Best Pen For Leuchtturm 1917 Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide

Best Pen For Leuchtturm 1917After using the best pen for leuchttrum1917 you should have the quickest drying gel ink, ergonomic grip, and lightweight design. The leuchttrums are becoming popular because they are convenient to carry at school, office, or any other place. However, the wrong pen cannot motivate you to write for a long time.

Other than that, the leuchtturm contains thick paper but mostly with a smooth texture. Some of the leuchttrums have white lines so if you are scanning the paper they don’t appear in the background.

The paper of almost all the journal diaries has the 80 GSM paper. For sure, the leuchttrum1917 ghosting effect of lines made them popular. However, you can use any kind of pen on it but gel pens are the best option. The best gel pens in our review will not cause any smudges.

Without any further explanation, let’s hop onto the top 5 picks for the leuchtturm1917 review.


Top Best Pen For Leuchtturm 1917 in 2022

Product NamesOur RatingsPrice
Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens4.9 Check Price
Zebra Pen F301 Stainless Steel4.8 Check Price
PILOT G2 Metallic Refillable4.6 Check Price
Sakura 37903 Gel Roll Galaxy Set 64.6 Check Price
Ibayam Journal Planner Pens Fineliner4.0 Check Price

1. Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens – Best Bold Ink Gel Pen

Our top pick is from the paper mate and this pen set comes with the incredible medium point. You will have the gel material for making the writing experience even smoother. The dimensions of one pen are 0.65 x 7.63 x 6.75 inches (LXWXH).

Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens

More than that, it comes with smooth ink flowing and you will not have breakage of ink while writing. And the best part? The pen is convenient to hold. In fact, you will be writing for a long time without having any strain in hand.

Additionally, you will have 21 vibrant color options. You can be making the writing experience even more enjoyable with these pens. However, the drying time may vary from one color to another. The darker colors take a longer time to dry than the lighter ones.

Vibrant Color

The pen comes with the most comfortable grip and several color options. You will have a joyful writing experience and it is lightweight. So it will not cause any trouble and you will have an ultra-fine tip as well.

Paper Mate Ink Joy

Ink Type

The ink type of the mating pen comes with gel ink and it will not cause smudges on your paper. You will have 3 times faster drying ink in this pen. Though if you are using it on very thin paper then you have to wait for some time until the ink dries out completely.

Nib Of Pen

The paper mate pen comes with a 0.7mm tip and it has several color options. In fact, you will have fully wrapped material with a convenient grip and it provides a smoother writing flow and you will be writing in less time.

  • Comfortable to use
  • Quick-drying
  • Various color options
  • Some users said that the ink should be bolder.

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2. Zebra Pen F301 Stainless Steel Retractable Pen – Best Fine Point Tip

Next, we have the zebra pen that has an attractive yet professional look. You will have a refillable pen and it has a convenient metal clip. As well, you will have the most convenient gliding experience on any kind of paper with this pen.

Zebra Pen F301 Stainless Steel Retractable Pen

And the best part? You will have a shorter length of the pen so it is convenient to keep in the shirt pocket. Besides, it comes with durable stainless steel material. In fact, it has a lightweight material. You will not hassle using the zebra pen on any journal.

This pen is quite attractive and you will have a significantly upgradable pen. It comes with the inks in the box. You will enjoy using the pen for a long time. Additionally, this pen has a durable stainless steel material so it doesn’t crack after falling on the ground.

Vibrant Color

It comes in blue and black. The ink of the pen is bright and it will last for a long time on the paper. You will have the high-quality four pens in one package.

Ink Type

The pen comes with a non-slippery grip and it is easy to hold. You will have a durable ballpoint with convenient gliding on any diary. It comes with a fine tip and an ergonomic grip.

Nib Of Pen

The nib of the pen comes with a 0.7mm point black nib and you will be writing or making lines with smooth gliding. In fact, the pen is retractable and you will have a stylish design. This pen has a world-class quality which makes it the best pen for leuchttrum 1917.

  • Fine tip
  • Easy gliding
  • Great quality material
  • It is not much smoother than other pens in our review.

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3. PILOT G2 Metallic Refillable – Best Assorted Color Inks

These pilot2 pens are quite famous worldwide for their quality and grip. Best of all, you will have a variety of pens in the packet and it will make the writing experience joyful. Additionally, it has a rubber grip and your hand will not slip.

PILOT G2 Metallic Refillable

And that’s not all, this pen comes with long-lasting refillable ink and you will have a retractable pen. These pens will make the writing flow smoother. However, if you are a fast writer then you can consider any other pen from our review.

The pilot 2 pens are suitable for those who need to draw and color. Besides, you can use the pen for writing sometimes. The extra-fine tip will make the letter even more visible on the paper.

Vibrant Color

This package has 8 pens and you will find vibrant color options. As well, it has durable ink that will not fade away easily. In fact, it has a smoother gel ink texture. You will love making notes with the pen or for drawing. The affordable price and durable quality make the pen worth buying.

Ink Type

It has gel ink type but you cannot refill the pens. These pens have a fashionable design and you will find them in other size options. As well, it comes with barrel designs and a vast variety of colors.

Nib Of Pen

This pilot g3 ultra fin pen has a 0.7 mm tip and you will trust the quality. It comes with a convenient grip for taking notes and you can use it for office, general writing, school work, etc.

  • Great quality
  • Long-lasting ink
  • The extra-fine tip and bold ink
  • Ink flowing should be smoother

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4. Sakura 37903 Gel Roll Galaxy Set 6 Piece Set – Best Pigment Based Sparkle Gel Ink

The packaging of sakura pens says that it has ice cream smooth gliding. You can even gift it to the kids who like to write or draw often. The sakura pens come with a diameter of 1 mm and it has 7 x 0.5 x 3.4 inches (LXWXH).

Sakura 37903 Gel Roll Galaxy Set 6 Piece Set

Additionally, it has a gel roll which will make the glitters sparkle. In fact, it has a smooth tip and ergonomic grip for a convenient writing experience.

Sakura 37903

In fact, it has sparkling ink and you will have glitter on the page to make the writing or drawing blissful.

Vibrant Color

The pen comes with 6 color options that include lime, purple, golden, red, and sky. You will have the best for designing in bright color options.

Ink Type

This pen comes with a rollerball pen and you will have the most comfortable writing experience. Additionally, it is great for taking notes. You can buy it for making greeting cards and you can doodle as well.

Nib Of Pen

The pen has the patented technology with pigment-based sparkling ink. You will have a bold line and it will help you to easily make the strokes.

  • Pigmented quality
  • 6 galaxy color options
  • Great for designing
  • Smear sometimes

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5. Ibayam Journal Planner Pens Fineliner – Best Metal Cladded Fine Tip

The Nilayam pen comes with a smooth writing experience and you will have a metal-clad fine tip. Additionally, the performance of the pen will be superior and it is convenient to hold.

Ibayam Journal Planner Pens Fineliner

Indeed, it is a great pen for doing office work, school work, or any other writing work. You can use them for doodling. As well, the pens are having the most vibrant colors.

Vibrant Color

There are 18 vibrant colors in them and it has minimal bleed. You will have an incredible pen for using on the journals, or any paper. These pens will not cause smudges due to the quick-drying ink.

Ink Type

This pen is having a smooth ink of gel that will provide a convenient drawing and patterning experience. It is great for the school to college or graduate users.

Nib Of Pen

It has a nib of 0.38mm and you will have colored art with porous point pens. In fact, it has water-based ink and fiber tip material and the pens come in a bag of vinyl.

  • Great color variety
  • 18 colors unique set
  • Metal clad finned tip
  • Bit pricey

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Which Is The Best Pen For Leuchttrum1917 That Doesn’t Cause Smudges?

The best pen for leuchttrum1917 is the zebrasarasa gel pen. Furthermore, this zebra rapid ink pen doesn’t cause smudges because it has the quickest drying ink. You will have a smear-free writing experience with the zebra pen. Moreover, it is great for the left-hand users as well as writers.

Which Is The Best Gel Pen For Coloring On A Journal?

There are several good gel pens for coloring on a journal or drawing book in our guide. You will find the gel pens with the slimmer nibs. In fact, you will have a good texture of writing with the gel pens. The smaller nibs give an ergonomic grip to the hand. Most of the journals have thick page texture which requires a gel pen for evenest writing and comfortable grip.

Why Are The Gel Pens More Convenient To Use Than Ink Pens?

The gel pens are more convenient to use than ink pens because they have different ink than regular pens. Besides, you will find the gel pens of good brands with long-lasting ink and a smooth tip for comfortable writing. The gel pens are made for providing a soothing experience. On the other hand, ink pens require frequent refilling and they are not smooth for writing.

Which Are The Best Pens For Leuchttrum1917?

The best pens for leuchttrum1917 are the following:

  • Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens – Best Bold Ink Gel Pen
  • Zebra Pen F301 Stainless Steel Retractable Pen – Best Fine Point Tip
  • PILOT G2 Metallic Refillable – Best Assorted Color Inks
  • Sakura 37903 Gel Roll Galaxy Set 6 Piece Set – Best Pigment Based Sparkle Gel Ink
  • Ibayam Journal Planner Pens Fineliner – Best Metal Cladded Fine Tip

To Sum Up

Choosing the best pen for leuchttrum1917 will make your writing experience relaxing and enjoyable. Most people write in journals in their leisure time and it is important to have a pen with smooth flowing ink.

Best of all, gel pens are more convenient to use than regular ink pens. Moreover, gel pens can be a great gift for those who write. We have piled up a list of the best quality gel pens in an affordable price range.

All the pens in our review are simple to use and will provide an ergonomic grip. With the right tool for writing, you will surely feel a difference in writing.  Even you will enjoy reading the journal after writing it and the ink will stay on the paper for a long time.

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