What Kind of Projectors DO Movie Theaters Use?

In cinemas, people sitting at the end at a large distance from the screen can enjoy clear and detailed videos. What kind of projectors do movie theaters use? Their brightness and resolution is very high, and screen size is also very large.

Let us discuss the working process of their projectors, their features, price, and much more.


How Is A Movie Theater Projector?

People want to know what kind of projectors do movie theaters use because its performance is amazing, and people sitting at last also enjoy the movie equally.

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Movie Theater Projector

Digital cinema projectors are used in cinemas which are updated versions of projectors we use at home. Their working principle is also simple. Light is thrown on the screen from a large distance to create a large image.

Members of the top 6 movie studios have made an organization known as a digital cinema initiative. Before selling to the theater, they approve the movie whether the projector will maintain the video quality or not for the audience.

Moreover, there are anti-piracy measurements and license restrictions of content, and the projector should deal with all these without compromising performance.

Working of DCP

DCPs work by using technology known as digital light processing, it consists of millions of silicon chips, and each chip specifies a pixel. Collectively, all pixels result in the projection of a high-quality and detailed image.

Large lamps with high brightness are used in it, and their light splits into different colors and projectors on the right mirrors. As we all know, there is a forward mirror that converges all split light and forms a single beam, which then falls on the screen and creates the image.

Sony DCP

Sony DCP works on different technology known as silicon crystal reflective display, the whole working process is the same, but light falls on the reflective surface consists of silicon crystals.

The main difference lies in the point that in DLP, right and left images are projected in sequence, but in SXRD, a chip is divided into two equal parts for both eyes. This technology works only with those projectors having 4k resolution.

Features of Movie Theater Projectors

What kind of projector do movie theaters use? Here is all about them and their amazing features.

1. Brightness

Theater halls are very populated, and people are sitting in the last rows, so the projector must have high brightness so that everyone can have a clear view. 25,000 lumens is the brightness of mostly movie theater projectors, while others have brightness in the range of 3000 to 22,000 lumens.

2. Resolution

If a projector has high brightness but low resolution, it will not work because videos will be blurry, and the audience will not enjoy anything. That’s why projectors used in theaters have resolution 4k.

3. Screen Size

Their screen size should be large, then everybody in the audience will be able to watch the movie. So large projector which can project 100 feet screen are used in them.

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4. Contrast

The difference between black and white is known as contrast, and this difference must be large because then bright colors will be able to mix up with black for projecting colorful videos. The projectors used in movie theaters have contrast 6000:1.

5. Cooling System

As in the projectors, we need high brightness, so large lamps are installed in them, which produce a large amount of heat; besides lamp other parts also heat up very quickly, and it is very important to keep their temperature low.

So a liquid and cooling fans are used, which release the extra heat out and lower the temperature of its inner parts.

6. Storage Medium

Hard drives are used to store the movie, and sellers use them as movies are encrypted with a license for limiting view time and playing a movie only within the licensed time.

The hard drives are not difficult to find as manufactured in the US and are easily available in all markets. DLP ( digital light processing) is used in theaters,e and it has built-in DCP hardware.

7. Price

You will need many things like a server, hard drive, lamp with it and their lamps expire often. All these extras increase their price very much. Thus you will have to invest almost $10,000 to 80,000 depending on the size of the proctor you want.

8. Weight

These are heavy and are not portable, and their weight is almost 140kgs because many devices are packed inside them. If you have to carry it, take a cart and place it inside the cart. Now move the cat with the help of its wheels.

Unique Features

Some features are unique to movie theater projectors and are not present in any other, making them ideal for watching movies in cinemas.

For example, they have a web interface, and you can run it over the web. Some have automation capability; once the projector room attendant sets the ads, then ads will manage all by themselves. This is all about what kind of projectors do movie theaters use?

Distribution of Movies In Theaters

Movies are distributed through hard drives and satellite knits. So the hard drive having a movie is fixed in the projector, and the film is copied into it. Moreover, some of them have the option of satellite downloading.

Some work with the file server, where the movie is in the central server, and then projectors in different cinemas will read these files from central servers. This is how the distribution of movies takes place.

Final Words

Projectors having high brightness, high resolution, large screen, large cooling f are used in cinemas. Movie theater projectors work only on the basis of DLP, but Sony DCP works on the basis of SXRD.

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