How Does A Stylus Work? – Working, Types, Benefits

People wanted to know how does a stylus work because it has made it easy to use touch screens like mobiles, tablets, etc. Further painting and handwritten notes are convenient to make by using a stylus pen.

Some stylus works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, and some use pressure sensitivity. Do you want to know the features and benefits of a stylus pen? All about stylus pens is discussed below.


How Does A Stylus Work? – Complete Guide

How Does A Stylus WorkStylus pens are the fingertips’ alternatives and have a pencil-like structure for using mobile phones, laptops, etc. Their use is increasing day by day due to their structure because all people know how to hold and use a pencil.

Let’s see how does a stylus work.

  • Stylus pens have their tip made of rubber.
  • The screen has an inbuilt sensor.
  • When you use a stylus pen, the screen gives a response.
  • For example, we swipe select icons, typing, drawing

Stylus pens are chosen on the base of the screen on which we will use them. There are two types of screen, and both have different ways of responding to the stylus pen.

Conductive Screen

The stylus made for conductive materials absorbs the electrostatic field of the conductive screen. The conductive screens measure the capacitance for performing an action like typing, drawing, choosing an icon, etc.

Such a stylus is known as a capacitive stylus and a passive stylus also.

Resistive Screen

Resistive screens don’t require conductive material. The resistive screen detects the physical pressure of the stylus and then gives the response. The pen specified for resistive screens is known as an active stylus.

Types of The Stylus Pen

There are three different kinds of a stylus, and each stylus pen is specified for other screens, each has its way of working.

Capacitive Stylus

The capacitive stylus works like human fingertips; it produces an electrostatic field and comes in contact with the screen using electrostatic field disruptions. It is very affordable and works with capacitive touchscreens.

You can also build it on your own, and you don’t have to worry about its battery power for using all programs. It does not have pressure sensitivity.

Wacom Digitizer

Graphic tablets and digitizing instruments use a Wacom digitizer stylus pen. They have very sensitive pressure management and measure the different levels of pressure easily.

Average battery power is enough to use features like erasing. However, the Wacom digitizer stylus pen is not affordable for everyone.

Bluetooth Stylus

It is the most advanced stylus pen of all. Because it does need any physical pressure, have palm rejection, and some button also for different shortcuts

But these stylus are expensive. The battery must be fully powered.

Benefits of a Stylus

Stylus pens have replaced the fingertips because of their benefits. Let discuss them one by one.

Easy To Use

Our fingertips are thick, and those people who don’t use touch screens often feel difficulty. Because they fail to open the required icon. Similarly, typing also seems difficult for some persons.

The stylus pen is easy to use because they have very thin peaks, and we easily select the required icon and enjoy it.

Best For Drawing

Stylus pens are just like pencils. We can easily draw with them by holding them in our hands like pencils. We can use painting brushes and different colors for painting by selecting them ad then using the stylus for performing tasks easily.

Best For Writing Notes

College, universities, and school students sometimes have to make handwritten notes rather than typed notes. They use the stylus on their portable laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

Also, in the market, we have a device that can join the normal pen and stylus, which makes the work easy.

Keep Screen Neat And Clean

Our fingertips have dirt when we touch the screen; then, our screen also gets dirty and oily. It gives very bad looks. Public machines like ATM also get full of dirt.

Using the stylus pen has solved this problem because it keeps the screen clean from dirt and prevents scratches.

Features of a Good Stylus

If you are about to buy a stylus, then you must keep the following things in your mind, so there is no wastage of money

Durable Material

A stylus pen is small and lightweight, so it often slips from hands and breaks down. So there are many chances of breaking the pen. Try to go for the pen that has very durable material and can bear the jerks, scratches, and shocks


There are different kinds of pens, each having its battery system. Some stylus pens don’t have a battery. Some stylus has batteries, but they are non-rechargeable. However, we can charge the batteries of some stylus pens. So buy a pen by keeping in mind your requirements for the battery.


Before buying a stylus pen, make sure how does a stylus work, and the pen is compatible with your device. Buy pen according to your screen as we have two types of screens conductive and resistive screen which operate on different phenomena.

Some other features to be considered are protective caps, palm rejection, built-in eraser, shortcut buttons, pressure sensitivity, and compatibility to different apps like adobe, bamboo, etc.

Final Words

Stylus pens are widely used instead of the fingertip, with mobiles, tablets, and laptops having touchscreens. People are curious about how does stylus works because they may find it very interesting. However, its working is simple.

Some stylus pens are conductive, use electric field distortion for working; however, active stylus work by pressure sensitivity.

There are three types of stylus, and the most affordable stylus is the capacitive stylus. The stylus with pressure sensitivity like Wacom digitizer and Bluetooth stylus are expensive.

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