Active Stylus Pen Review – [Comprehensive Expert Guide]

Here in our active stylus review, you will know why it is becoming popular than the capacitive pens. Moreover, we’ll not completely favor the active stylus pens because there are some cons that we’ll reveal in our review.


Active Stylus Review 2021 Complete Expert Guide

So what is an active stylus pen? It has a unique form of digitizer, and it consists of sensors. It comes with different functionality than passive pens. The active pens come with electronic components.

You will not find the digitizing thing in the passive stylus pens. Though the capacitive stylus pen has a thick tip, active ones are really thin. When you use the active stylus, a cursor will appear on the screen.

Active Stylus Review

Now you have to use the side button on the active stylus pen for making the customizable settings to use on the document. And the best part? The active stylus pen will turn into an eraser if you flip up the side of the pen. Convert it into the pen again after flipping its side.

Are you excited to know more about the active styluses? Read on!

The active stylus pen is compatible with all the touch screens that have the capacitive type. And the good news? You will have the best alternative of using the touchscreen with the fingers. It is assisting in several ways.

The graphic designers and artists use active stylus pens because they are having pinpoint accuracy and give good stroke accuracy to their work.

Advantages of  The Active Styluses

  • The best advantage of having an active stylus is that you will have pinpoint accuracy, and you can easily draw, write, sketch with it.
  • The active stylus pen will guarantee that you will have the right cursor movement no matter how small clicks you make. Best of all, the pen will never give the parallax error.
  • An active stylus pen will prevent the issue of the diagonal jitter lining, which is why it is better than the passive stylus.
  • You will have incredible pressure sensitivity levels. It has amazing digitizer technology that will help the user determine the right pressure level on a touchscreen. Also, you will have a choice to enhance the thickness of the stroke.
  • What we like about the active styluses is their palm rejection technology. You will not have any interference from the palm while using the stylus pen. Apart from that, you can use an active stylus with the hover mode, and you can conveniently pop up the cursor whenever it is needed.
  • However, you have to keep the cursor of an active stylus close to the screen for palm rejection technology.
  • Another great advantage of an active stylus is the eraser mode. You can conveniently flip up the stylus and then make it in the eraser mode. After the erasing part is done, you can switch it back by flipping on to the pen mode.

Disadvantages Of The Active Styluses

  • The major drawback of an active stylus is that it is really expensive than the capacitive stylus pens.
  • However, you have to connect the stylus with the application for customizing the features. But if you want to use it without the additional feature, it will work without the app.
  • The active stylus pens require the support of the OS programs for the best features. You have to connect it with the OS feature to change the level of pressure sensitivity levels.
  • For using the shortcut buttons, you have to connect it with the OS software too.
  • You will not find the compatibility of an active stylus with all the touchscreen devices. However, passive styluses do work with a wide range of touchscreen devices.
  • If the tablet doesn’t have the digitizer, then you cannot use the stylus on it. If we take the example of the Samsung tab, you can use an active stylus on it. But you can’t use an active stylus on the Samsung tab A.

Features To Look In The Stylus Pens

You will find several best active stylus online and in stores. To ensure the best purchase, you need to know the following features. Fortunately, we’ll help you to make the best decision. Most of the top-rated active styluses will have the following features. Read on!

Comfort And Convenience

All users will not buy an active stylus for the same type of work. You must look for your comfort and convenience. The pen should have a convenient grip, and you have to choose the non-slip material for the utmost accuracy while using a stylus.

You can choose between the rubberized grips and the angled grips for fulfilling your need. The stylus should be convenient to drag on the screen.


The right stylus will provide the perfect resistance level. Here resistance is meant by friction. When the tip of the pen has the right resistance level, then you will have a smooth working experience. Not only that, but the resistance level will tell how you can control the stylus while making lines.

Suppose the stylus is sticky, then you will have sore hands. Besides, the grip of the stylus should not be too tight because it will make the work of the user difficult.

Weight And Balance of The Stylus

The weight and balance of the stylus is another important thing. Although a regular stylus might have more weight and it would not be easy to balance. Besides, you have to choose the lightweight stylus if you need it for longer tasking.

The correct weight distribution will help the user for making the graphics at ease. You will not have much problem with those styluses that have palm rejection technology because they prioritize the pen’s weight distribution.

Do you know a heavy stylus will create cramps in your hand? The nib of the pen should not be the softest because it will take control of the text difficult.


If the styli have the right precision, then you will have a consistent writing experience. Though the wrong precision will be irritating, and you will not use the stylus for a long time.

With the accuracy in style, you will not have overlapping letters. There shouldn’t be any uneven spaces, and you have to choose the stylus’s precision carefully.


The aesthetics of the stylus doesn’t matter a lot. You will have to focus on the accuracy and the tip of the stylus before buying it. Most of the styluses have neutral colors, and they are professional-looking. Besides, passive styli have several color options.


Most importantly, you have to know the compatibility of the stylus before purchasing it for your device. The styli should have the right compatibility. Check the product description of the styli to know on which devices you can use it. You might find that the styluses are universal, but they don’t work with every device.


The stylus doesn’t require any advanced connectivity options. Also, you can connect them with the iPad and other devices effortlessly. The device should make the right contact with the touchscreen. The styli come with transmitters that allow the screen to notice the movements. But the passive stylus doesn’t have the transmitters in it.

Do you know the transmitters inside the stylus will allow you to use them on those devices which do not have a touch screen?

Power Supply Of The Stylus

The power supply of the stylus will matter because the active styli do have a battery-powered source. Some of the active styluses are rechargeable, while others have the replaceable battery option. You have to pick the power source as per your convenience.

The stylus with the rechargeable batteries will last for almost 12 hours. At the same time, the replaceable battery styli will provide the battery timing of more than a week. An advantage of having the replaceable battery is that you can use it when there is no option of the outlet nearby.

Best Active Stylus Pen

The best active stylus pen is made by several companies. But the HP active styli pen is on the top of the list. You will have amazing features with it. The styli will be convenient to use, and it provides the palm rejection feature too.

To Sum Up

All in all, you should choose an active stylus for doing your work on the tablet or any other touchscreen even more convenient. Best of all, the active stylus will help you to draw with neatness. You can easily doodle and take notes with any active stylus.

Besides, you can gift an active stylus to your kid for doodling and enhancing their creative skills. Now you will not have oily stains on the touchscreen. Isn’t an active pen worth buying then? Surely, you will say yes!

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