Projectors Vs TV – Essential Factors You Need To Know?

Projectors Vs TV, which one to choose? You have to know some factors before making the final decision. These devices aren’t cheap. Therefore, it is crucial to make the best purchase. Though TVs came in 1925 and now they are present in every home, pubs, offices, and many other places.

On the other hand, the projector screen is a bit late invention of the 1850s. Before, projectors were only made for watching movies in the cinemas. But innovation in the projectors made them affordable, and now they are found in homes, schools, offices, and other places too.

So the question is, which device is perfect for you? In short: It highly depends on your need.


Projectors Vs TV: Essential Factors You Need To Know

Below are some factors that will help you to choose between the projectors and TV.


When we compare the price of a TV and projector, you know that TV is highly expensive if you want the best resolution and contrast. But the projector will provide you affordable options to choose from.  You will find the 100-inch screen for 1300 dollars, but if you buy a TV of 85 inches, it will cost you double the cost of a projector.


So if you want the TV just to watch movies, it will not be suitable for investing such a high amount. You should buy a projector at an affordable price rather and at a higher price. However, if you are going with the 4K resolution and OLED display, then the price of the television will go even higher.

The price range of the televisions and projectors will vary from one brand to another.


You can choose the size before choosing between the television and projectors. However, if you choose a TV above 100 inches, then the price will not be affordable. You will find the prices of TV’s higher every day.

Surely, you have to choose the projectors for having the large screen display. Besides, if you choose the screen for watching at the same place, then do measure the dimensions before making the final purchase on television or projector.

All in all, you have to choose the size of the projector as per the space on your wall.


The next important factor is the resolution of the device. You will be preferred to choose the 4K resolution for having the best view. You will find the 4K display in televisions and projectors. With the 4K resolution, you will have the best display, and it will enhance the contrast and pixels too.

But let us tell you that the televisions with the 4K display are highly costly. Fortunately, you can find affordable projectors with the 4K display. We bet you will love the projectors that have the 4 K display though they are pricier than the regular projectors. You will have an amazing quality display.


The brightness level depends on your choice. You have to figure out how dim or bright you require the screen to be. You must be wondering that the projectors are always used in a dark environment. All of the projectors do not have a high brightness level.

Thus, you have to use the projector in the dark area to have the clarity of the image. Further, you need a separate room for using the projector that has a low brightness level.

However, there is no issue with the brightness level of the television. You will have a fixed brightness level with most of the televisions.


The contrast of the projectors and TV will vary, but you can choose it carefully. Moreover, the contrast will balance the darkness and lightness between the colors. You will have a high contrast resolution with the projectors. At the same time, the contrast of the projector is changeable.

Besides, you will not find the high contrast level with television screens. However, you will find a high contrast ratio in the televisions with the OLED display. The new televisions come with a high contrast ratio, and you will have the theatre mode on the televisions too.


You know that the projectors are very thin and they will take less space. You have to hang the projectors on the wall, and it is possible to fold the projectors too. It will be convenient to store the projector. On the other hand, televisions are not convenient to store.

The screen size of the projector will be large enough, yet still, they are portable than the televisions.

Sound Quality

For the sound quality, you can prefer the televisions. There are only a few projectors with built-in speakers. You have to invest in a good quality sound system with the regular projectors. Besides that, the speakers cannot still beat the sound quality of televisions.


Installation of TVs and projectors are different, and you have to install them as per the instructions which are given. You have to use the right manual guide for the installation of the projectors. However, televisions are very convenient to set up.

However, the televisions are heavy, but still, they most come pre-assembled, and you have to attach their feet for keeping them on the shelf. Besides, for mounting the flat screens, you might need a few tools and a helper.

The wires of the televisions are convenient to fix too. You will have the installation guide with the televisions too.

Now for the installation of the projectors, you have to take some measurements and mark the height level. You have to deal with some complications while installing the projectors. You might have to install the projector again if it is mounted too high or too low on the wall.


Well, the last factor on our guide of the projectors vs TV is the maintenance. Let us tell you the brighter side first. The televisions are convenient to maintain, and they will last for several years. Until or unless the televisions do not fell or get spilled by any chemical liquid. TV’s will last longer.

On the other side, the projectors are very delicate, and they have a specific lifespan. The major damage can be dust, which can reduce the lifespan of a projector. You have to replace the bulbs of the projector, so it lasts longer.

Moreover, you have to maintain the projector from time to time, so it doesn’t wear out. You can check the videos on youtube for maintaining a projector by replacing the bulbs.

Pros and Cons: TV And Projectors

Pros of Projectors

  • The projectors will display the huge image in HD quality, and it will be 4X larger than the TV. You will definitely need a bigger image. If we measure the projector, it will be 300 inches diagonally. Hereby 300 inches, you can say it is more than 21 feet across.
  • The projectors are moveable, and you can conveniently carry them with you while going on vacation. On the other hand, the TV’s are not portable, and you cannot take them to another place.
  • A theatre projector comes with a great sound system, and you will have your cinema at your home. You will have an affordable price range for buying the projectors than the TVs.
  • Best of all, you will not have the hassle of mounting the projector, and you will not have the stickiness on the walls while attaching them.

Cons of Projectors

  • You have to find the right projector that has good brightness for the environment that you will be using it. Choose the projector that fits accurately in your area. The screen innovation of the projector should be more than 300 percent for the right contrast level.

Pros of TV

  • You don’t need to be concerned about the brightness level while watching the movie on the TV. Other than that, there are no benefits to the TV when we compare it with the projector.

Cons of TV

  • TVs have a small screen than a projector, but still, they are very expensive.
  • TVs are not durable, and they are not portable.
  • The 4K content on the screen will not be much accurate, and you will not appreciate the 1080 p of the TV while watching it from a distance.
  • TV can cause eye strain if you watch them for a long time.
  • You cannot lower the brightness level on the TV.

To Sum Up

Now you are clear about buying a TV or a projector. You can choose the right gear that suits your need. Ensure to check the reviews of TV and projector for making the best purchase. You should choose the projector if you need something portable for watching movies. Although for regular shows you can buy a TV.

Comment below what are you going to buy a TV or a projector? Thanks for the read!

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