Why Are Some Projectors Are Not Recommended For PPT?

You may have to go through reviews about different projectors having all qualities and affordable price but was not good for PowerPoint presentation. Why are some projectors not recommended for ppt?

Here I have discussed the main reasons why some projectors are not appropriate for PowerPoint and their characteristics. Moreover, here I have also mentioned the top 4 best projectors for ppt.

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Can We Use Any Projector For PPT?

There are different types of projectors; each has its specific resolution, price, brightness and is designed for a specific purpose. So many projectors are not defined for PowerPoint because they have low brightness and low resolution, so they fail to project clear texts and detailed images.

Usually, such projectors have low prices and are termed as mids in terms of the price range.

Characters Of Projectors Not Recommended For PPT

All those projectors having low brightness and low resolution are not for ppt as they are not made for performing such high-level functions. Instead, you can use them for watching movies, etc.

Drawbacks Of Using Such Projectors

Following are things you will have to compromise if you want to use mids projectors for your PowerPoint presentation.

Dim The Lights of The Room

If you use them in a room where many bulbs are illuminating brightly, their brightness will mask the dim screen of the projector, and you will feel much difficulty in reading texts.  So here is a trick you can use.

Turn off a few lights of the room to decrease the room’s brightness and see the projector screen. If you are still feeling difficulty in reading, then turn off all lights. Now you will be able to read the texts.

So this is the reason why are some projectors not recommended for ppt. Suppose there is an official meeting of the company where you have to give presentations on PowerPoint, and you cannot switch off lights, so what will you do?

Miss Projected Images

Secondly, our laptops are of good quality; they have high resolution, and when coupled with low-resolution projectors, the projector starts skipping some lines for full printing diagrams. Thus you will not be able to discuss all details about images.

No Visualization From A Large Distance

Although it has these cons, you can use it; however, keep in mind that people sitting near it can read its texts and see pictures. But those who are sitting far away will see blurry texts and images.

Best Projector For Powerpoint Presentation

Following are the best projectors having all characters for giving good PowerPoint presentations and affordable prices.

1. Vankyo Performance V 600 Native 1080p Led Projector

Vankyo Performance V 600 Native 1080p Led Projector

It is the best projector for giving presentations as it has high brightness and high resolution; thus projects a crystal clear image, and all minor details can be seen clearly.

Its brightness is 5000 lux, and the size of the lamp is very long, which works efficiently for more than 5000 hours. Moreover, built-in stereo speakers produce a very loud sound which is almost 25% more than usual projectors.

With its two HDMI ports, you can attach different peripherals to it. It fulfills all the buyer’s demands like high brightness, loud volume, contrasting background, and best of all, it is lightweight and can be carried easily anywhere.

2. Epson VS250

Epson VS250

It is the most affordable projector for ppt and works very efficiently with a brightness of 32,000 lumens; thus, there is no need to dim the room’s lights. Moreover, it has SVGA resolution making it the best one for ppt in which you have to talk about different graphics in detail.

The best thing about it is that you can also pair it with Apple devices like iPhone mobile and tablets with an app’s help. Its contrast ratio is 15,000 to1. Thus it will produce a very bright and clear image.

3. QKK Portable Mini Projector

QKK Portable Mini Projector

It has a 170-inch screen which can give a clear view to more than 20 members as it converts large walls into the screen; however, if you want the best view, then a 120-inch screen is best.

For using it with a laptop, connect it with the help of a cable, and it will project clear and bright images. It is compatible with media players, game consoles, tv sticks, computers, and mobile phones.

As it has USB, SD, HDMI, VGA ports thus you have many peripheral attachment options. Best of all it has two stereos speakers which produce a very loud volume. It heats up, but cooling fans are installed, which keeps its temperature lower.

Best of all it has 3 years money-back guarantee. It has one con; its weight is higher than other projectors.

4. Optoma X341 XGA 3D DLP Projector

Optoma X341 XGA 3D DLP Projector

It has 3300 lumens brightness, thus best for a business meeting where you have to deal with many people as everyone will be able to read the texts and see the images clearly.

Moreover, it has very high color accuracy, and the contrast ratio is 22000: 1. Usually, their lamps expire early, but it has a life of almost 10,000 hours. Best of all, a new technology optical lamp is used in it and has adjustable gamma output.

But the speakers’ volume is low, and you will have to attach speakers with it for high volume. Secondly, it is very expensive to invest a heavy amount in it, and its parts are very intricate, so it must be used with care if you want it to last long.

Final Words

Low quality, less resolution, and low brightness are the main reasons why are some projectors not recommended for ppt. However, there is a wide variety of projects which are best for ppt.

Here We have also discussed a few best projectors having high resolution, high brightness, affordable prices.

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