How To Set Up A Projector To Watch TV? – 6 Easy Steps

You can watch tv on a large screen by setting a projector at home. How to set up a projector to watch tv and enjoy it on the large screen? We can use different streaming devices for watching tv channels on it.

Here I have discussed the complete process of setting a projector at home, things you should keep in mind while setting it, and how to watch tv channels on it without tv cable.

Let us start!

Steps For Setting A Projector At Home

You can easily set a projector at home and enjoy movies on a large screen, whether indoor or outdoor. How to set up a projector to watch TV? These steps will solve all your complications.

1. Selection of Right Position

The first step is to select a position for the projector, select the room of your house, which is very large because the projector needs space. The wall you want to use as a screen must be light in color and if any wall of your house is white, then choose it.

An important thing to keep in mind is that no one passes through that path where you will set the projector.  Because the passer will distort others. The most important thing to keep in mind is that all people should be able to watch the screen easily.

2. Connect The Projector

Now you have to connect your tv with a projector with the help of a cable. You will choose the cable depending on the type of connection you are making. HDMI, RCA, component cable, composite cable are commonly used cables.

For example, if you want to use an HDMI cable, choose the HDMI port of both projector and tv.

Enable TV Output To The Projector

Take the remote of the tv, then go to the setting menu. Now open the option of enable video to output, and if it is off, turn it on. Now turn on the projector and open its setting. Here you have to set the input source to jack.

Now whatever will be playing on your tv will also start presenting on the projector screen.

3.  Alignment Of Image

Different tricks can be used to align the image; for example, a pattern consisting of dots is used widely for aligning. However, some projectors have built-in designs. Try any of these methods for image alignment.

Paused Movie

If your projector does not have a pattern, you can select any pause videos from your tv and then use it for alignment. This is all you have to learn to know how to set up a projector to watch tv

Inspect The Projector

Sometimes there is an issue with the setting of projector and screen so must check it. For example, ensure there is proper alignment between the wall screen and the center of the projector lens.

Size of Image

One more thing that can help in alignment is to check whether all sides of the projection are equal and there is the picture on a screen; a few projectors have zoom control, which allows checking the size of the image.

4.  Focus Adjustment

Make sure that the projector is perpendicular to the screen, and then it will be focused if you want to check whether it is adequately focused or not, then move close to the screen and prevent it from everywhere.

It must be clear from all sides. Especially check the corners if they are blurry; it means that projection is not focused; you need to work on it.

  • Adjustable Legs

All projectors that legs can move adjust them so that picture is clear and all details are visible. Try this method if you want to attain near to flawless videos.

5.  Picture Mode

There are large numbers of preset for pictures and videos available in the projector. You can adjust them according to the light in your room. For example, if there is dark, then try the cinema or movie preset.

However, if there is dim light, then brighter presets are best.  You can check all the presets and choose the one you think is most favorable according to the situation.

6.  Sound System

Most projects have built-in stereo speakers, and their quality is high and sound loud. However, if the volume of your projector is slow, then you can attach speakers with them.

The projector can also be paired with a Bluetooth speaker for sound. Please turn on the pairing mod of both devices and then pair them with each other. If you do not have Bluetooth speakers, you can use wired speakers as well. This is how to set up a projector to watch tv.

Use Set-Top Box

These boxes, also known as cable boxes, are used to access cable, satellite, and in-air channels. If you want access to media, you need them, and the television service provider provides this.

There is an HDMI cable with it; take it out, use it for joining projector with it, and enjoy tv programs on a large projector screen.  If you know how to use a setup box, it will not be a problem for you to how to set up a projector to watch tv.

Streaming Devices

Nowadays, many streaming devices are available which let you enjoy tv programs and can be paired with a projector, following are the few best streaming devices.

  • Roku+ Streaming Stick

You can stream many channels on it and watch them on your projector.  It has an HDMI output connector which you have to insert in the HDMI input of the projector.

Connect them to the internet by Wifi and then search different streaming channels like Hulu, Netflix, Youtube. You have to pay the fee for the subscription to Hulu, Netflix. Then watch your favorite show on it. Best of all, it has a voice remote control.

You will not regret buying it as it has different supports for all kinds of content like 1080p, 4k UHD, HDR resolution.

  • Apple TV

If you buy this device and pair it with your projector with the help of an HDMI output port, then subscribe to your favorite channel as it gives you access to many channels like ABC, CBS, NBA, NBC, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, you will enjoy your free time very much.

Best of all, you can also enjoy your iTunes content. This small device is straightforward to handle as you can keep it everywhere and use its remote control. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you want to enjoy the content of amazon prime video and have an Amazon device, then buy this device. Moreover, you can also enjoy different channels like BBC new, NBC, NFL, CW, Hulu, fox now, etc.

Do not worry about resolution as it supports 4k content, thus worth buying. Use the internet for using it. Its most remarkable feature is that you can control it with your voice as it has amazon voice control.

Google Chromecast Ultra

It has many unique and innovative features like it does not need an HDMI cable; you can directly plug it in the projector. Moreover, if you do not have a Wifi facility, you can use an Ethernet adapter for internet connection

You can control many devices like mobile phones, laptops and play 4k and HD resolution content.

Final Words

In a nutshell, choose a white wall, place the projector at a reasonable distance, adjust the focus and align the whole system to enjoy clear and detailed images. Moreover, there are many streaming devices; you can also connect them with projectors.

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