Best Gobo Projector For Weddings Reviews 2022 – [Ultimate List]

The Gobo projectors are quite innovative; do you know why? You will find the gobo projectors with impressive image resolution as well as customized patterns. In fact, they have a wireless connection and top-notch quality for projecting the images in any lighting. Consequently, today we are going the present you with a list of the best gobo projector for weddings.

And the best part? The latest gobo projectors are now having the option of screen splitting and various quadrants for displaying more than one image on the screen at a time. Additionally, you will have a useful device for projecting the visual content on the weddings.

At the present time, gobo projectors are found in several instances, such as weddings, offices, schools, and more. This implausible technology is highly essential for keeping the viewers engaged for the whole time.

Let’s hop onto the list of our top picks!


Top 5 Picks On The Best Gobo Projector For Weddings

ADJ Products Gobo Projector4.8 Check Price
CHAUVET DJ EZGO Battery Powered4.6 Check Price
Instagobo 15W Custom Image Projector4.6 Check Price
Qomolangma GOBO Light LED Projector4.4 Check Price
ADJ Products Lighting Effect4.2 Check Price

1. ADJ Products Gobo Projector – Best Choice Overall

ADJ Products Gobo Projector

Additionally, you will have impressive customer service. This projector comes with the manual mounting option. Our top pick on the list of the best gobo projector is by the ADJ. You will have 5 stars rating with the projector, and it comes with newly designed features and better display quality.

Furthermore, this projector comes with a built-in battery, and you will have 5 hours battery but 18 hours in the power-saving mode. Plus, you can place the projector in the wedding hall easily.


The installation of this projector is easy, and you will have x clip frame mounting. Additionally, you will have a built-in battery.


It comes with the 10 watts RGB pinspot 4 in 1 LED option, and it has a beam projection of 17 to 33 degrees.

Other Features

The projector will provide you with incredible 4 different removable gobos, and it has a frost filter. Plus, this projector comes with a long life of 50000 hours. Not only that, it comes with 11-watt power consumption and a manual focusing option.

  • Magnetic clip with the base of x frame.
  • Powerful battery
  • Removable gobos
  • Comes with a frost filter
  • You have to purchase a UC IR remote with it.

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2. CHAUVET DJ EZGO Battery Powered – Best Zoom DJ Effect Light

CHAUVET DJ EZGO Battery Powered

This projector comes with impressive features, and you will be able to use it in indoor and outdoor events. Moreover, it comes with lighting to light up the floor. It has powerful magnets that will make the projector easy to mount.

Additionally, you will have a screwing and mounting option. Apart from that, you will have a flat metal surface. This portable projector comes with the manual zoom feature, and you will have a shorter image throw. And that’s not all; you will have an option of enlarging the throw, which makes it ideal for all room sizes.

On the other side, this projector comes with a battery power source, and you will have a customized image projection. Best of all, it is providing the short to long throw option. In addition, you will have a magnetic base that will work with any kind of metal surface.


The projector is easy to mount, and it has a durable frame with a magnetic base. In addition, you can easily eliminate the clamps.


Furthermore, you will get the battery-powered source, and it has a custom image and a longer throw application. In addition, you will have 10 wedding-ready gobos for having the most amazing romantic accent.

Other Features

However, there are some flaws of the CHAUVET gobo projector that includes the brightness levels, and you will have a smaller gobo projection. Apart from that, you will have pre-installed themes for weddings. In fact, it comes with a custom theme and manual zoom option.

  • Built-in battery
  • Manual zoom feature
  • Pre-installed wedding themes
  • Customizable theme options
  • The brightness could be better.
  • Gobos projection is smaller than other projectors.

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3. Instagobo 15W Custom Image Projector – Best Static Function

Instagobo 15W Custom Image Projector

This gobo projector comes with the most outstanding image quality with a higher waterproof rating, and it comes with an aluminum alloy protective shell. Also, you will have a heat pipe and the most impressive internal cooling technology.

Additionally, you will have a longer life service, and it has the free one-color option as well as customized gobos. Apart from that, you will have a monochrome gobo projection option too. In fact, it comes with HD images and impressive high-resolution optical lenses.

Best of all, this projector has a compact design and quick mounting option with a beam angle of 15 to 25 degrees as per your requirement. No doubt, it is a reliable projector for several casual and formal events.


This gobo projector comes with a light transmittance of 99 percent, and it will be operating in high-temperature resistance.


Not only that, you will have an HD image resolution and the most lightweight design. You will have a projection range of 23 feet, and its brightness level will be up to 10 feet.

Other Features

This projector comes with an impressively short throw that makes it ideal for several events, including weddings, Halloween, hotels, clubs, parties, and much more.

  • Easy to install
  • Free one color option of gobo
  • High-resolution images
  • Pricey

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4. Qomolangma GOBO Light LED Projector – Comes With 1 Color Rotating Glass

Qomolangma GOBO Light LED Projector

This Qomolangma projector comes with an aluminum alloy metal shell, and it has higher strength. You will have the most sandblasting oxidation treatment. You will get incredibly customized gobos with the projector, and it comes with the customizing feature separately.

Additionally, this projector comes with the most high-quality glass lens and metal material. The image projection of the projector will be easily re-using the projector in the various events. Also, you will have high heat resistance as well as clarity of the image with this gobo projector.

And that’s not all; you will have an LED gobo projector with the most lightweight design. The quick setup and easy gobo replacement make it worth buying. Best of all, you will have IP 20 waterproof rating with the projector and the easiest setup for indoor usage.


Besides, you will have a quick mounting projector, and it will arrive in very little time. In fact, you will have a compact and highly lightweight projector with super easy installation. Additionally, you will have an easy replacement feature.


The projection of this projector will be great, and you will have amazing image quality. Not only that, it will provide a monochrome color combination. However, the brightness level of this projector could be better.

Other Features

This glass incredible gobo projector comes with the most intricate design and great image quality. Also, you will have an aluminum alloy shell and a great strength baking point. With this projector you will have the most amazing sound blasting oxidation treatment?

  • Lightweight design
  • Quick to mount
  • Wide setup orientation
  • The brightness could be better.

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5. ADJ Products Lighting Effect – 4 Replaceable Patterns

ADJ Products Lighting Effect

This projector comes with a 12 watts LED light, and you will have replaceable patterns as well. This projector comes with a metal and glass pattern, and you will have 12 impressive beam angles.

Not only that, it has the clear and most powerful output with the most high-quality optics. You will have 4 gel colors in this projector that are available in red, green, yellow, and blue colors. This gobo projector has a viewable size of 24 mm.

Additionally, it comes with a lamp life of 30,000 hours, and you will have the most compact and lightweight projector that is easy to mount. Also, you can mount it easily. You will have a switchable voltage from 120 to 230 volts.


This projector will require time for mounting on the wall. Moreover, you will need some other tools for installing it on the wall.


It comes with 4 customized projection patterns, and you will have certain gels as well. In fact, this projector comes with impressive monogramming patterns that will be ideal for the functions and all the events in the offices.

Other Features

This projector is compatible with a wireless remote, but you have to buy it separately. Also, you will have a rear panel on the front that will be convenient for controlling.

  • Compatible with a wireless remote
  • Lamp life of 30,000 hours
  • 12 impressive beam angles
  • Expensive one

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Pick The Right Gobo Projector For Weddings?

You can pick the right gobo projector for weddings by considering two factors. You need to know where you will be using the projector. The indoor projectors are affordable, while the outdoor ones have customizing features and have brighter image projection. The outdoor projector will last for a long time.

What Are The Types Of Gobo Projectors?

There are two kinds of gobo projectors that we will discuss below:

  1. Steel gobo projectors have a monochrome combination. These projectors are used for displaying the images in black or white only, and they have a shorter lifespan.
  2. Glass gobo projectors are the modern ones. These projectors come with colored image projection, and you will preferably have better features as well as they are great for projecting images.

Which Are The Best Gobo Projectors For Weddings?

The best gobo projectors for weddings are the following:

  • ADJ Products Lighting Effect – 4 Replaceable Patterns
  • Qomolangma GOBO Light LED Projector – Comes With 1 Color Rotating Glass
  • ADJ Products Gobo Projector – Best Choice Overall

What Is Meant By GOBO?

Gobo is a template inside the projector that lets it pass the light and project an image. Moreover, you will have a logo and a certain pattern of your own choice with the projector. Also, you will have two types of gobo projectors to choose from. Besides, the only difference between the projectors is the source of light and the houses of the gobo.

How To Construct A Gobo Projector At Home?

You can construct a gobo projector at home, but it will be a tough job, and you might not have the best kind of results. You need to ensure several features while constructing a gobo projector at home. Therefore, it would be best to purchase a gobo projector by considering the right material and other specs.

To Sum Up

All in all, making the ideal decision among the gobo projectors is not easy because you will have several brands to choose from. Moreover, you need to encounter which projector will be displaying the images in the best quality.

In fact, consider the outdoor and indoor environment while choosing a gobo projector. You will find the projectors that have a good rating by the customers.

These projectors are from top-notch brands. Further, you need to encounter the price before making the final decision. Surely, you will find the best gobo projector for weddings from our guide. Thanks for the read!

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