller links, and you will have the best selection too. This bargains depot stylus passive pen is often bought for using drawing applications.

Even children and adults use this pen for several daily tasks on their phones and tablets. And that’s not all; it is designed in such a way that you can carry it with minimal effort.


This pen has a replaceable tip, and you will have two ends. You can replace the tip of the pen with the utmost convenience, and it will extend life too. If you buy the stylus online, it will come with the 4 styluses, and each stylus will have 4 tips with it.

More than that, this stylus has a tip of 0.18 inches. We recommend changing the tip of the stylus after every 2 months after regular use of it.

Are you wondering how to replace the tips of the stylus? Well, it is very easy, and you can do it with the following steps:

  • Firstly, you have to take off the silver lining from the stylus which is holding the rubber tip.
  • Now you have to pull off the older tip and put on the new bargain stylus tip.
  • Lastly, screw back the silver lining of the stylus, which will hold the tip with a grip.

User-Friendly Interaction

Indeed, you will have the most user-friendly interaction with the bargains depot stylus, and it will assist in making an accurate selection.

No matter how small links you make with the stylus, it will make an accurate selection. Even you will not have smudges on the screen that happen with the fingers when we use the stylus pen. Isn’t it making an even more convenient way to use the touchscreen?

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the stylus pens. Read on!


What Features To Look Upon While Buying A Stylus Pen?

The stylus pen should have a comfortable feel while holding it. Moreover, the pen should be convenient to hold for a long time, and the tip of the pen should be smooth. You will find the retractable tip with most of the passive pens. The passive pen comes with a replaceable tip. Must look for the quality and weight of stylus pen before buying it.

Is The Stylus Pen Worth Buying?

The stylus pens are worth buying because you can prevent the smudges on the screen. Further, the touchscreen will not transfer any germs to the other person if you share your tablet with others. It is demonstrated that you will not remember anything if you are using the touch screen with fingers; instead, try using the pen for long-term memory for remembering things.

What Is The Key Dissimilarity Between Passive And Active Pen?

The main difference between the active and passive pen is the input. The active and passive pens work with different technology. The passive pens do not have electronic components. Although the active pens are great for the artists and they are more accurate than passive pens. The active pens have more features, and you can make them an eraser too.

Can I Use The Stylus Pen On Any Chromebook Laptop?

The Chromebooks work with several passive stylus pens. You can use any of the capacitive pens on the Chromebooks. Do check the compatibility of the pen before buying it.

Wrapping Up

All in all, this bargains depot passive pen has great features. You will have an affordable stylus yet the best quality. This pen has wide compatibility with android, iOS, MAC, LG, and other brands. Lastly, this stylus will offer the best value for its price.

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