How To Choose The Best Gaming Headset For You?

Headphones will solve your most problems, but if you have purchased the right headset. How to choose the best gaming headset? There are certain things you should consider before buying it.

Following are the factors that affect the working of gaming headphone, so you must check them buying it.

Choosing The Best Gaming Headset


Tip For Choosing The Best Gaming Headset

A good headphone will help you gain victory, so you must spend some time looking for headphones that fulfil all demands of games. Here is the complete description of features that must be checked in a headphone.

1. Types of Headphones

Headphones have two types

  • Wired headphones
  • Wireless headphones

Wired Headphones

Wired Headphones

They have a long cable attached to them and a jack at the end connected to source devices. Wired headphones are generally cheap and are comfortable to wear as they are lightweight.

Moreover, you have to insert their jack into the slot, and they will start working. But their wire should be treated with care as it gets damaged easily and you also have to sit at one place for using it.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

They do not have wires attached to them, and we connect them with other devices by using Bluetooth, wifi, or wireless adapters. These are easy to use as you can move anywhere you do not have to worry about wires.

Please turn on the Bluetooth of both devices and pair them with each other. Furthermore, their battery must be charged regularly. But these are very expensive.

2. Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The primary purpose of gaming headsets is to have a device that produces high-quality sound, deep bass, and have fantastic surround sound. But if your headphones have failed to reach these levels, it is not best for gaming.

Headphones with 5.1 and 7.1surround sound are also available, but their prices are very high; however, these are worth buying. Headphone with 5.1 surround sound divides sound into 6 channels, while 7.1 surround sound divides sound into 8 channels.

Thus, you will hear voices from all directions, like you can predict the direction of footstep coming from your front side; moreover, you can also hear the shooting voice coming from the left side, etc.

Let us discuss different types of surround sound

Stereo Sound

In it, the sound is divided into two-channel, and they deliver the sound to the left and right earbud, and when the audio is produced, it feels multi-directional; thus, you will have the feeling of attending the stage performance.

Moreover, it has a 3.5m jack at its end, which is compatible with almost all devices and many games are compatible with stereo sound.

However, these headphones are best for music and other entertainment purposes, but only a few stereo headphones can also be used for gaming.

  • 5mm connection
  • Best for music
  • Compatible with many devices.
  • Not suitable for pro gaming.

Virtual Surround Sound

They give the feeling that there are many sound sources, and you will feel like you are hearing the sound from the back side and the front side. Thus, you can easily keep an eye on your opponent’s position with the help of their footstep voice.

It uses software and specific algorithms for producing high-quality sound, and you can use them with many high-level games like COD, CS, valorant, etc. best of all, you can update its software according to it the game.

To connect with other devices, they use software and Bluetooth and thus do not work with many consoles that use a 3.5mm jack.

  • Clear sound
  • Help to locate the position of the opponent
  • Setting can be customized.
  • Not compatible with many consoles

Dimensional Sound

It is also known as 3D surround sound, and it is superior to virtual sound in quality as it is developed using modern technologies. It is a blend of Dolby atom and window sonic.

Thus you will have a real-life sound experience because the sound produced by them is very precise and clear, and you can even hear the footsteps voices from your above and below sides. Is not it amazing?How To Choose The Best Gaming Headset

However, it is too new for some games, and only a few accept this software.

  • Produce precise sound
  • Realistic sound
  • Expensive

3. Microphone Quality

Microphone Quality

You cannot win any game with poor communication with your teammates, and your mic must be superb for good communication. Always find headphones that have a built-in phone.

The first feature to look at in a mic is that is must be noise-cancelling because then it will block all surrounding noise, and only your voice will be transferred with complete clarity.

Secondly, it must have a mute function because sometimes, in between the game, you have to talk about different things which are private. This mute option will help you in maintaining privacy. Thirdly, it should have a boom microphone

4. Comfort

Gaming sessions are very long, and gamers have to wear headphones for 10-12 hours per day. That’s why it must be comfortable. The comfort level of headphones is defined by the build quality of the parts of the headphones.

Let us discuss its all parts individually.


The most important part of the headset is its headband, and it is its largest part. It must be lightweight and should be made of metal or other strong material. Moreover, always search for a well-padded headband.

If it does not have good padding, it will not divide the weight evenly on your head, and you will feel headache and neck strain. Must check the headphones by wearing them before buying them.



Different materials are used for making earcups like leather, pleather, velour, and foam. However, the most comfortable material is memory foam velour as it is lightweight and allow the air to pass through it

Thus, there is no heat production in the ear due to ventilation, and you do not become the victim of infectious diseases. Parallel to the material, the way of padding must be professional.


If a headphone weighs very much, you cannot wear it for long due to severe headaches, neck strain, and backache. This is why it is essential to understand how to choose the best gaming headset.

Buy headphones that have a weight close to 225 grams. You can wear lightweight headphones for a long time comfortably. The most important point must check your headphones by wearing them for at least thirty minutes before buying.

Clamping Force

It is the force exerted by the headband on the head, and if it is very much, you will not feel comfortable; your head will feel pressurized, and after some time, the headache will start.

Likewise, the too loose headband will slip from your head, so purchase a headphone with average clamping force, and you can find headphones with clamping force by wearing and checking different headphones for 30 minutes.


Do not go for fancy large headphones because they are overweight, and you will not feel comfortable with them. Find padded, on-ear, closed-back headphones which material is lightweight but durable.

5. Durability

How to choose the best gaming headphone? Before buying, headphones must check their material which should be durable because it is annoying to repair or buy a new headphone after short intervals. Strong plastic is used for making headphones frames.

However, the most suitable material for making a frame is aluminum because it is very robust and long-lasting.

6. Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation

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When we cannot hear properly, we increase the audio level of headphones beyond the safe limit, which is very dangerous for the health of our ears. So buy noise-cancelling headphones.

They block all the surrounding noise, and then you can listen to the game voices with 100% clarity at the low volume. You can play the game even in the crowd by wearing them because you will be isolated from the surroundings.

7. Closed-Back Earcups

Closed-Back Earcups

Open-back headphones leak the sound, due to which you become a source of disturbance for others; moreover, you do not have any privacy in public. So prefer closed-back headphones.

They do not leak the sound and cancel surrounding noise. But their material must be of superb quality so your ears can breathe.

Semi-opened headphones are also present, although they are expensive, worth buying as they do not leak sound very much and cancel some surrounding sound and let your ear breathe. This is how to choose the gaming headset.

Final Words

I hope you have now an understanding of how to choose the best gaming headset. Comfort level, build quality, and design should be your focus, and you must check its compatibility with your devices.

If you have any query feel free to ask in the below comment section. Thank you for your visit!

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