1080p Projector Vs 4k TV – Which One Should You Buy For Home?

Are you confused about picking out between 1080p Projector vs 4k TV for upgrading your home theater? However, the choice depends on your need, and none of them is wrong.

You can go with a 1080p Projector for having a large screen at an affordable price.  Other than that, 4k TV is excellent for those who want to have the best image quality.

For making the best decision, we will provide all the details about the 1080p Projector and 4K TV.


Comparison: 1080p Projector Vs 4k TV

We will compare the features of the 1080p Projector and 4k TV for your ease. Let’s delve into it!

Screen Size Should Be Considered According To The Space In Your Room

You have to choose the screen size of the Projector or TV according to the room size. Most of the television comes with the standard large size of 55 to 65 inches. The projections come with 100 to 200 inches. Additionally, the screen size of Projector and TV will vary among different brands.

The Projector’s size is determined as the throw size, and you must measure the wall before buying it. Hereby throw size means that a 100 inches projector is great for the room if it has 8.3 inches of space.

However, if the room size is small, you have to choose Projector’s small screen size. But if the room is spacious, you can buy a larger size Projector or TV. Sitting far from the Projector will be more enjoyable to watch any show.

Picture Quality Is More Than Just Considering The Pixels

One of the significant differences between the Projector and TV is the screen size. They will have a difference in the image quality as well. However, the HD TVs and 1080 p projectors have excellent picture quality with great resolution.

If you want to just the image quality of TV or Projector, look at the screen resolution. You need to check how many pixels it is having. More amount of pixels means better image quality. The pixels of the Projector and TV will define the video quality.

No matter, the video resolution should be high for having a superior watching experience. Most of the televisions which are made for the home theaters have an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 p. Best of all, and the 4K TVs will have the ultra HD quality of 3840 by 2160 pixels.

Only a few projectors come with the 3 k resolution. In our guide, we will also recommend the best Projector and 4k TV.

In terms of display, TVs are the winner because of the excellent quality video content. Not only that, you will have a high dynamic range with the newer televisions. Moreover, the TVs have the Dolby sound and HDR quality with the color adjustments. With the high dynamic resolution, you will have the best experience for watching movies.

Are The Built-In Speakers Of 4k TV And 1080P Reliable?

There are only a few projectors that will offer good quality built-in speakers. However, you will not have high-quality speakers with the TV or Projector. We recommend investing in speakers of good quality, especially if you want a feel of home theater.

However, you will have the multi-speaker set with the Projector. The TV screens also come with a mono speaker, and you will have a fine experience while watching the youtube videos with them.

If you are going to invest in a higher quality speaker, it will not distort the sound and provide better bass with a wide frequency range. You will have high contrast and midrange. The 4K TV will provide various sound effects to make the listening experience overwhelming.

The TV screen will provide the neatly arranged cables, and you will have a stand with them as well. The Projector has a different setup and requires the string speaker to keep in the room.

Smart Features But Hidden Cost?

If you are going to buy a smart TV, the cost will be higher than the Projector because of the intelligent features.

It will be best to choose the dedicated media streamer, and you will have the HDR-supported technology. The HDR will support the 4K video, and you will have a bright display with vivid colors.

No doubt, 4k TVs are the smart option to buy. Though it requires more investment, it will last longer. You will have the built-in applications with the 4K TV, and it will have the connection of Ethernet for watching the shows at any time.

The most practical reason for buying a TV is that you can use it for watching shows on Netflix. However, the 4 K TV with the smart features will require regular updates as well.

With the help of an internet connection and other apps, the TV will automatically show the serials you like to watch. You can turn off the automatic content recognition feature.

If we compare the projectors with the smart TVs, it lags far behind because you will not have any app or intelligent features.

The projectors come with innovative technology, and you will have a pleasurable experience while watching shows on it. But if the Projector has low resolution, it will attain your attention.

Outdoor Projector

If you like to watch movies at the outdoor place, then you have to choose the outdoor Projector. There are special projectors for the outdoors that have water-resistant technology and a large screen display.

In fact, the outdoor projectors have the most durable quality and weather-resistant material.

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Can I Use The 1080 Pixels Projector For The 4K Video?

You can also watch the 4K videos on a projector of 1080 pixels because it will automatically convert the settings to lower resolution. Having a projector of 1080 pixels means that the resolution will be 1920 by 1080 pixels.

TCL Class 6 Series 4K Roku Smart TV

TCL class 6 series is one of the most affordable and best smart TV in town with P-series technology. Furthermore, it has a widescreen of 65 inches, and you will have the most crystal clear display.

The TV comes with a resolution of 4K with the Dolby vision. This TCL TV has the Dolby HDR vision with the incredible music streaming service.

TCL Class 6 Series 4K Roku Smart TV

It has smart TV features and 120 local dimming zones. Due to the dimming zone, you will have highlight based technology, and it will make the light and dark scenes of the movie even more realistic.

With this 4K TV, you will have four HDMI ports, and it has several other bunches of accessories to make the usage even more convenient. It has an Ethernet port for connecting the wifi cable directly. The TV will provide a faster speed, and it will run the 4k games smoothly.

But wait! Let us tell you something exciting about this 4K TV. It has the coaxial input, and you can conveniently connect the HD TV antenna and cable.

Furthermore, it has ample connectivity options and a modern design. Not only that, it has a metal design with the edge to edge screen display with adjustable brightness levels.

BenQ W1070 Projector For Home Theater Of 1080 Pixels

If you are looking for a projector that has a 1080 pixels display, then you can choose the benQ W1070. It has a 200 inches image projection of HD quality. Best of all, it will provide the most comfortable view in the living room. It will be the best large screen projector for watching movies.

And that’s not all, and it has the 1080 p dark chip DLP technology in it. You will have the 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and it has the lumen brightness of 2000.

BenQ W1070 Projector For Home Theater Of 1080 Pixels

Apart from that, you will have built-in speakers with the Projector with excellent sound quality. It will provide the seal and for speakers to produce a great sound and user-friendly experience.

Another great feature of this Projector is the smart-eco technology, and you will have a prolonged lamp life. This Projector will provide high-quality performance at night and daylight. This Projector will provide a complete HD display, and it is excellent for watching movies and other TV shows.

It has the plug and plays ready technology. You will only have one power cord, and it has an excellent video source connection for the incredible large-screen viewing experience. No doubt, it is the best HD 4k projector.

All in all, you can now choose between 1080 projector vs. 4K TV. You should choose any device for watching TV shows or gaming because they are unique in their own way.

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